When I was a little girl during World War II, my mother told me I was Holland Dutch,
a distinction important to her because Pennsylvania Dutch were German! After the war ended and
the horrors of the camps were revealed to the world, I couldn’t imagine what life must have
been like in Holland. Then as an adult I read The Hiding Place and I learned. I fell in love
with the Ten Boom family but tried to forget the 2nd World War! In the past few years I have
re-read everything I could about Corrie. Pictures of her and her family so resemble my
mother’s. Her faith in the Lord is a shining example of how He works His purposes. What an
amazing role model! And now Mike Evans has, under God’s guidance, brought Corrie and her family
to life again. How marvelous! She is still ministering in her unique way to a sin-ridden world
where evil is rolling over us like a tsunami that will surely usher in the return of our Lord.
How wonderful to know Him! To have people like Corrie to show us the way He wants us to live.
Thank you so very much, everyone who had a part in establishing the museum and this incredible