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When Ms. Corrie ten Boom was 83, I heard her speak in Dallas, Texas. I had been so moved by her eloquent writing in The Hiding Place that I had to travel to Dallas alone to hear her speak. Her sweet, soft-spoken Christian spirit was evident throughout the event that night, and her influence has stayed with me ever since. I have reread some of her books many times.
Janis Ekanem from United States
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Hello. And Bye.
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DanielImpek from Equatorial Guinea
What a blessing to be able to come on here and find information about Corrie ten Boom and her family and all they did to help God's people.
Veronica from United States
RexonAnetteEdgerce from Poland
I am in awe of Ms. Boom and her outpouring of God's love and Grace.
Lavon Young from United States
Ceregamand from Marshall Islands
I've read "The Hiding Place" a few times and have seen the movie more than once. I love and respect the ten Booms for helping and saving Dutch Jews. Corrie is an inspiration to thousands of people and I admire her so much. I would love to see the museum. Praise God for the ten Booms!
Barbara from United States
Shaneno from Malawi
Michael from Puerto Rico
Awiebjgulge from United States
Thank you
Jennifer from United States
Jacqualine2019 from Tunisia
Thank you for creating this site. I love Corrie ten Boom and have read all of her books. God bless.
Linda D Kaufman from United States
WalterHon from Armenia
Thank you so much for this wonderful website and the virtual tour of Corrie's home! I loved hearing the narration of the events that happened. I love how Corrie and her family protected the Jews, and continually trusted God for strength and His protection. This is a beautiful testimony of God's goodness and provision. God bless you all!
Sharon D from United States
My family and I believe that the we are descendants of Corrie Ten Boom. Only our last name is just Boom without the Ten. After looking at pictures of family members to Corrie I am convinced we are relatives. She looks so much like my aunt and cousin that its actually a bit spooky. We are aware that we had dutch in our family tree as well as native american and others. I wish I could somehow research this family more. If you or someone else knows how I could further investigate this please send me an email [email protected]
Cory from United States
The Hiding Place is a good book.
Caroline McAdams from United States
My class read The Hiding Place and it is an amazing book about trust in God, your family, the people around you, and even yourself.
Kaydence from United States
Let's continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. As a fellow Christian this is important to me. God has chosen the Jewish nation and they are the apple of his eye. God Bless the Ten Boom Family.
Samuel Ewald from United States
Let's continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. As a fellow Christian myself this is very important to me. God has chosen Jewish people and they are the apple of his eye. God bless the Ten Boom family.
Samuel from United States
Ms. Ten Boom’s life was extraordinary, and I am grateful to have read her book, ‘The Hiding Place.’ Her faith is inspiring, and I do wish we all lived in such a Way, myself included. God is at work in our lives and Corrie Ten Boom is a witness to His love and The Holy Spirit’s walk with us in our day to day. She is inspiring, and I wish I had met her. Yet, I am grateful to have met her in the pages of her book. I pray that the Ten Boom family legacy continues to speak into our dark world by witnessing their faith, love, and light in Christ Jesus. With love, Daniel Connors
Daniel from United States
I love the story of Corrie Ten Boom and how it continues to reach people to this day
Kim from United States
Praise the Lord!
Ruth Vincent Pillai from Malaysia
Thank you for sharing your story. My great grandmother hid in Mainz during the majority of her childhood during the Nazi occupation as she was crippled by polio. Your story hits home.
Ryan from United States
May the Lord bless the Ten Blooms and their descendants.
Robert M. Bellamy from United States
Corrie ten Boom and her family are our heroes!!
Melissa Twining from United States
I have seen the movie The Hiding Place several times, and will watch it again. Ginger (U.S.A.) This movie is very inspiring.
Ginger from United States
I have read and re-read The Hiding Place several times over the last 30 years. Such blessing and inspiration! The faithfulness of the Tenbooms is such an illustration of God's intricate work in the lives of those who love Him. I am so grateful to Corrie for writing the book and sharing her story. Her fruit of her fantastic work continues to grow and ripen!
Laura from United States
This is a great story of faith, courage, and love for the Lord. Unfortunately, leaders around the world have not learned a thing from our history. Today, because of the “pandemic”, people no longer enjoy freedoms they once did. Churches are being closed; pastors arrested for keeping their doors open; we need vaccine passports to travel in our own country; we’re denied entrance into businesses or venues for not having a vaccine passport. Our freedoms are being erased, and people remain complacent. Good is viewed as bad, and bad is viewed as good. We are truly living in end times.
Al S. from United States
A story that winds its way deeply into the soul, where nothing less will do than to step into purpose and destiny.
Angela L Vann, NC, USA from United States
I was able to hear a sermon tonight about the Ten Boom family. An incredible family and excited to watch the movie with my family!!
Rebecca from United States
Thank you for sharing this story. These are the lessons our kids should learn.
Lisa Heileman from United States
Thank you so much for sharing this movie and this platform to share our thoughts, I have always had a Love for the nation of Israel, and continue to pray for this nation as we know GOD has His hand upon it and All who believe in HIM Blessings to All.
Rachel from United States