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  • illean

    Prayer/Praiseprayer; dear HEAVEN FATHER, have mercy and show compassion on Isreal .I pray for peace and protection for Isreal,and i know in my heart that YOU will move in a mighty way and restore Isreal and your people will except Jesus Christ as Lord.Praise be to GOD . amen

  • Shannon

    Prayer/PraiseThe protection and peace of Israel, for revival in America, for my children's deliverance, for a God fearing, Holy Spirit filled man to be as a father to them, to display Christ's care, protection, guidance and love with them, for fatherless children to no longer be left uncovered and vulnerable in this world.

  • momo

    Prayer/PraisePlease dear God...end this situation successfully....in Jesus name,AMEN

  • bernie

    Prayer/Praiseis that iseael might be saved. as an ambaqssador for Crist that i meet the standard of this chosen appointment in every,every area o f my life and not fail Jesus even if I think I"m failing myself

  • Augustus

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the Peace of Jerusalem , that I may be blessed as in Genesis, God's promise to Abram, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you

  • jacinthe

    Prayer/PraisePraying in communion with all for peace in Israel, for all Jewish people. Personal request for daughter Isabelle's emotional and spiritural needs, housing needs and financial needs. On that same note, for everyone to have a home and feel secure. Thank you God for your many blessings.

  • Lynna

    Prayer/PraisePraying for the peace of Jerusalem, for the USA to be a christian nation, and for my life to be pleasing to God.

  • lulu

    Prayer/PraisePlease dear God...successfully end this situation...in Jesus'name....amen

  • Patricia A. Lodge

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the Peaace of Jerusalem
    and the conditions at this current time.
    God knows, I trust Him!!

    My need is a health, I have diabetes,epilepcy,

    My bills need to be paid

  • Adriana

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for peace in Jerusalem, Israel, the Lord bless you and keep free.

  • Florence

    Prayer/PraiseI pray I'll have the faith and courage when the time comes.

  • vince

    Prayer/PraiseI pray that God will open the eyes of the brutal people like the Germans... Let the peace of God will reign over the whole world and we will all wait for His coming... Amen...

  • louise

    Prayer/PraiseDear God...Please bring a sucessful conclusion to the situation in front of us all. Please restore her family and bring her health and reconciliation. In Jesus' holy name....amen

  • louise

    Prayer/PraisePlease conclude the business deal, dear Jesus...Thank you for your guidance and assurance. May I please ask for signs...Amen


    Prayer/PraiseFATHER GOD, Open the eyes of the Jewish peoples heart,that Yeshua,their Messiah is here. We seek your face Lord & ask your forgiveness, to heal our lands and usher in your peace, the peace of Jerusalem your holy city, that you love.
    Your word says You will bless those who trust you Lord, we are trusting you and asking wisdom for our leaders to trust you & seek you Father. Let us all look up for our redeemer is near.
    OH Lord of Heavens Army we hear of wars and rumors of war,nation is rising against nation. Give us courage and boldness to proclaim your name Jesus. All Glory & Praise & Honor to you Lord Jesus,Come....

  • Erick

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Israel & Jerusalem and your chosen people, dear Lord. Grant them protection. Grant them wisdom & guidance. I pray for their souls that they would have revealed unto their hearts the truth. Amen

  • lou

    Prayer/PraisePlease dear Lord Jesus restore our lives and my daug's marriage....Let all fall in to place...
    we need help that only you can give....amen

  • Jennifer
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord in Heaven, You are worthy of all praise and thanks for Your greatness. I thank you for sustaining the Jews since the covenant made between You and Abraham. Please continue to shelter them and hear their prayers as they cry to you.
    I pray for those of us, Jew or Gentile, who profess Christianity to follow through and live it in a relationship with Jesus Christ and that they find the love Jesus demonstrated toward us in giving His life that we may offer ours in service to fulfill His purpose.
    I pray for non-Christian Jews, who are still God's very own chosen people, that they will see that the Messiah has come already and that they will put their faith in His death and resurrection for their salvation.
    Lord, you know I really love the Jews and my heart is truly heavy today for their situation. To me, they are like my own brothers and sisters. Please deliver them from this oppression and liberate them once again.
    I ask all these things in faith believing. In Your Holy name, Amen.

  • momo

    Prayer/PraiseAbba Father...I look only to you for the complete resolution of the challenges that face my family today~~~~You led me into them for a reason...and I love you as I know that you love me....amen

  • Herb

    Prayer/PraiseLord,your people belong in the promised land of Israel. May your chosen people know your mercy and provision,as all gentiles who are grafted in,in Yeshua are obedient to pray for and align with our soon coming savior who will reign in heaven and earth from the holy city of Jerusalem .Lord I pray you will give us perseverance to walk in your grace which is strength,to not grow weary,as our spiritual ancestors ,unto the time of corrie Ten Booms wonderful parable of your guidance,till these present days were obedient, may we continue to strive even in times of besetting scarcity to have our faith grow from the shreds it can become, that you will bless our land and heal us through this time of evil,that we can see the fruit of serving you come to pass, In His Precious and Glorious name ,Jesus , Amen.

