I feel blessed to have heard about the ten Booms. I knew about Ann Frank and family,
but never this wonderful family. When I was in school, this story and many others were never
told. What a shame. Thanks to Glenn Beck, GBTV show, Michael Evans, and the Restoring Honor in
Jerusalem 8/11, we have been educated. I just watched the movie, and will be getting the book.
Thank you Corrie and the ten Boom family for what you did for the Jews and for having such
Faith in God and Jesus. I hope I can be as brave if ever needed, and not let my Faith be
replaced with hate. Love is the answer, but I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to
always remember that. Thank you for all the lives you saved and teaching us how to keep the
Faith. God bless your family and you. I know you are in peace with Him.