I heard Corrie during her lifetime. What is so wonderful is that God will take anyone
who is willing to work for His kingdom and use them to transform the lives of others. Corrie’s
message of forgiveness and the times that it was challenged in her life by those who had
persecuted her and her family shows me that when God asks us to do something He also empowers
us to do it if we will let Him.

God is the only one that can take the terrible
atrocities of the regime and bring someone through it with a message of God’s love and
forgiveness. Both her dad and her sister and other family members had victory over the racism
and hatred that the Nazis spewed out and many years afterward so did Corrie. I’m glad we serve
a God who will ultimately cause us all, who have trusted in Christ as our saviour to also
triumph over the darkness of this world. I pray we can continue her message of love and