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May God bless you and your mission.
Mark from United States
Gracias, por ayudar a comprender el Amor perfecto que viene de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo
Francisco Costa from Costa Rica
The virtual tour was amazing! It's so cool that the house still stands to this day! <3
Noah Eaken from United States
I grew up Dutch Reformed and met Corrie ten boom in the 1970s when she was in Michigan speaking at MSU. Since then, I have seen the importance of praying for the Jews, God's chosen people. I saw the ten boom jewelry shop in 1999 and I appreciated the reality of what people like the ten boom's did for Jews. I gladly continue praying for the Jews.
Deb de Vries from United States
I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour and the movie The Hiding Place is among my favorites. I am on a fixed income so my plan is it to make a donation at a later time. God Bless the Ten Boom family.
Amy Peck from United States
I love Corrie and Betsy and all the Ten Boom family so much after reading the Hiding Place, what an inspiration they are! Makes me feel so grateful how blessed I am after all they went through up to giving their lives for others.
Jules from United States
I am thankful for all the Ten Boom family has done. My family lost French family in the concentration camps. I feel blessed in knowing that true Christians helped the Jewish people in Holland. I pray I can be as much a blessing in such a time as this.
Robyn from United States
A wonderful testimony of love and faith this family had in our Savior Jesus Christ! I would hope that one day I will be able to see this museum in person.
Kandice Waller from United States
I truly appreciate everything you do and provide for Israel & prayer for everyone 🙏 ❤️. Thank you
Shannon L Turner from United States
Such an inspiring testimony of what is means to follow Jesus and do His will. It is a call to all christians to bless the Jewish people, specially in this season.
Berry from United States
We were honored to tour the Ten Boom home recently & were so impressed by our guide, Caroline! She was so thorough in the Ten Boom story & so honest in her beliefs, what a testimony! I have read The Hiding Place a few times, & I will read it again. This is not to be missed if you are in the area!!!!!11
Beverly from United States
Desde la Eternidad ,nuestro Padre Eterno ,guarda a los Booms y a los que amamos a Israel conforme las Santas Escrituras;Gn.12:3-Sal.122:6 -¡ALELUYA!
Jorge Lenín Roque Sevilla from Nicaragua
I am looking forward to visiting next July
Karen Bennett from United States
May God continue to bless all those who stand for him and his son,I thank God for blessing the earth with people like Corrie Ten Boom& her family.
Robin Everetts from United States
I pray that Corrie Ten Boom's legacy will continue.
Anna from United States
I have watched the movie "The Hiding Place" several times and enjoy it every time I watch it.
Alta from United States
The Hiding Place film about the TenBooms has stayed with me for decades and listening to Cory TenBoom on video has been such a joy and still today
Marie V. Pappas from United States
Very moving. Corrie and her family were Earth's Angels. What an amazing example of faith in God and forgiveness! She continues to teach us all about love, respect, and trust in God! Corrie's legacy lives on and may we all be able to add a little to it by our actions and examples!
Linda Fitzgerald from United States
Such an inspiration of faith!
Tammy Spinella from United States
In October 1975 Corrie's The Hiding Place movie played a significant part in my accepting Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Corrie's books, tapes and quotes inspired me and helped my spiritual growth as a believer. May Corrie's message of the power of faith, love, forgiveness and prayer continue to encourage and inspire. Indeed, Jesus is the answer! Thank you and God bless all who support this ministry.
Kathy from United States
Wonderful Lady and her wonderful family, serving their Wonderful Creator. A real life story of a simple Christian family and their unmatched courage. You challenge us still Corrie!
Premjeet Titus from India
Thank you for keeping Corries' and the familys' life available to all God's followers and maintaining historical purpose. May we all learn the good in people.
Jennifer Zambrano from United States
Through all my years in church I have been in awe f Corrie Tenboom/
Teresa Bass from United States
Thank you for the virtual tour, which I’ve enjoyed greatly! Corrie’s book has been my favorite over my lifetime, and I’m preparing to share it with my bookclub ladies. I’m looking forward to hearing their own takeaways from her story! Whenever I feel overwhelmed in life, I think about The Hiding Place, and know that whatever you are given in life, there’s always a line from this book that can surely get you through it! 😊
Krista from United States
What a fantastic lady. I just heard about the story today. I'm so moved by her story. Thank you, Pamela
Pamela Doyle from United States
Me a gustado mucho el recorrido virtual del museo,una historia hermosa,y de mucho valor para todos los Judíos y Cristianos,una gran enseñanza de fidelidad y amor de parte de Dios hacia su pueblo,gracias Dios los Bendiga Shalom.
