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  • Susan
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI pray that all people will someday see that they are more alike than not. That their beliefs have many parallels. That all deserve to live in peace and have their lives as their own. I pray for protection for all and that war and killing for religious reasons will end. That history will stop repeating itself. It's only by luck that we here have not experienced what the Jews, and others, have experienced. I can't imagine what that must have been like. My heart bleeds for those who died. And I pray for the innocents who are hungry, abused, frightened.

  • Anna
    USA, Odessa, TX

    Prayer/PraiseFather, I praise your name and all your works. I thank You for your Son, Jesus Christ and for the countless blessings that you shower on me and on the world. Use me, guide me to serve you, whatever the price. I love you. Amen.

  • Helen
    USA ,Cullman Alabama 35057

    Prayer/PraiseFather God I pray giving praise to you for creating all that is with just you say, I thank you for creating me in your image and thank you for having a plan for me and I pray that I please you Father in all I do.. Please forgive me when I fail and have mercy on me when i fail. Father I pray a wall of protection around the apple of your eye,the Jews and I thank you for the love and compassion that you brought to the Jews and Gentiles through your Son Jesus Christ! I pray for strength when our hour of need arises! Help me to forgive when I am hurt father because my pain is so small and silly next to what your daughter Corrie forgave! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen!

  • Colleen
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePraying for family members salvation,especially my sons Ralph & Anthony. Also that the Lord would created situations for me to help as much as I can.

  • tim
    United States

    Prayer/Praisepray for Jonathan, he is in jail, pray for bail,
    probation, and Jesus filled guards, pray he can lead people to Jesus, pray that his wife that is in jail will go mute
    pray for JJ & fred - both are sick(sore throat, fever
    pray for Tim II and his new job, Thank You Jesus for this opportunity, please bless Amy, Pat,& the speckled butterbean
    Pray for rita's Back

  • Nita

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for God's protection of the Jews and that he will give them peace and guidance during these times. Please let them feel the love of God.

  • Janice

    Prayer/PraiseI pray that more and more Christians will pray for Israel's safety. We both have the same God who is in control even in these scary times.

  • Angela

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for peace, supernatural protection and provision for God's beloved chosen people Israel. I pray the scales will be lifted from their eyes that they will recognize and serve their Messiah, Jesus Christ. Thank you Father that I have been called to serve You. I Pray that You will teach me to serve You with all my heart, mind and soul. In Jesus precious name...Amen! :)

  • Margo
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Jerusalem and ask you Yahushua to surround this land with a hedge of protection and a wall of fire! Let Your Words be spread all through the world to hold this land and it's people in Your loving arms,

  • Sarah
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePraying for Jews and that God will protect them and give me a closer walk with him and be faithful to him till the end

  • clara

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for God's Shalom, Peace, Salvation and Supernatural Protection to be on all Jews worldwide, and a double portion for all who call Israel home. I pray for all of the needs of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to be meet and for you Lord to bless them. In the name of Y'shua

  • Marshall

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the peace of Israel and for God's people that dwell in the world. I pray their strength in the Lord and know trouble don't last always, but we are to endure to the end, God Bless...

  • Cheryl

    Prayer/PraisePray for the peace of Jerusalem.That the Prince of Peace will come back soon and take us home.Pray protection over the Jewish people and blessings to them.

  • Mary Boydston
    United States of America

    Prayer/Praise To the Lord God Almighty,the Heavenly Father, Prince of Peace of the Jews & Gentiles.
    Thank you for preserving the history of how you work in the darkest of times. I pray that we will see you DO IT AGAIN as our hearts turn toward you. Let us see and to know that you are the Living True God that works all things together for good of those who love YOU,who have been called according to His purpose. Let us forgive others as You have forgiven us.

  • lisa

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the safety of the Jewish people, whether in Israel, returning to Israel, or anywhere in the world. I pray also, for those whom have hatred in their hearts for those "the apple of God's eye", that they may see the error of their ways and ask the Almighty for his forgiveness.

  • Reginald

    Prayer/PraiseMay the Lord God of all Creation intervene and stay the hand of war, bringing a Peace fore told unlike no other man has ever known in the land of Jerusalem and through out the world, may Christain and Jew, Moslum and Buddist find the Peace that only God can bring shown us by the death and resurrection of His Son on the Cross. May Mary Ever Virgin and the Mother of God intercede on behalf of us poor sinners that Her Son and Our Brothers Blood should not have been shed in vien. Give us the strength to forgive our transgressors and let the Peace of the Divine Holy Spirit rule in our Heart. Lord have Mercy, Christ have Mercy, Lord hear our Prayers. Amen

  • Brooke

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Father for your kindness to generation after generation of those who seek you. Thank you for the legacy of the ten Boom family, use it to teach many about your love for them. Please bless your people and may we each be a blessing where we can be, to the dear Chosen people of the Lord.

