When I became part of the National Day of Prayer in the United States in 2005 the
first meeting I attended included a Jewish cowboy Rabbi in Las Vegas, Nevada. Messianic Jewish
Rabbi Shmuel Oppenheim taught me the meaning of “forever”

As I
watch and pray and love the prophets I am daily compelled to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. I
know that we are in a spiritual battle now as before and our Jewish Savior is a man of sorrow
acquainted with grief. His promises are yeah. We are the Amen. Daily Bible reading binds
Christians and Jews and prayer breaks down the wall of separation because Jesus told us that it
was finished on the Cross.

Forgiveness for the shameful leadership of my
country now, and for the repetition of the acquiescence to evil again, is a struggle; but
Corrie ten Boom walked this trail of tears before us. Thank you for this video.