When we visited Holland in 2008 our family did get to visit the Ten Booms House. It
was awesome!!

This was before I read and cried my way through The Hiding Place.

family home and the lives of the Ten Boom family have now taken on a whole new meaning for me
since reading the book and experiencing the virtual tour.

Their love for Jesus, their
faith and their incredible journey through life has been something that has changed me forever.

journey is life changing. However, threaded through their incredible and miraculas story…. it
was Betsies unending love for Jesus and for others, her faith and her loving kindness in all
circumstances and her sweetness that seemed to catch my heart and quite simply make me want to
love and care for others in a whole new way even more now then ever before and to pray for the
peace of Jerusalem. Thankyou and God Bless you and keep you in His Love

Martha Boer