I was born in 1968. Six years later Jesus appeared in front of me, to where my eyes
could see Him clearly. He spoke encouraging things to me. This encounter enlarged my faith
immensly. His Love has no comparison. I knew that my life would be spent searching for more of
Him. When I became old enough to begin hearing of how the Jews were treated, a fight rose up in
me, and I was completely horrified. The Holocaust and slavery were absolutely unexceptable. My
heart has always been stired with great compassion, every time I think of what our brother and
sister’s endured. I love the Corrie ten Boom family and am greatful for their warrior spirit.
Praise the Almighty for their courage inspite of what this family faced. Lord, thank You that
You gave them the courage and strength when they would have need of it. Lord, continue to fill
us with who You are. In Jesus name, I pray. Wendy Winans