  • Jackie
    United Kingdom

    Prayer/PraiseDear Abba
    Please intervene on behalf of the Nigeriamn missionaries Bishop Gloria and Chiwar Musa imprisoned in the UK on false charges of child cruelty. Please take care of their seven children whilst their are all divided. Lift the lid on all that has happened and free them from their prison and reunite this wonderful family, in Jesus name I pray, amen. Thank you for all who pray.

  • Adrienne

    Prayer/PraiseFather please protect all the Jewish people and there land.Please give them favor ,health,prosperity Joy and peace that can be found only in you.Father please turn our presidents heart (no matter what president is serving )to you and for the Jewish people and their land, that you have given them. Protect them from ANY & ALL enemies!Dear LORD open the Jewish people's eyes to see there Savor and Lord. Turn there hearts back to you father God. Bless the seed of Abraham.Be there shield let all the world come to know you cause of the AWESOME protection you give Israel in her time of need.What the evil of this word means for there destruction use for your GLORY to shine in the hearts of every Jewish soul.Bless them and Bless them indeed in Jesus holy name i ask you please have mercy on them father God.

  • angela

    Prayer/PraiseMy husband and I would like to have another child. We know God has all power in heaven and earth...Please pray.

  • Rajesh

    Prayer/PraiseGreetings in the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Please pray for Rajesh, Shanta and Michelle to give us strength to serve our Lord better and to rejoice in His daily blessings.

    Seeking the Lord's strength to fulfill His plan for us.

    Overcoming on thriving on the challenges - professional, personal (Health).

  • clifton
    lasvegas nv

    Prayer/Praiseplease pray for my son billy horton he has sctafrania please ask for God to heal him. thank you.billys dad cliff.

  • Gloria Guzman

    Prayer/PraiseFATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, My life and heart of love have only one purpose: Praying for the apple of your eye-the Jewish people. May I always hear your direction, guidance and message to do as you want done and support and pray for the Jews at every instant and continue to support Israel my entire life through. Thank you Father, that you have shown me the love and example of belief through the Ten Boom family. May I likewise be led and directed only by YOUR great love my entire life through. I am so grateful to be able to do anything for the Jewish people, Israel and what you would have me do. Thank you FATHER for allowing me to have such joy and peace as you have given me. My life is yours to direct and send wherever you will, IN JESUS NAME, I pray. Amen

  • Sharolyn

    Prayer/PraiseLord I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the Word of God to be made available to the whole world,such that all would hear the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the amazing love that God Almighty has for each and all of His human creations.

  • jan

    Prayer/PraiseLord, that never again will this happen to the Jewish people, I ask for you to grant your boundless peace to Jerusalem and to all who Name your Name in truth and righteousness.66JJ

  • Janet
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePRAYER/PRAISE Pray for my brother Keith for salvation, Pray for my grandson Landon with autism, and my niece Hannah with birth weight of 1.1 lb, and continuing complications. I pray for all hurting, and hungry people, and Praise God for his son Christ, and that all may know him. I pray for Israel. Amen.

  • Audrea

    Prayer/PraisePray for our son, Taylor he is 20 yrs old and needs desperatley to be free from the bondage of drugs and sin....to return to his faith and a life!

  • Beverly

    Prayer/PraiseI do pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the peace of America, and that we will always be a friend to Israel.

  • Julia
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePlease join me in praying for our nation that God provides us with leaders who value the sanctity of all human life, that they do what they can to make our nation strong once again while allowing it to continue on the path of freedom for all who dwell in our borders. Watch over us Lord with your loving care and lead to us to peace and love in Your name. Amen

  • Cathy

    Prayer/PraisePray that my family realizes their need to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. That their eyes, minds and spirits be opened to him, and that everyone of them be saved by his grace.

  • Stacy

    Prayer/PraiseLifting up all those who are afflicted with addiction and other bondage's to free them from the enemy and bring them back to God.

  • Dianne

    Prayer/PraiseFor my family --- Husband ,children & grandchildren .To put God the first place in their lives & to return to the passion of their first love & to love & serve & honour Him with their whole hearts & for complete unity & love in & amongst my family.For our parents in their old age.For peace & fellowship with other christians & safety in living & knowing God's peace & prescence.

