I’ve been so inspired by Corrie’s book, “The Hiding Place”. Especially the
part where she asks her father a difficult question (when she is young) and he asks her to pick
up his suitcase and she can’t because it’s too heavy. His words about allowing him to carry the
knowledge for her because it’s too heavy (at the time) is something I’ve used with my own
child. The story of Betsie’s death in the camp and how Corrie was able to see her transformed
even in death will stick with me until I leave this world and go home. God is so good.

Ten Booms have taught me so much about God’s Love and how no place is too dark for His Light to
penetrate. I love how in “The Hiding Place” Corrie shared the good, the bad and most
especially the
“real” feelings she felt during her life. The fact that she did and then how she
turned the not so “perfect” things over to the Lord is such a great example to

I’ve asked the Lord, when I come Home, if I can meet them. I just
want to tell them “thank you”.