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Thank you
Jennifer from United States
Jacqualine2019 from Tunisia
Thank you for creating this site. I love Corrie ten Boom and have read all of her books. God bless.
Linda D Kaufman from United States
WalterHon from Armenia
Thank you so much for this wonderful website and the virtual tour of Corrie's home! I loved hearing the narration of the events that happened. I love how Corrie and her family protected the Jews, and continually trusted God for strength and His protection. This is a beautiful testimony of God's goodness and provision. God bless you all!
Sharon D from United States
My family and I believe that the we are descendants of Corrie Ten Boom. Only our last name is just Boom without the Ten. After looking at pictures of family members to Corrie I am convinced we are relatives. She looks so much like my aunt and cousin that its actually a bit spooky. We are aware that we had dutch in our family tree as well as native american and others. I wish I could somehow research this family more. If you or someone else knows how I could further investigate this please send me an email [email protected]
Cory from United States
The Hiding Place is a good book.
Caroline McAdams from United States
My class read The Hiding Place and it is an amazing book about trust in God, your family, the people around you, and even yourself.
Kaydence from United States
Let's continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. As a fellow Christian this is important to me. God has chosen the Jewish nation and they are the apple of his eye. God Bless the Ten Boom Family.
Samuel Ewald from United States
Let's continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. As a fellow Christian myself this is very important to me. God has chosen Jewish people and they are the apple of his eye. God bless the Ten Boom family.
Samuel from United States
Ms. Ten Boom’s life was extraordinary, and I am grateful to have read her book, ‘The Hiding Place.’ Her faith is inspiring, and I do wish we all lived in such a Way, myself included. God is at work in our lives and Corrie Ten Boom is a witness to His love and The Holy Spirit’s walk with us in our day to day. She is inspiring, and I wish I had met her. Yet, I am grateful to have met her in the pages of her book. I pray that the Ten Boom family legacy continues to speak into our dark world by witnessing their faith, love, and light in Christ Jesus. With love, Daniel Connors
Daniel from United States
I love the story of Corrie Ten Boom and how it continues to reach people to this day
Kim from United States
Praise the Lord!
Ruth Vincent Pillai from Malaysia
Thank you for sharing your story. My great grandmother hid in Mainz during the majority of her childhood during the Nazi occupation as she was crippled by polio. Your story hits home.
Ryan from United States
May the Lord bless the Ten Blooms and their descendants.
Robert M. Bellamy from United States
Corrie ten Boom and her family are our heroes!!
Melissa Twining from United States
I have seen the movie The Hiding Place several times, and will watch it again. Ginger (U.S.A.) This movie is very inspiring.
Ginger from United States
I have read and re-read The Hiding Place several times over the last 30 years. Such blessing and inspiration! The faithfulness of the Tenbooms is such an illustration of God's intricate work in the lives of those who love Him. I am so grateful to Corrie for writing the book and sharing her story. Her fruit of her fantastic work continues to grow and ripen!
Laura from United States
This is a great story of faith, courage, and love for the Lord. Unfortunately, leaders around the world have not learned a thing from our history. Today, because of the “pandemic”, people no longer enjoy freedoms they once did. Churches are being closed; pastors arrested for keeping their doors open; we need vaccine passports to travel in our own country; we’re denied entrance into businesses or venues for not having a vaccine passport. Our freedoms are being erased, and people remain complacent. Good is viewed as bad, and bad is viewed as good. We are truly living in end times.
Al S. from United States
A story that winds its way deeply into the soul, where nothing less will do than to step into purpose and destiny.
Angela L Vann, NC, USA from United States
I was able to hear a sermon tonight about the Ten Boom family. An incredible family and excited to watch the movie with my family!!
Rebecca from United States
Thank you for sharing this story. These are the lessons our kids should learn.
Lisa Heileman from United States
Thank you so much for sharing this movie and this platform to share our thoughts, I have always had a Love for the nation of Israel, and continue to pray for this nation as we know GOD has His hand upon it and All who believe in HIM Blessings to All.
Rachel from United States
I was a teenager when I got to read her book "The Hiding Place" even then I was in awe of her and her family's courage their faith in God. It made such an impression on me and I remember asking God for their kind of faith.
dana nidey from United States
Thank youfpr inspiring me and helping so many people. My mother told me if your story when I was very young. I was adopted when I was 3 months old. When I turned 22 I met my biological grandfather and found out he was given up for adoption out of Berlin to the United States because his father was Jewish. This was during the year of Kristallnacht.
Sarah Elizabeth from United States
I met Corrie in San Diago, Ca. In1972. My Grandma and Uncle took us to hear here speak. Afterwards I went up on stage to give my heard to God with her, we held hands and hugged. She made a massive impact on my life. I was 11 years old at the time and 50 years have gone by since that evening of wondrous freedom and redemption of my soul!! I continued to write to her until 1981. Now it is 2021 and she has touched my sons soul with her life story, he is 28 years old. Our God is an awesome God, He Reigns over Heaven and Earth!! We have been placed on this earth to decide with our choices made in everything we become and eventually become as where we are headed once our flesh dies. God and my savior Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior only asked that we trust and believe that he gave His only Son Jesus who was created, born, raised, died and born again for evermore so that we can have hope in an everlasting life as promised to us by our loving Father. Make God your 1st love, above all else !!
