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This book was really good.
Poptart from United States
Blessed be God forever!
Donna from United States
The story of the Ten Boom family is a wonderful story of faith, love and courage and will inspire and encourage anyone who reads it. Praying for Israel and her people daily.
Barbara from United States
i love to reseach on corrie ten boom she is my hero
elliemae from United Kingdom
I have recently connected again with Corrie's life through the movie and my friends it has moved me to God like never before. What a story, what a life and what a moving legacy! The more I look around in the world today, I see the need to stand up for Jesus like never before. I love the Ten Boom Museum, thank you for it.
Regina from United States
I have recently finished reading In My Father's House and The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom. These books helped me realize how God has used some major events in my life to prepare me to minister to other women, and also what role suffering plays in bringing us closer to God.
Julie from United States
I had a chance to meet Ms. Ten Boom n back in the late 1970s. It was an inspiration meet her then and exiting her legacy continues. My parents were from Holland ans they knew claasmates that were trucked to the concentration camp. Something they never forgot and were finally blessed with peace whenthey went home to their Lord.
beth from Canada
I looked at this video tour several times and it is so inspiring. I also have the book The Hiding Place and read it several times. I love Corrie and her family and the faith they have is so great. Such wonderful people. God bless their souls.
Joan from United States
Thank you for sharing this remarkable witness of the power of God in the lives of this family of faithful Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ!
Mona from United States
Wonderful experience there is so much that I did not know about the tenBooms
Sheryl from United States
What a powerful story and truth the Ten Boom's have given the world. An example we all should try to practice and live by. Thank you Mike Evans and Glenn Beck for making the movie available on GBTV. May God bless the passion and convictions of both men (and many,many others)with regards to Israel and our Jewish brothers and sisters. We stand with Israel. The Bentzen family.
Christina from Tucson
The virtual tour brought tears to my eyes. My late husband and I would have liked to visit the Ten Boom Museum, but my husband passed away last year before we could do so. As part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, I am devoted to pray for the nation of Israel. Corrie will always remain an inspiration to me for her love and dedication to God's chosen people and for her example of love and forgiveness.
Emilie from Australia
I pray God brings a peace to Jerusalem and the people of Israel, having been chosen by God, as His people. Having watched the virtual tour, my heart was saddened by the indignation suffered by the Jewish people, as well as the suffering during the holocaust, which came to mind. I had always believed that no one should suffer that way because of their faith or belief in God. I know that God's Word says, "And I will bless them that bless thee" Gen 12:3. I know God's Word is true and He will bring about the needed changes to this world. Your Sister in our Lord Jesus Christ, Lacy
Lacy from United States
Thank you for such an inspiration story. It makes me realize just how blessed I am and want to spread God's great message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will guide us through not just sunny days, but of dark days as well. God bless this foundation.
Karen from United States
Loving one another we do not long remain lonely.
Angela from United States
We first purchased Tramp for the Lord based on Corrie's picture on the back cover (coat on with suitcase in hand) because it reminded me so much of my grandmother. We came to love her story and her courage in the Lord. Loved the virtual tour and would love someday to see it in person. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Jan from United States
It's amazing how God has always saved some of the Jewish people. He says "they are the apple of His eye". I have build a burning love for Israel and the Jewish people. I do not believe I did this on my own but the Holy Spirit put it there and it continues to grow. I love God, I love His chosen people, I love Israel and I await for the day the Son Of God will return to Israel. He will land on Mt. Olive and it will split. He will enter Jerusalem through the Eastern gate. No matter how they have sealed it off and have a cemetary there. He will enter through the Eastern gate. My hearts desire is to go to Isral. I have no money and I have illness' that it would make it difficult for me to go. But the desire doesn't go away it only gets greater.
Joan from United States
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Bagas from NgQPZQHXLF
the history of this family has really helped me with my relationship's with Jesus as their new experiences behind pespctiva for my faith in God, do they have books here in Brazil cornelia teen boondeus bless.
andrea from Brazil
From what I've seen here it seems the ten Boom family had eyes to see the truth of God's message. I pray more will recieve this gift and learn that God's desire is for us to LOVE one another as he LOVEs us. Thank God for examples such as these, and may we all emulate their willing sacrifice. AMEN.
Jason from United States
I was deeply moved by this tour and will often come back to visit. It gives such hope and inspiration and I thank God for Mike Evans vision and obedience in making this families amazing story available for all to see and I pray that the vision for the Jerusalem World Centre will also be fulfilled as further demonstration of Christian love towards the Jewish people. May God bless his visionaries with the resources to fulfil his plan and purposes for the one new man. Shalom Shalom
Denise from United Kingdom
We have both read and loved 'The Hiding Place', it has inspired us both and challenged us to give thanks in every situation, thanking God for the fleas. Thank you for making it possible to make this story even more real.