  • Marco

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for the people of the Philippines who suffered greatly from the recent flood that visited the country this last August 2012. May these people continue to trust God even in the darkest hour of their lives. May God continue to bless them and help them to recover from the calamity that had befallen them.

  • Marilyn

    Prayer/PraisePraise God for His love and the love and bravery of His children in the ten Boom family. Glory be to the King forever and ever. Amen.

  • Ellen

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for our son Christopher Alan Almand, 53 years old. He says he is saved, but there is no change in his life and he the most bitter person I have ever known.

  • kay

    Prayer/Praisethat i got to hear about the ten boom family i feel so blessed to have got to hear there message about god love and forgiveness thankyou corrie for sharing your story with the world

  • brenda

    Prayer/Praisepray for my health,and the health of my husband. that he will return to his faith.i pray that god's peace will shine through out all of civilization, where each one has the gift through god of love and compassion for each other. that is are only reason for being.

  • Kimmi

    Prayer/PraisePrayer for the peace in Jerusalem, and that when/if Iran does decide to attack or if Israel chooses to attack Iran, that God will protect His people and make His name known. Prayer also for my unsaved loved ones. Prayer that God will show me what He has for me to do.
    Thank you and God Bless you!!!!

  • ronald

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is for our troops to be pulled out of Iraq and stand beside God's chosen people.

  • Tania

    Prayer/PraiseFor my health and financial difficulties

  • Angela
    United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is Jesus will one day be everyone's hiding place.

  • Vivien

    Prayer/PraiseFor a year of jubilee (in biblical terms) for the UK and that many will be set free from spirit of religion and addictions.

  • Gloria
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseThank you for Corrie Ten Boom and the teaching she passed to me today on forgiveness. We all feel we are justified in our bad feelings when we have been abused by someone. There are many who carry anger their entire lives from a childhood of abuse and neglect. It seems we look for someone to be angry with for all our shortcomings. I can say thank you Corrie for all you left behind so I could learn to forgive others and be useful to Jesus. I now can say I have a hiding place.

  • Melissa

    Prayer/PraiseFor all who suffer hardships both physically and spiritually. For those who have passed on, may they be at peace. I pray the world leaders will look to the Lord for wisdom and guidance. For all churches and synagogues to grow in strength of spirit.

  • Ken
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Dr. Mike Evans for the Ten Boom Museum and the Jerusalem Prayer Team. Everything that El Shaddai said would take place in these days is coming to pass faster and faster every day. Thank you for reminding me of 'His" Hiding Place life in this world has become almost unbearable. The hate and anger that is happening all around us is very deep. At this very moment I take the time here to forgive those who are hurting my wife as she tries to recover from her double mastectomy. I stand in the gap to love and protect my beloved. Thank you, Adonai.

  • Kim
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for my surgery thats coming up in September I am having some fiborid tumors removed pray for a complete recovery and Pray for my older sister Jodi we haven't spoken since our mother passed away 10 yra ago

  • James
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePrayer in Behalf of my family
    11 Children
    2 son in laws
    3 grandchildren to reach their full potential .
    our nation spiritual awakening
    salvation to 300,000 million citizen
    About Face return to G-d of our founding
    Against him only have I sinned,

  • Will
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for God's continual protection for Israel, and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray that every Christian realize the roots of Christianity and I pray that every completed Jew will be able to be witnesses to others in accepting Jesus as our Savior and Deliverer, that His blood has set us free.

  • John
    Florida / USA

    Prayer/PraiseFather, I come to Your throne boldly and agree with You, King of the Universe, that Israel is Your Holy mountain dedicated to You firstly by Abraham offering up Isaac there on that same ground. And secondly, given to You, Father, by King David ben Jesse, a man after Your own heart, and one who would not offer anything that cost him nothing. I EARNESTLY AND FERVENTLY PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM. Sha'alu shalom Yerushalayim! And I pray Father, that Jerusalem will be made a praise in the earth! Thank You Father that in the near future (I believe), You are finally going make ALL of Your enemies and the enemies of Your children, a footstool...... In the name of Your Son, Yeshua (Jesus), I pray. Amen.

  • celia

    Prayer/PraiseFather, soften our hearts toward "the apple of your eye"-your people.and toward the nation that you have gloriously birthed. Forgive our complacency and turn our hearts aright. Help the 'body of Christ "to glorify you by loving your ancient people, praying for them and praying that the spirit of Christ which is Peace will grow in your holy city. Remove prejudices, blind eyes, hard hearts that all will see need of you. Reveal your love and presence to your people. By your grace....open blind eyes and heal broken hearts. We love you and are compelled by your spiritwzlt to love the people of Your Word.

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