Debra Wooten from United States
Good Evening, Tonight my family and i were discussing a book and mrs ten booms name came up and for an hour we spoke about her history and how her exploits saved many jews. Thanks for sharing her story.
Ron Lemons from United States
Love to move in the word of movement let's move
Peter Fredericks from India
There is light and darkness does exist. But the power of the Almighty Great I AM teaches us daily, out of something bad, good, great and God will appear. Everyday we see and witness that truth overcomes darkness in many forms, whether it be viewed in nature, or personal, professional and spiritual. It is humbling peace and gratitude for the love of knowing Our Heavenly Father that connects us all…I feel from the unity of all the messages before mine, and knowing even more afterwards. God is good.
Teresa Sellers from United States
i enjoyed your website Awsome Godly woman for sure
Matthew from United States
It is always an honor and great comfort to hear stories of God-fearing Christians. Ms. Corrie and her family are an inspiration and example of not only willing to hear and listen to our Heavenly Father, but obedient to the calling no matter the cost. It’s evident that they not only knew of God, but that they had a STRONG relationship with Him! Thank you once again for the inspiring story, and even more that you my Heavenly Father for always being true to your word and the power that is at our fingertips. 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of POWER, LOVE and SELF-DISCIPLINE.” Amen & Amen
Mike & Kisha from United States
Well done good and faithful servants. Thank you ten Booms for your love of Jesus, sacrifice and inspiring lives well lived. To God be the Glory! There is no pit so deep that His love is not deeper.
Abigail from United States
Me and my father visited Harlem and the Ten Boom house in 2019. We both felt so thankful to the Lord that we had the chance to visit before the pandemic started. I am very inspired by Corrie and her love for Jesus Christ. I am growing with Jesus everyday and my love for Him and for his own people, the jewish people and Israel is growing and growing. The Corrie ten Boom books and her teachings is one of a kind! Thank You for the wonderful museum! Shalom Regards Axel from Sweden.
Axel from Sweden
We read her book "The Hiding Place" in English and at first I didn't really want to read it but as I got further into the more I enjoyed the stories and awaited each chapter. The miracles and the fact it was a true story made it such a glorious book. I will definitely read it again in the future.
Leya from United States
I heard Corrie speak in Fullerton, Ca. How precious did JESUS shine.
Gary from United States
What a powerful representation of how prayer works.
Melinda from United States
God of Power and Love
Julia from South Africa
You are a Beautiful Soul, Corrie
Susan from United States
my prayers are with all of you always
Emmanuel Kofi Dapaah from Ghana
Taking the tour of the ten Boom house and the Friends of Zion’s Museum in the Heritage Center will complete one’s thoughts and truth regarding the Holocaust and Corrie’s words. The shot of the “Shoe’s” from the Nazi concentration camps really hit my soul.
Alexia from United States
Apologies for last sentence of my above comment...spell check changed the word “tragedy” to another two words. (Apologies for not catching the exchange before submitting.)
Alexia from United States
Thankfully, we had fairly good public schools in Nebraska when I was young. And, some teachers were retired College Professors that expected a higher degree of work and were very good teachers. So, we got a degree of information that was of much use in our college programs and following adult education. We read the book, “The Hiding Place,” and watched the movie of the same title. Likewise, we watched a movie of Billy Graham’s organization that opened my ears and heart to the knowledge of needing to be Saved by Jesus Christ for our Salvation. I have Never forgotten the truth of the Nazi’s mass-murdering the Jews and also other people’s. It was not only in Germany, but, also in many other countries. Also, Germany murdered many thousands of German people who were not Jewish. The “Shoes” display in the FOZ museum attests to the great trade guy of the Holocaust.!
Alexia Woolard from United States
I read The Hiding Place when i was a young high school and loved the book; just this week i saw the movie; what a very moving story and a very brave woman with her sister and the whole family...The Love of Jesus is deeper than the ocean! God bless you all
Wendy from Papua New Guinea
am praying for the State of ISRAEL. God Bless all the people involved in helping this Fellowship.
scott from United States
This is a very dark time in our nation's history and in the history of Western Civilization. Taking the tour of the Ten Boom Museum and listening to the story changed my entire attitude and touched me very deeply. I am and have been familiar with the story of Corrie Ten Boom, read her books and seen the movie, "The Hiding Place", but taking the virtual tour of the Ten Boom Museum with the lovely voice-over of their story reminded me again of God's faithfulness to His children in the face of evil. He will not fail us or leave us to face anything alone, and in the end, we will be with Him forever. That is my comfort and Corrie Ten Boom reminded me of that today by the story of her life and her family's lives.
Susan from United States
Corrie, her family, The Hiding Place, and Corrie's testimony has meant so much to my early Christian walk.
Karol from United States
I love the Ten Boom family and I read Corrie’sbook often for inspiration.
Colleen Kelly spellecy from United States
Praying for Isreal.
Gloria from United States
What God did through the Ten Boom family is so wonderous and it truly has changed me to have witnessed it through the book "The Hiding Place". The virtual tour on this website is immersive and inspiring. Every corner and every picture brings so much of what Corrie said back to my mind, and it is amazing to see with my own eyes, what I had imagined the Ten Boom home to be like. I learned much more about Corrie's life on the virtual tour and I thank you so much for making it available. May the Lord bless you and your work.
Jennifer O'Neill Hampton from United States
This is simply an amazing place! I can not imagine what it would have been like to be a Jew...hiding in this place of refuge. It was a wonderful tour.
Madison Harshbarger from United States