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Terry from United States
DELMAR from United States
We are old enough to have seen Corrie on TV and hear her messages..she was a special lady and an Amazing lady as was her whole family, I am afraid this world is about to enter into a time that will Nazi Germany look like kindergarteners! May all that visit here, come to Jesus...
What a beautiful website and tribute to Corrie and her family! Found it on Facebook.
Lianne from From
I've been drawn to read "The Hiding Place" recently, and heard quotes by Corrie ten Boom here and there, and today saw this online tour and am blessed to have my commitment to the Lord be given practical ways to bless His people by joining forces with the Jerusalem Prayer Team here and on facebook. I pray this story is shared far and wide, as a time of persecution has again revisited this world and the Day of the Lord seems to draw near.
Brooke from United States
I was born in 1968. Six years later Jesus appeared in front of me, to where my eyes could see Him clearly. He spoke encouraging things to me. This encounter enlarged my faith immensly. His Love has no comparison. I knew that my life would be spent searching for more of Him. When I became old enough to begin hearing of how the Jews were treated, a fight rose up in me, and I was completely horrified. The Holocaust and slavery were absolutely unexceptable. My heart has always been stired with great compassion, every time I think of what our brother and sister's endured. I love the Corrie ten Boom family and am greatful for their warrior spirit. Praise the Almighty for their courage inspite of what this family faced. Lord, thank You that You gave them the courage and strength when they would have need of it. Lord, continue to fill us with who You are. In Jesus name, I pray. Wendy Winans
Wendy from America
Thank you for this Museum remembering the Ten Boom family and their willingness to follow Gods Word and His commands
Donna from United States
Wonderful presentation and testimony. God Bless you in your ministry.
Lisa from United States
I have both her books and she brought me to God in her movie the Hidding place back in the 70's
paula from United States
I have read Corrie's books and I have a tape of hers called "God's Logistics are perfect" and I listen to it often. The Jews are God's chosen people and we certainly better be praying for them. I believe we better be looking for the Lords return and be ready for it. I will be praying for Isreal.
Janet from United States
I totally enjoyed the tour. I read Corrie's books as a teenager many many years ago and never forgot her or her story. Today I was looking up some names of people I had read about and heard of and fell onto this sight. I am glad I did, it has been inspiring. I have signed on in the prayer and will continue to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you ever so much for having this site available I will be back to retour it often as long as it is still up and running. I believe it is a good thing to remind ourselves where we have been in order to prayfully not repeat history. God Bless you and continue the great work that was started over 100 years ago, what a legacy. Praise the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for all you have done, going to do and presently doing in our lives.
Helen from United States
What a touching & inspiring story that I will share with my 7th grade students after reading Anne Frank's Diary. May God Bless you & your message.
I'm Sitting Here So Very Aware Of The Presence Of The Holy Spirit. I'm In Awe, Somehow I Know I Will Never Be the same. Something Is Happenening, Something Is Changing.
Barbara from United States
Thank you for the virtual tour. When I was a teen I read the Hiding Place. I have never forgotten how this book reminded me God is good all the time.
Brenda from United States
I want to finish my tgohuht here. If God treated us fairly Jesus would have never died on the cross. and we would have never been offered salvation. I praise God that He loves me, He never fails me and He goes to plan B and on. Look ho w He blessed Israel, they sinned and went away from God countless times, but He was faithful and loved them any way. Romans 5:8 But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were sinners Christ died for us. Praise be to God!
Adem from bLGhseKm
I've read The Hiding Place Several times. Knowing God brought the Ten Booms through many trials and that He truly was there has always been with me. What an inspiration Corrie has been to my life. I have since gone through dark days and it is true God is always thre and has never left me. It is true, also, that there is never a pit so dark that God's love is not deeper still. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.
Carol from United States
I had the awesome privilege of seeing her in person once, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she spoke. A dear friend and myself went and I wanted to go up and speak with her afterward but I was too shy (in my early 20's then). I have always regretted that. She has been my example of a true heroine!! I look forward to meeting her in Heaven.
Anna from United States
May the Grace of God be with us all.
Donna from United States
thanks famyly ten boom casper, for testimony for forgivenes and love Jewish people blessing again thank you a lot
elizabeth from United States
Such a caring, devout christian, she is a symbol of peace to the world, along with her family she protected so many people, she will never be forgotten.
