Gwendolyn Traore

Thank you for this wonderful virtual tour. What a family for Christ! I’ve read “The Hiding Place” and I fell in love with the Ten Boom Family and the life of Corrie Ten Boom. I’m so moved by this virtual tour that I want to take it again. Well...


I loved looking around on your website. Corrie is one of my “heroes of the faith” and so are the rest of the Ten Boom family.


I have admired Miss Ten Boom for many years. I’ve read most of her books. What a Blessing she has been to the world.

Isabelle Proton

First, I became familiar with the story a story Corrie Ten boom when I saw a very compelling film about her and her family. I then read her biography and other literature about her. I became convinced that this woman was remarkable and selfless in every way....

Nestor Calderon

Dios en ti creo y confio. La pelicula me trajo hasta aqui, que hermosa la historia e Corrie muy inspiradora. Hasta siempre, Nestor