I have read “The Hiding Place” several times, and am now reminded to
re-read it, and other books which I did not know were available until now. I HAVE read “Tramp
for the Lord” as well. I found the link to the Ten Boom Museum on Facebook, and am so
thankful that I did. This site reminds me how important it is to stand by and pray for the
people of Israel, and also how God used then-and still uses- people who are willing to step out
of their comfort zone, to help others in need. I know of people (many of them supposedly
evangelical Christians) who do NOT believe the Holocaust ever happened. When I first heard
about this I could hardly believe it. I was taught by both my parents and my church to honor
and love the Jews as God’s chosen people, and further to realize that God loves ALL of those He
created, not just the ones that love Him or are of a certain race, color or creed. The Ten Boom
family was the perfect example of doing God’s will as well as His unconditional Love for us.
Thank God for their wonderful testimony. Let us have the courage to do likewise.