Margaret from United States
i wish I had the unwavering faith and love the ten booms had..i always read their story over and over and each time it is a truly comsuming reverence,i cant express how it is a love for JESUS and his jewish people and holy land,then finally to us gentiles adopted into his family..THAN YOU GOD FOR THE TEN BOOMS AND THEIR FAAITHFULNESS TO YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE..AMEN
DONNA from United States
Please give Jerusalem Your perfect shalom. Please give Your perfect shalom to Your land and Your people and let them not be afraid, neither let a hair on their heads be damaged. Let Judah very speedily accept Yehusha HaMoshiach. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for hearing our prayers and answering them. Ahmein, ahmein.
Karen from United States
When I was a young Christain, Corrie inspired me to have a closer walk with God and belive Him inspite the hard things that were going on in my life. I have never forgotten her lessons about forgiveness and understanding that God has a bigger better plan, although we don't always see why we have to have the 'dark threads" I am so glad that you have this site. I am not in a position to visit in person, but I can visit through the virtual tour and be inspired again and again.
Liz from United States
I admire all of you for your work. May God bless you for your efforts to show God's love survives and gives us strenght in the hardest of times and persecution. We need to pray just as much now as ever before. I thank God for your service in keeping this history alive. We need to be reminded to provide for others in every way possible.
Ella from Salem
May G-d, Hashem, Protect the Jewish People worldwide. May Hashem, protect the State of Israel NOW and FOREVER !! Help us find everlasting PEACE , Forgiveness , Kindness and Compassion for our fellow men and women !! Amen
Miriam from Canada
I have always had a great feeling of love and concern for the Jewish people.
mary from United States
Wonderful site!!! Corrie vistied our church when I was a baby in Germany, in 1969. My dad was in the mom always tells the story that during Corrie's speach, she stopped and looked around then looked directly at my mom. She said that she looked around not believing that Corrie could possibly be looking at her. Corrie pointed at her and said "Tonight you and I have communicated." After the service, I was plucked from the nursery. Corrie's assistant asked my mom to come to her...she prayed over me. I've always felt so honored and especially blessed for this. I have read nearly all of her books and even named my youngest daughter in her honor. She's helped me to forgive when I didnt think I could. She's helped me thank G-d in even bad circumstances... CANT WAIT TO MEET HER!!!!
dani from United States
Beautiful work---May the God of Israel bless you and your family. Oh! Lord---- I lift the beautiful land to you and I pray for Jerusalems peace. I pray for Yeshua the Messiah to come and establish His rule and reign. Please Father protect my brothers and sisters in Israel. I love her so. Thank you for grafting me a wild olive shoot into the house of Israel. Please come oh Lord
Marla from America
Awesome women of God. I have been inspired?
Anne from Dominican
May God bless you always and may He hear our prayers to keep Israel safe and free. May we never forget the cruelty and injustice that a people will inflict on others when the Lord Jesus Christ is forgotten or shunned from society, and from our hearts. May He never allow hatred and persecution of the Jewish people to take root in the United States of America.
Stand up Russia they have taken god from our county lets take our country back from this puppet Putin...
Free from Russia
Thank you for the opportunity to visit the Corrie ten Boom Museum via our computer. I have been blessed to visit The Hiding Place in Holland on 2 occasions, have seen the movie, and have a large Corrie ten Boom library. I have such admiration for her and her faithfulness to The Lord, and am very thankful for the difference she has made in the lives of many people, including mine. It will be a real joy to meet her face to face in Heaven. My BEST FRIEND is a Jew, and His Name is JESUS, and I rejoice that Corrie and I both belong to His Family!!!
Beverly from United States
I am one who is old and still loves to tell the old story I learned in my youth. The ancient story of the gospel of Yahushua, in the second temple period called Yeshua, and in the KJV called Jesus. The mercy of YHWH gives life, the justice of YHWH gives death. By the work of the Holy Spirit faith from above is given to those that will believe " YAHweh is salvation". His grace and mercy is a holy work of pure divine love that leads His people to repentance. His sheep hear His voice. It is this love that compels me to love God and preach what is considered foolishness to those who are perishing, but unto His own who are saved from justice and given mercy, it is the power of Yahweh almighty. The Mercy Seat was the covering above the Ark of the Covenant. The Mercy Seat was where God met man in the Holy of Holies. As Christ Jesus He became our Mercy Seat above the Ark When the fullness of time has come, nothing will hold back the judgment and justice of God. When He looks on our life, what does He see? Does He see the Mercy Seat? Does He see the beaten flesh, the shed blood, or does He see the transgressors of His law? Is the Mercy Seat in place in our lives? Is the Holy Spirit ministering life? If you have no Mercy Seat in your life, you have no place to meet God. The law demands justice and condemns the best. Mercy gives salvation and saves the worst. How merciful God is to those who will move with the camp and not be left in the wilderness. Today is the Day of Salvation. We need to look up, for our redemption is truly drawing nigh! Corrie ten Boom and family experienced the words of a most favorite hymn...Be Still My Soul.