  • CC

    Prayer/PraiseDear Father, I come before your throne in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Father I come with a heavy heart praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Father you know that violence has escalated in the land of your chosen people and I pray that you will intervene and stop the violence. Father I ask that you protect those in harms way and provide comfort and strength. Father you are the Prince of Peace so I pray for wisdom for the leaders who can help bring calm. Father give us the strength to take up our cross daily and help us to be a reflection of the one and only Jesus Christ. It is in his precious name I ask these things, Amen
    John 3:16

  • momo

    Prayer/PraisePlease dear God...resolve to succcessful resolution and conclusion the path that you set for me...Now is the time...I trust you...and am praying and looking to you only as you have instructed all of us to do...amen

  • Valerie

    Prayer/PraiseAbba Father,
    My prayer is for the Jewish people, that they may find true peace in a relationship with you. Burden them to search for the Messiah who has come to seek and save the lost. Please protect them from the evil that surrounds them. Please give opportunity for christians to love on them and share in whatever way they may need. Let us fight the good fight in the time we have left and be your hands and feet to the Jewish nation. Looking to seeing you soon.
    In Jesus name,

  • marco

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for peace and freedom of Jerusalem.

  • Brigitte

    Prayer/PraiseG-d, hear our prayer as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Be blessed all the nation of Israel. Be blessed all His people around the world. My prayer today is specific for the young people how doing their military time. Guide and protect each one of them, protect their hart, never to hate someone. But to be able to understand, to love and to forgive. Let them be bold. Bless their parents to Lord! In Jesus Name, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

  • cynthia
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the heart's desire of our Lord Jesus to be met with His glory poured upon His Holy Land and city with a spirit of repentance and salvation rising up within it's borders.also for the same to happen in my Orthodox Jewish community, Hollywood, Florida and throughout the world. Bless You, Lord! Amen!

  • lula

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that peace would be within her walls and gates. I pray America would stay faitgful to help protect her. I also ask for prayer for myself and 4 children for wisdom,guidance,protection and health. Gods will over our lives. amen

  • Joan

    Prayer/PraiseI would love to see a prayer movement in the church to pray for the upper classes of the western world, the wealthy, the politicians, the burocrats, academia, the news & entertainment media and any others who influence the culture. We are commanded to pray for those in authority, but we forget that authority is exercised by many who are not seen. We are promised that if we agree together in prayer the Lord will honor our prayer. Are you weary of seeing those in authority push more and more sin in our culture? Don't just agree with me in prayer, pass this request on and ask others to do so as well. When I was a child we prayed for the communist world, do you remember rejoicing when the iron curtain came down? When I was older we began to pray for the muslim world, already the gospel is spreading there halelujah! Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  • momo

    Prayer/PraisePlease God resolve our present situation. I am afraid for my family esp my son. Make it all go away....it is from Satan and I renounce him. I give this to God ....Trust the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding...YES...Amen

  • Adelina

    Prayer/PraiseAbba Father, thank you for your Holy Spirit's guidance to the Ten Boom Museum tour for feel the fear of the unexpected I felt at I felt and must have been felt by all that resided in the Ten Boom during that period of time and knowning the God of our Father's promise that He will never leave or forsake us and no weapon formed against me will prosper shown throughout this horrific time. We may go through untold trials, but no one will be able to separate us from the love of God. Corrie and Betsy will be my shining models as we face the uncertainty of our lives here in America. Thank you Father for all those that were in your service from the time of Noah to Paul and ongoing. In your Son's Most Holy Name. Amen.

  • scott

    Prayer/PraiseLord,,keep the nation of Israel,, the app;e of your eye and the HOLY city of Jerusalem and all its people with your mighty Angels,put a supernatural hedge around them,i pray Lord that your people will humble themselves and except your SON JESUS as their Redeemer.forgive my country or abandoning them at the hr of their greatest need, and Anoint your true body with Boldness in these last days ,,to take the good fight of faith OUT of the buildings we cal church ,,,and into the streets ,let us rise up in your authority and power ,,and take this fight ,to the enemy!give us great courage ,and anoint the youth of the world to sow and reap the harvest as never before,the world is Ripe for the picking it needs only workers in the field to bring in the harvest,and lord give the Jerusalem Prayer team an outpouring o your Holy Spirit to reach the lost of ISRAEL AMEN and AMEN!!

  • Lorrie

    Prayer/PraiseLord I thank you for the blessed life you have given me. I pray that people all over the world will become enlightened to your word. I pray that we as a Country start to come together to pray for Jerusalem and to back them as a nation and as a people. Your chosen people. May your grace abound with us all. Work through me OH LORD your will be done.

  • Lynette

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord God I thank you and praise your holy name! You are so worthy to be praised! I pray right now for Jerusalem and your holy nation I pray peace and protection. I pray that you would continue to be their refuge and shelter. Oh I love you so much and need your presence more than anything else. I need to walk with you and talk with you everyday. I know that your word says that you will meet all of my needs according to your riches in Glory. I pray abundance in my life both financial and personally. I pray that you will continue to use me for your kingdom. I'm listening to hear your voice for I am your servant God. I thank you and praise you. I humble myself and ask for your forgiveness in Jesus Name. Forgiveness for this nation and for your Mercy Jesus! I love you so much. In Jesus Name Amen.

