I have read many of Corrie’s books and watched The Hiding Place several times. So
touched by her story, my husband and I and two of my children determined to visit the Beje on a
month long trip to Europe in 2001. We had a tremendous sense of the peace and hope that the
museum shares with the world. It was an experience we will never forgot. Fast forwarding to
last week, my fellow fourth grade teachers were discussing character lesson in bravery and
courage. Although there are policies which do not allow teachers to espouse religious beliefs,
we decided that the story of the family ten Boom was a perfect fit for our bravery and courage.
All four of our grade level teachers are Christians, so we also felt a little emboldened to
share this incredible story of faith, courage, bravery, perseverance, kindness and love, all
are character strengths we encourage in our school. Over a hundred students watched the movie
and heard this story. Next week, I will share the photographs I took while visiting the museum
and I will also post this website so that they may share this site with their families. Thank
you for such a beautiful memorial to the ten Booms and for the message of faith in Jesus Christ
that transcends hatred.