I met Corrie in San Diago, Ca. In1972. My Grandma and Uncle took us to hear here speak.
Afterwards I went up on stage to give my heard to God with her, we held hands and hugged. She made a massive impact on my life. I was 11 years old at the time and 50 years have gone by since that evening of wondrous freedom and redemption of my soul!! I continued to write to her until 1981.
Now it is 2021 and she has touched my sons soul with her life story, he is 28 years old. Our God is an awesome God, He Reigns over Heaven and Earth!! We have been placed on this earth to decide with our choices made in everything we become and eventually become as where we are headed once our flesh dies. God and my savior Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior only asked that we trust and believe that he gave His only Son Jesus who was created, born, raised, died and born again for evermore so that we can have hope in an everlasting life as promised to us by our loving Father. Make God your 1st love, above all else !!