  • Stanley

    Prayer/PraiseMy Father in Heaven I pray that you show me what is right and give me the strength to live in way that brings honor and glory to your name. I pray for peace in Jerusalem. I pray for the people of the USA,I pray that they not be deceived. It seems like more and more this Nation is turning away from You Lord that the values we hold as a Nation are changing, we are becoming weaker as moral values are eroded by a bombardment of media lies. I pray Lord that You give us leaders who know You and follow You. I pray that fathers turn to You to lead their familys. I ask in Jesus's name

  • Linda

    Prayer/PraiseOh my Father who knows my path. I ask that America stands close to Israel. To their people in love, protection and faith because we love and serve You. God and creator of everthing hold us close and show what we each are to do,to bring honor and glory to Your precious name.
    In Christ Holy name I thank you and ask these things. Amen

  • Deb

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father,I pray now for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray for prosperity and safety in this time in which we are living. As we approach times of unprecidented hardship in the world, I pray that your people be ever covered by you hand and kept in safety in the shadow of your wings. I pray that the hearts of your people will turn to you and that we will hear your voice and follow your leading.
    In Jesus Name I pary.

  • Salvador Munoz
    El Salvador

    Prayer/PraiseMay God bless the people from Israel, give them: love, faith, abundance, prosperity, richness, freedom, healing,protection, and to my family too.

    May God bless all of you.

    Salvador Munoz


    prayer for my assignment or purpose to come forth and be fulfilled.

  • Margo

    Prayer/PraiseDear Father God thank you for the living sacrafice of your son Jesus. I pray that many will come to know him as Lord and Savior both Jew and Gentile and all the peoples of the earth. I pray for Israel for she is the Apple of God's eye. May your will be done. Lord if I can be of service to you I pray that your annointing will fall on me so that I may live as a light in world for you. I pray that the USA continue to be a friend to Israel and if called upon will stand with her and fight for the honor of blessing and keeping this holy land and her people until all are saved and the King of King and Lord of Lord returns to take those found in him to Heaven. Thank you for the powerful story of Corrie and Betsy. Their faithfulness will endure forever. Amen

  • Fred

    Prayer/PraisePray for a friend of mine named Jackie. She is a struggling Christian; finances. A haircutter by trade, she can use more clientele. Pray that she has the strength, energy and stamina to perform her other job.
    Pray that she draws closer to the Lord during this time .

  • louise

    Prayer/PraiseI saw Corrie once...She became alive when speaking of Jesus.. We used to go to the same doctor in Yorba Linda CA, but I think that she outlived him.

    I beseech all to pray for me and my family as we move forward in these hard days...so many obstacles have appeared for us, and I and daughter are overwhelmed. God knows what I need...so please pray for our NEEDS. I thank you in prayerful humbleness...in Jesus' name AMEN

  • Pam

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Israel, Jerusalem,I pray that her boundaries be guarded and protected, Father bless Israel and Jerusalem and keep her safe till you come again. Father I thank you, You loved me so much that you gave.I will continue to pray for the Your people and for Israel.

  • dolores

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may their people be secure and protected knowing that they are covered with the blood of Jesus. I pray for God's wisdom, strength and direction for Israel's leaders during this time. May God's choice for the white house be a man who will turn this nation back to Him. Shalom

  • Teresa
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseFather I give you all Praise,Honor and Glory for bringing your peace to Israel and the rest of the world. For guiding and directing the American people in electing the right man as president, the man You would have to lead us and stand always by Israel.I thank you for the example of the ten Boom family and so many others willing to stand up and proclaim the love and sacrifice of Jesus so that all can be saved and I thank you that anyone hearing their story,watching the video will become a prayer warrior for Israel and there own home countries.

  • Kim W.
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePrayer/Praise I pray for more intercessors on the wall for Israel and that there be a friend of Israel in the White House and through out America.

  • victoria

    Prayer/Praisefather i pray in jesus name that you would appoint and annoit our next president to be a friend to Isreal.

  • Debbie

    Prayer/PraiseFather, I pray for our nation that we would experience a revival and be once again a Christian nation. I pray that we would always be a friend to Israel and the Jewish people. Please bless them and give them peace. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Ellen
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePrayers are needed for America, and change in the hearts of her people. Prayer is needed that she will always be a friend to Israel, and I offer prayers for peace in Israel, always.

  • Christine

    Prayer/PraiseIn the name of our Prince of Peace, I speak His peace over the nation of Israel and all the Jewish people, that they would have wisdom, courage, strength and protection. That they would come to know Jesus Christ, the Messiah and be comforted by His great love.
    I pray that my nation of Australia would always remain a friend of Israel.

  • Linda
    Untited States of America

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for more watchmen on the walls for Israel and that there be a friend of Israel in the White House.

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