May all the Jewish peoples in Jerusalem and around the world come to salvation in
Jesus the Christ. May they be granted faith by God to recognize Jesus is His son and the Savior
of all men. For as we all were born into sin, so too we all need a savior to free us from the
penalty of sin which is death and separation from a Holy God. God is able and willing to
penetrate the veil which has kept many blinded from this truth. May He call all Jewish peoples
in Jerusalem and world wide to Himself, may they see the truth and believe and find eternal
life and the incredible Freedom we inherit as redeemed children of God. For God desires that no
man perish, separated from Him, but He also commands that the only way to God is through
acceptance and submission to the Lordship of His son, Jesus Christ in each one of our lives.
Heavenly Father, hear this prayer and I thank you for answering it, in the name of my Lord and
Savior, Jesus!!! AMEN