Reina Lugo from Cuba
amazing testament of the power of faith in Christ
Mandy (Milewski) Brown from United States
I love the hiding place book
Ana from United States
This book is very good and I loved it was just so scary what the world was back then and the fact that this actually happened...poor ten Booms.
Ethan from United States
It was a good book. definitely 5 start worthy.
Sylie from United States
I first read the Hiding Place as a very, very young child. It has shaped my life and I, too, can imagine no better epitaph than giving one's life for God's chosen people. Her books never fail to inspire me with their simple truths, easily understood. What a blessing she continues to be!
Melanie from Canada
A heart warming reminder of love @ forgiveness.
ann from Philippines
Thank you for this wonderful virtual tour. What a family for Christ! I've read "The Hiding Place" and I fell in love with the Ten Boom Family and the life of Corrie Ten Boom. I'm so moved by this virtual tour that I want to take it again. Well done. It truly glorifies our God.
Gwendolyn Traore from United States
I loved looking around on your website. Corrie is one of my "heroes of the faith" and so are the rest of the Ten Boom family.
Kathy from United States
I have admired Miss Ten Boom for many years. I've read most of her books. What a Blessing she has been to the world.
Jeannie from United States
First, I became familiar with the story a story Corrie Ten boom when I saw a very compelling film about her and her family. I then read her biography and other literature about her. I became convinced that this woman was remarkable and selfless in every way. Undoubtedly, she loved the Jews she believed were the people of God. She and her family were condemned by the Nazis for hiding Jews in their home during World War II. Her survival was truly this a miracle as well as other instances in her life. Unfortunately, her father and sister died in a concentration camp. Corrie spent the rest of her life championing the cause of Jews. She was justly honored as just among the nations. There is so much to write about her that I will leave it at that. For those who want to learn more about this incredible woman, please read whatever you can about her. I honestly believe that she is in Heaven with her father and sister.
Isabelle Proton from United States
Dios en ti creo y confio. La pelicula me trajo hasta aqui, que hermosa la historia e Corrie muy inspiradora. Hasta siempre, Nestor
Nestor Calderon from Peru
Jesus is Victor! Thank you for the virtual tour. It was a wonderful bonus to my reading of "The Hiding Place" this week and then watching the movie of it today. The Lord is faithful! God is love. Overcome evil with good. Forgive as you have been forgiven. These are just a few of the truth reminders the Spirit has given me today. Jesus is Lord!
Kim from United States
We enjoyed visiting the Ten Boom family’s home. Corrie and her family are an inspiration for all Christians and non Christians.
Tom and Kelley from United States
Wonderful virtual tour. So inspiring!
Erika burt from United States
Corrie ten Boom had a huge, wonderful, inspiring God-given life.
Jaana Syrén from Finland
When Ms. Corrie ten Boom was 83, I heard her speak in Dallas, Texas. I had been so moved by her eloquent writing in The Hiding Place that I had to travel to Dallas alone to hear her speak. Her sweet, soft-spoken Christian spirit was evident throughout the event that night, and her influence has stayed with me ever since. I have reread some of her books many times.
Janis Ekanem from United States
What a blessing to be able to come on here and find information about Corrie ten Boom and her family and all they did to help God's people.
Veronica from United States
I am in awe of Ms. Boom and her outpouring of God's love and Grace.
Lavon Young from United States
Ceregamand from Marshall Islands
I've read "The Hiding Place" a few times and have seen the movie more than once. I love and respect the ten Booms for helping and saving Dutch Jews. Corrie is an inspiration to thousands of people and I admire her so much. I would love to see the museum. Praise God for the ten Booms!
Barbara from United States
Shaneno from Malawi
Michael from Puerto Rico
Awiebjgulge from United States
Thank you
Jennifer from United States