No matter How bad things get, or how hard the way before you, listen to the still
small voice, and follow in faith, I promise you two things..

1. No Matter
how dark, or long the way, keep praying, and moving forward,

and God will be with
you, and ..

2. You have been prepared and blessed for the trials you will be
facing, and you have Gods Promise, you will not face ANYTHING greater, than you can bear, nor
will you EVER be alone, for God is with his people, all those who serve, and honor him, both
his covenanted people, and those who serve him throughout the world, wherever they are ~ he
knows them, and is with each one of them.

Though we are heading through the
worst of all times, in all human history, have faith, and DON’T you EVER turn away from him,
hold on with all your strength and faith, the outcome, will be worth it, I promise you.