In the late 1980’s our local Christian radio station broadcasted Corrie ten Boom’s
story/life testimony in 10 minute mini broadcasts…I listened as often as I could…I was
touched by her story. I grew up in a Christian home with a father that had a heart for “God’s
chosen People” and His promises to them and would pray for the time that God would remove
their blindness to the Messiah, Jesus that had come. I have seen the movie version of the
“Hiding Place” years ago. I had not read Corrie’s book. Very recently, I did read the
“Hiding Place” in preparation for leading an event for our church’s missions
conference in which the emphasis was on “Who will go for us?”…My focus was on
“Getting Ready to Go” and focused preparing our hearts for God’s call by trusting in
God’s Sovereignty over our lives and that He will enable anyone to do what He shows/asks them
to do…even in our simple, uneventful everyday lives He will call/ask us to work out His Will
on earth and ultimately in His coming Kingdom…Corrie’s testimony was insprirational to many
and continues to be so…God is still answering her prayer! Thank you for this providing this
tour of the the Ten Boom home…it was a great blessing!!!