I have always wanted to travel to the home Corrie ten Boom and her family lived in so
am very thankful for this virtual tour and story of their lives.

They were
an amazing family and did what God called them to do even though they knew their own lives were
at stake.

I was a flight attendant with Continental and had the pleasure of
meeting the lady that played Corrie in the movie (she lives in Houston, Texas, which is an hour
and a half from where I live). She was on one my flights and we had the privilege of talking.

you so much for this website.

I have been studying our Hebraic roots and
praying for the Jewish people for years. I am on a disaster team (put together by Israeli’s)
just recently and will be going to Israel during times of emergency and war to help care for
the Jewish people. what an honor.

In His love,

Joni Rhodes