Corrie came and spoke at my church in Glendora, CA (New Hope Dutch Reformed), sometime I think in the 1980’s. She spoke of the faithfulness of God during this horrific time in history she experienced. She gave the example of the embroidered blanket — God’s plan and purpose vs the jumbled mess we often see. Then toward the end of her talk, a man from the back of the room interrupted Corrie and introduced himself as one of the guards from Ravensbruck she was at. He proceeded to walk forward, said he was a Christian, and eventually asked for Corrie’s forgiveness. She paused for a long while, almost frozen, she finally reached out her hand, and said, “Yes, I forgive you.” I thought this took place for the first time in my church then. However, apparently it took place shortly after her beginning the mission sharing God’s faithfulness and forgiveness. I remember being intrigued with her hairstyle, her wisdom, and her graciousness — lovely lady.