Ronald from United States
Obrigado !!!!! Deus me trouxe aqui, estou muito grato e feliz!
Luciano from Brazil
Thank you and your family for helping God's chosen people, you all are a Blessing...<><
It has beeen a blessing to read the book and now make this virtual tour. The footprint of the family ten Boom transcend this life, no doubt!!! God bless you!!!!! Heartfelt thanks!!!!
Rebeca from El
Thank you for all that you do to help spread the message of GOD'S LOVE and gift of salvation in the LORD JESUS CHRIST! I love the Jewish people, the chosen people of GOD, and pray for them! Thank you for reminding everybody to pray for Jerusalem! The ten Boom Family's testimony and life-story has been used of the LORD to remind me of HIS unfailing goodness and faithfulness to all HIS children! And to never stop loving and obeying the LORD no matter what! Praises and glory to GOD!
Bong from United States
The Hiding Place is such an inspiring story and has touched my life many times. God bless!
Tabitha from United States
Met Corrie in the 70's in the US...where she was speaking. Her family story should never be forgotten. Pray for Israel.
bev from Canada
When 'The Hiding Place' came to one of our 2 theaters when I was a young teen, my mother took my sister and I to see it, by ourselves. She did not stay. She opened our minds to the horrors of life and war, and opened our hearts to the beauty of good people. I have had Christ in my soul for as long as I remember, and my love of Him only deepened upon learning the TenBoom story. One day I hope to visit the museum.
Sonja from United States
Corrie Ten Boom has always inspired me in my faith. Thank you so much for this site, and for your work.
Kim from United States
Corrie Ten Boom has to be amongst the most courageous women in all of history. Ms. Ten Boom has shown what true forgiveness is all about. I pray for her family that the Lord would pour out His love, mercy and blessings upon them. Thank you Ms. Ten Boom for your example of what a Christian truly is. Love in Jesus Christ, Nancy
Nancy from United States
Blessed by this Ministry and Great Work of God -Dr. Mike Evans, May the LORD Bless you & Keep you, Shine on you, Be Gracious to you, and Give you His Peace as you continue to fulfill His Calling and Purpose for your life.
Shawanda from United States
God Bless the ten Boom family and,especially Corrie who carried on after she has lost everything.
Diane from United States
I love the Ten Boom family. Corrie is 1 of my heroes. I have read every book of hers that I could. My favorite is In My Fathers House. Thank you for keeping this awesome families memory alive. May God bless all your efforts and may this continue to be a blessing and inspiration to the world.
Kathy from United States
There is a program on TV right now, a mini-series about the Bible and I have been watching all about the struggles of God's people, I was led to this site which has made me understand so much more, both of these things have made me want to read for myself about the rich history of the Jewish people, I will be praying for Gods chosen people. May God give me the love and the faith of the Ten Boom family.
Lola from United States
I am a middle school teacher. Each year I read and teach The Hiding Place to my students. They are always amazed when I show them the pictures of the Beje and the secret room. My students and I were able to see the ten Boom clock on display-what an honor. Reading the book for the first time was amazing. I even bought the book on tape to listen to in my car. I am given hope each time I listen or read Corrie's book. Imagine,so many years later and Corrie's words still bring us closer together. I wish I could have met her.
Annette from United States
As a young girl in the 1980's I bought a copy of The Hiding Place from a church rummage sale.I did not know God would use that book to place the Jewish people on my heart, nor how that love would grow throughout the years.I often wondered if I would have the courage to stand,like the ten Booms, for the Jews and others who were persecuted.My husband and I stand with Israel and teach our children to do the same.We believe in God's word and pray the eyes of others are opened to the events of the world.
Marjorie from United States
The Ten Boom family have left the world a marvelous testimony to the power of God's love and forgiveness. I know that they are all in the presence of the Lord today and I can't wait to meet them all in Heaven some day. May the Lord bless your ministry through this museum and continue to use the Ten Boom family for His glory.
Kimmi from United States