I read Corrie’s book as a young woman and saw the movie when it came out. I was
blessed to hear her speak when she was touring the USA. That created in me a desire to someday
see the watch shop and visit the home where the ten Boom family lived out their Christian
testimony by hiding their Jewish neighbors and others referred to them by the “underground.”
Then, I finally had the opportunity!

I toured the museum in March ’06 before starting
a tour in Amsterdam that took a group of Americans on a barge trip on the canals for 10 days.
Although this barge trip was excellent in every way, my strongest memory of the Netherlands was
of taking the train with 2 group members up to Haarlem for a quick tour of the museum and
having the opportunity to step into the actual hiding place!

Watching the virtual
tour tonight and listening carefully to the story told about each of the 19 parts of the tour
brought back wonderful memories of the book, the movie and my time at the museum.

bless you all for making this virtual tour available in so many languages, thereby carrying on
Corrie’s message to the world!