Sam from United Kingdom
Mr Ten Boom was a great man. He truly was an example of the love of Christ. He lived the true Christian life and brought honor and glory to God. Mr Ten Boom was also able to impart the belief in the Lord Jesus to his children and neighbors. Can Christians today say the same for their lives? True honer and respect for the Lord seems to be hard to find today. While many profess Christ few dig down deep into their hearts to really submit themselves totally to His will. May God bring the love He imparted into the hearts of the Ten Boom family to those around the world who profess the name of Jesus!
Evelyn from United States
This was moving, heartwarming to see God's love in the midst of such tragedy. What a family & of course Ms. Ten Boom, but what a family of God's sacrificial love here on earth. I must come back to the site again. Thank you for all of the time, effort & love put into this site. Pray indeed for the peace of Jerusalem, we gentiles were only grafted in.
Jess from United States
I read the Corrie`s book back in 1979, and I've amazed by the courage and tenderness of the Ten Boom family. Now I'm very pleased to find a website dedicated to their memories My best regards
Hugo from Colombia
Thank you for putting the virtual tour together! As God continues to gather His people, the Jews, to the Land, we can expect a lot of trouble for them...we as believers in Jesus Christ really need to pray everyday for them! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!
Robert from United States
I first learned of The Ten Boom family from my foster dad and mommie when I was 12 yrs old in Indiana. I returned to Albuquerque, NM my hometown when I was 14 yrs old. One night I heard there was a speaker coming to the Albuquerque Convention Center in June of 1995 round the 2nd week or so. I got onto our school bus and went to see Corrie Ten Boon speak. I thank the Lord so much for letting me share apart of the history of this beautiful lady. When she spoke in her deep Dutch accent, I understood her. God was definetly in the midst of that convention. I am so blessed! Jesus Blessed! Thank you Sister Corrie for sharing your life and family with us, the world. We love you and you will always be an inspiration to me! ONE LOVE CHRIST LOVE ETERNALLY BLESSED PTL
Elvira from United States
Thanks for sharing. It showed that we can tolerate anything with the LORD.
Joy from United States
Enjoyed reading "The Hiding Place." A stranger gave the book to me. It is very inspirational and has prompted me to read more history. The ten Booms will forever be heroes to me.
Harold from United States
When I was in my mid teens I read the book, "The Hiding Place", then saw the movie. In my later teens I was blessed when Corrie Ten Boom visited my church in Marion, Indiana. I was so moved by "The Hiding Place", but listening to Ms Ten Boom's personal account of her life and experience during WWII left an imprint on my life that continues 45 years later. I remember her holding up the stitched cloth with the scattering of loose threads. I felt like that was my life. Then she turned it around to show the order God could make of the confusion that one makes of their life without God. I was touched by the forgiveness that she showed so many during her life...with God's unrelenting help. To this day I hold her life up as an example of what God expects of me whenever I face comparably trivial challenges in my life. God bless those who continue their dedication to the Jewish nation and to those who continue to tell Corrie Ten Boom's timeless story of God's love!
Kay from United States
God, we are grateful to have been revealed to the Jewish people. You chose them and preserved them for the sake of Thy name is blessed forever. This people has been raised that we might know the only true God of love. And our prayers are that one day the branches are again connected to the True Vine ... Jesus Christ. Help them to understand the Scriptures through the sacrificial love of Him who never sinned, but gave Himself up for us, jedeus and non-Jews. Amen!
Dilson from Brazil
What an inspiration it has been to visit the Hiding place.
Dora from United States
Thank you for sharing the history of Corrie Ten Boom.
Robert from United States
Thank you for this amazing work. GOD BLESS YOU AND USE YOU MIGHTILY for His people , the Jews!
