I know Jesus is calling me into a life of sacrifice. I have sat and weeped before Him
this very day. My heart is becoming so tender especailly for Israel and Jewish people
everywhere. Also for those the enemy of our soul uses for his diabolical plans. I forgive them
Lord! For they know not what they do! Let this so be in me that no matter what, I can be
overcome by His love to anyone I face no matter if it means my life. Yes, the train ticket and
the story of the knotted side of the embroidery piece will be forever in my heart. Pictures
help me remember more than words! Thank You Lord for this time and thank you Mr. Evans for
sharing your heart. May God bless you and keep you, May He cause His face to shine upon you and
be gracious unto you, May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you shalom through Yesus
our Mashiach! Amen