What a privilege this has been to take a tour of the ten Boom Museum. I have loved
Corrie’s book The Hiding Place for many many years. I pray for God’s chosen people. That He
will keep them strong and healthy and safe. I pray that the USA will open its eyes and hearts
once again to the Jewish nation of Israel and make a commitment to fight along side of them for
the sake of Jerusalem. I pray that our President will quit speaking out of both sides of his
mouth and will stand with Israel’s leaders against the nations of Satan. I pray for Jesus to
return to the mount of olives. I pray that me and my family’s names are listed in the book of
life so that we will have eternal life with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in Heaven. I
pray that we all will become on in His kingdom. I also pray this for Angela and Isaac. In Jesus
precious name I pray, Amen.