It touched my heart wanted to say this some little was once.

is a gift of life from God

Difficult days when you wished that you were little and
lift into God of heart pocket.

Where you can rumble hop to be Healed, but
when you look out into the world, you will see tears, like rain from the heaven. When the man
you one little girl, terrified no care in a hard world. Is there an Angel, who looks to be a
witness for subsequent children, faith in God is the answer, the way out of sadness, despair,
misery. Be lifted up to God of heart pocket feel its of Love waves for a little girl alone was
became a History doer and never forgotten child before God, the God of Israel is Our God
through Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen, Amen

Peace be upon Israel and God’s
blessings from Heaven Heights God above which sees everything, knows everything!

Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit SWEDEN