I am one who is old and still loves to tell the old story I learned in my youth. The
ancient story of the gospel of Yahushua, in the second temple period called Yeshua, and in the
KJV called Jesus.

The mercy of YHWH gives life, the justice of YHWH gives death. By
the work of the Holy Spirit faith from above is given to those that will believe ” YAHweh
is salvation”. His grace and mercy is a holy work of pure divine love that leads His
people to repentance. His sheep hear His voice.

It is this love that compels me to love God and preach what is considered foolishness to those
who are perishing, but unto His own who are saved from justice and given mercy, it is the power
of Yahweh almighty.

The Mercy Seat was the covering above the Ark of the Covenant. The
Mercy Seat was where God met man in the Holy of Holies. As Christ Jesus He became our Mercy
Seat above the Ark

When the fullness of time has come, nothing will hold back the
judgment and justice of God. When He looks on our life, what does He see? Does He see the Mercy
Seat? Does He see the beaten flesh, the shed blood, or does He see the transgressors of His
law? Is the Mercy Seat in place in our lives? Is the Holy Spirit ministering life? If you have
no Mercy Seat in your life, you have no place to meet God.

The law demands justice
and condemns the best. Mercy gives salvation and saves the worst. How merciful God is to those
who will move with the camp and not be left in the wilderness.

Today is the Day of
Salvation. We need to look up, for our redemption is truly drawing nigh!

Corrie ten
Boom and family experienced the words of a most favorite hymn…Be Still My Soul.