I’ve read the book “The Hiding Place” and filled my heart with Jesus’ love
and brought memories from my childhood. My mother was a catholic and loved jews, and my father
though was christian by conviction, he wasn’t converted and had Hitler’s thoughts toward the
Jews, and was pretty cruel with us, his children, but my mother taught me to love Jews because
they’re the people of God, and I received many beatings because of this, from my father… When
I grew up I gave my life and will to Jesus, and became a true christian. I had to forgive my
father, and also my brother who became a satanist and tried to kill me a couple of times. I
still pray for him, but the Lord gave me the wisdom to live far from him and pray for his
salvation, without looking circumstances.

My mother had a vision in the 70’s she saw
Jerusalem burning and a voice said “The sky cries, Jerusalem burns” and saw the word
“zire” in a corner, written in heaven and blood raining from the sky. I thought many
times about this vision. I just pray, for the peace of Jerusalem… I know Jesus comes soon but
the tribulation is already seen in his people… the church… and my heart suffer when I pray
for the Jews and also for those who don’t know Jesus yet… I think as Betsy… We must love
enemies and ask the Lord to see them with His eyes, think about them with His mercyful and
righteous mind and love them with His true Love Heart,with compassion, they don’t know what
they do…