My the INSPIRATION AND WORD OF POWER in this life and story of HIGHERLIFE bring us all exactly what our Father intends! We are the hope of the world! ISRAEL IS FOREVER PROTECTED AND BLESSED AS IS US WHOM CARE FOR HER AND HER PEOPLE! Min. DR Martin I Charlotte NC HigherLife
Da from America
Thank God for his love and forgiveness.May God bless your endevours.May god save my entire family .Labone,Carbon,James.
martha from Dominica
When we visited Holland in 2008 our family did get to visit the Ten Booms House. It was awesome!! This was before I read and cried my way through The Hiding Place. This family home and the lives of the Ten Boom family have now taken on a whole new meaning for me since reading the book and experiencing the virtual tour. Their love for Jesus, their faith and their incredible journey through life has been something that has changed me forever. Corries journey is life changing. However, threaded through their incredible and miraculas story.... it was Betsies unending love for Jesus and for others, her faith and her loving kindness in all circumstances and her sweetness that seemed to catch my heart and quite simply make me want to love and care for others in a whole new way even more now then ever before and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thankyou and God Bless you and keep you in His Love Martha Boer Australia xxxxxxxxxxx
Martha from Australia
I am so thankful to have been able to see the tour of Corrie's home since I most likely will never ever be able to visit in person. The Ten Boon's are a remarkable family of faith and selflessness. I have always held them up with the highest esteem. I even have a picture of Corrie on my dining room hutch to constantly remind me of what true faith in Christ resembles. My husband and I pray always for the peace of Jerusalem and God's chosen people.
Wanda from United States
GODS mighty blessing over the home of the Ten Bloom family. what a witness of love and devotion to GOD. "WE" the people of the world can learn that GOD is real and there for you if you only accept him in your heart and soul. NO MSTTER WHAT "we" all of as us face in our life's GOD IS THERE. thank you for the chance to see and hear of Corrie's her families story of a strong faith and love for God . in the darkest of times there is light . the work is coming into darkness again. be at peace and know Gods it with us all to the end of our days how ever that my be .
Denise from United States
I was very impresses by your story. I was also deeply moved by " The hiding place" May God forever keep you in his heart.
i am so happy i found this site! the hiding place movie should be mandatory for students,i saw it as a teen on the military base where i lived in Jamaica.i pray for your country. sincerely Tonnie
tonnie from United States
SHALOM, It touched my heart wanted to say this some little was once. Life is a gift of life from God Difficult days when you wished that you were little and lift into God of heart pocket. Where you can rumble hop to be Healed, but when you look out into the world, you will see tears, like rain from the heaven. When the man you one little girl, terrified no care in a hard world. Is there an Angel, who looks to be a witness for subsequent children, faith in God is the answer, the way out of sadness, despair, misery. Be lifted up to God of heart pocket feel its of Love waves for a little girl alone was became a History doer and never forgotten child before God, the God of Israel is Our God through Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen, Amen Peace be upon Israel and God's blessings from Heaven Heights God above which sees everything, knows everything! The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit SWEDEN
The from Sweden
I enjoyed touring the home and learning more about a servant of the Lord. It was wonderfully done.
Shann from United States
This is a very good and interesting site. I'm so glad I found it. I would encourage everyone to see and read this. Thank you for having this on the internet. The Ten Booms were remarkable people. I strive for, but well never reach their level of grace and action. They were obviously called by God to do the work they did. What a testimony! Praying for Israel, the peace of Jerusalem, is just wonderful. I will do my best to do this. Please keep this site open and going. It is a great blessing to so many people.
Carolyn from United States
What a wonderful tour of the life and God call of this family created for that specific time. They heard God and said, Yes! I will share this with my family members and friends. And, we think it's tough times, now. We may one day experience some of these cruelties the Ten Booms suffered. I pray not. It seems there's so much more to do for God's Kingdom here on earth. Thank you for sharing this with us. May God bless you richly.
Jane from United States
This is a superb site! I am lediang a Bible Study of 40 women on Mary this year in Blacksburg, Va., and I will highly recommend their exploration of your web site. About 15 members are Korean, so I cannot wait to tell them of your translation ability! My favorite part is the saints' commentary on Mary. I have had a friend forward me Fr Bob's Commentary for quite a while now, and I have used it on Radio Maria programming (as I have produced a Bible Study program for them for several years). I'm excited to find the log of Father Bob's past commentaries!
Jonell from fNnRAbms
I love to hear of the lives of the ten Boom family. Corrie is an inspiration to every Christian. I only hope I will have that much courage if/when the time comes. The whole ten Boom family risked everything they had, including their lives, to help the beautiful Jewish people! I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jewish people everywhere! God Bless
Donna from United States
JESUS IS LIFE!!!!JESUS IS LOVE!!!!!The ten Boom family feared God and loved him immensely. God has returned with his immense love helping to save many Jews.
Gionatan from Italy
Thank you for this beautifully picturesque tour of the ten Boom museum. I read the book years ago, but to view the Ten Boom home was a real blessing. Thank you for how detailed this tour was. May God continue to bless you all, and may all Christians pray for Israel!
Barb from United States
Such a courageous woman!
Melissa from United States