When I was in my mid teens I read the book, “The Hiding Place”, then saw
the movie. In my later teens I was blessed when Corrie Ten Boom visited my church in Marion,
Indiana. I was so moved by “The Hiding Place”, but listening to Ms Ten Boom’s
personal account of her life and experience during WWII left an imprint on my life that
continues 45 years later. I remember her holding up the stitched cloth with the scattering of
loose threads. I felt like that was my life. Then she turned it around to show the order God
could make of the confusion that one makes of their life without God. I was touched by the
forgiveness that she showed so many during her life…with God’s unrelenting help. To this day
I hold her life up as an example of what God expects of me whenever I face comparably trivial
challenges in my life. God bless those who continue their dedication to the Jewish nation and
to those who continue to tell Corrie Ten Boom’s timeless story of God’s love!