Thank you for sharing this great message of how true believers in Yeshua (Jesus) can
demonstrate what it means to follow Messiah (Christ) to the world. This is especially important
in sharing the message of the Jewish Messiah to the chosen ones of Israel for whom Yeshua loved
and died.

In the history of Christianity, the Ten Booms represent the
remnant of true Christians who clearly taught and lived Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.

May God prosper this ministry and may its message outshine all of the
negative publicity brought on by “Christians”
who misrepresent Jesus and send a message of hatred to the Jewish community. This is a powerful
message to Christians who still embrace Replacement Theology and use it to oppose Israel today.

ADONAI ELOHIM the Father bless you by the name and authority of ADONAI ELOHIM the Son, Messiah
Yeshua, and by the power of ADONAI ELOHIM the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). Amen.