Mr. Evans,

I read corey’s story three months ago and my life has been
forever changed!!! What’s more incredible than that is after reading the story I said a prayer
to God asking him to use me to help the Jewish people just as Corey and her family did. That
night I asked God to give me a dream ( I was just wanting to hear from God and prayed that
prayer). Well, God answered that prayer and I did have a very strange dreamed I woke up saying
the name Mike Evans. I felt the spirit of the Lord say to me
“remember that name, it’s very portent for you to remember that name”. I thought toy
self…. That’s weird I don’t know anyone by that name ( I had never heard of you). It wasn’t
until two days later that I google the name Mike Evans and found out that you actually own the
museum!!! Talk about being floored!!! That would be am understatement. If there is any way I
could possibly have five minute of your time I would be most grateful. Thank you for the
awesome work you are doing for je people and the nation Israel. Polly Licciardi.

the way, being able to see the house is really exciting and I plan to take a tour in person God
willing. God bless you Mike Evans, your story is incredible!!!!