that he is retiring beasuce he has very young children, I believe twins. However, his
progression on this issue should be a sign of message of hope to all of us. He has just
returned from his third trip to Gaza and now wants to return to testify under oath in an
Israeli court on the Corrie case autopsy issue. Amazing. Hats off to Brian Baird.Fact: The
Corries did not want an autopsy. The IDF wanted an autospy and Cindy and Craig were told that
Rachel’s body would not be released unless they agreed to one. They agreed with conditions. The
IDF took their signed fax to the Israeli court and the autopsy was allowed by Israeli court
order with those conditions.In the Conclusions to the Legal Opinion on the Final Military
Police Report it states: An autopsy of the deceased, with the approval of her family and in the
presence of a U.S. consular representative, These conlusions were shared with the State
Department and with interested members of Congress.One problem. As Sarah Simpson relates on
Democracy Now, the Israeli court ordered condition was violated. There was no American official
present. However, Brian Baird and the Corries were not apprised of this fact for several years
after the fact.As Rachel’s aunt, you can see I follow this case very closely.