The Ten Boom Story Forever Changed My Life

and will likely change yours too!


It was 1977 in Texarkana, Texas at a Holiday Inn where I first met Corrie ten Boom. At first I didn't recognize the elderly woman making her way into the hotel; I just went to help her with the door. She thanked me for my help and asked me to eat lunch with her.

Over a bowl of soup, I listened to this precious saint tell stories from her life. Her eyes filled with tears as I told her of my own family's suffering at the hands of "Christians" in Russia and during the Holocaust. And I'll never forget what she said to me: "You can't love Jesus without loving the Jewish people."

How I wish that my mother could have met with Corrie that day. I remember Mom saying, "All Christians hate Jews. Christians kill Jews." And it was true that people claiming to be Christians murdered her grandfather in Russia, burning him inside his synagogue as he observed the Sabbath. But how different her perspective would have been if she could have met with someone like Corrie and seen a different kind of Christian!

On that very day, I knew that I had to make sure the Jewish people never forgot the story of the ten Boom family and their courageous sacrifice that saved some 800 Jews from the Holocaust.

In 1987 Mike Evans Ministries purchased the ten Boom home in Haarlem, Holland. After renovations, it was opened in 1988 as a museum to honor the family's love for the Jewish people and their great sacrifices. Admission to the museum is free -- no one has ever been charged a dime to enter.

The highlight of the visit is seeing the hiding place concealed behind a false wall in Corrie's bedroom. Here hundreds of Jews and members of the Dutch Underground found shelter from certain death. Waiting silently in the cramped quarters, six people remained hidden here for two days after the Gestapo came to arrest the ten Boom family.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team has produced this virtual tour of Corrie ten Boom Museum in 20 languages to allow people from all around the world to see this treasured place. There are 19 stops to the Corrie ten Boom Museum online, and you can explore and interact with them all. But if you take the complete tour in one sitting it will last 90 minutes, and I can assure you that your visit will be a powerful, life-changing experience.

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In addition, The Jerusalem Prayer Team, led by Dr. Michael D. Evans, is continuing the 100-year prayer meeting for the Jewish people begun in the ten Boom home in 1844 by Corrie's grandfather. We gather Believers from around the world to pray diligently for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and the protection of Israel. You can request to receive Mike's emails for ways to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Never has this mighty prayer movement been more needed that it is today. The ancient evil of anti-Semitism is burning more strongly than it has in decades. Sworn enemies of Israel are seeking the weapons to utterly destroy the Chosen People, as Hitler attempted in World War II. But as the people of God are faithful to call on His name and seek His face, He will respond and defend Jerusalem from destruction (Isaiah 31:5).


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Corrie encouraged my faith that day more than thirty years ago, and today I am honored to help continue her family's tradition of praying for the Jewish people through the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Corrie's story is truly one of the most remarkable stories ever told of God's love lived out in human history, of courage unparalleled, of faith unimaginable, and of a sacrifice so costly for a cause so holy that is still inspires people around the world today.

Welcome to the family home of Corrie ten Boom and the extraordinary story of the hiding place.

Dr. Michael D. Evans

P.S. You can help us add even more languages to this Virtual Tour, and for your generous gift of any size, I'd like to send you a Corrie ten Boom Legacy Book and bookmark.

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