I became acquainted with Corrie as a new baby Christian in 1990 when I stumbled
across an old paperback book at a used Christian book sale called, “Tramp For The Lord’.
With my ‘dark’ background, I wondered why any book would have that title! As I opened the
pages, I fell in love with Corrie Ten Boom! Even to this day, Corrie’s life, as revealed
through the book, has provided for me an example of how I want to live my life for Jesus. I
have read several more of her books over these past three decades and while I never ‘knew’
Corrie…I will ‘know’ her eternally and thank my God for her! I am now the founder of a
non-profit women’s ministry that provides Christian mentoring for women incarcerated, and I
actually tell them about my mentor…Miss Corrie Ten Boom!