Originally read the Hiding Place in 1971 and saw the movie in 1975. Was able to hear
Corrie speak twice in the 70’s.

My family, like the tenBoom’s were people
of strong faith and complete dependance on God. Thankfully they passed His Love on to me and I
have abided in that Love since a child through today.

My understanding of my
connection to Judism as a Christian was also fostered under the guidance of a Scottish
Presbyterian minister and excellent Sunday School teachers when a child. I love all, but
especially love the Jews because of the continuing of their Covenant with God. We have another
Covenant, but could not without their Covenant which will never be replaced!

today’s happenings, I worry as Corrie worried, will I be strong enough to stand for my Lord if
I must. I embrace Pslam 91 to its fullest! Praise God and pray for Israel.