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  • Charisa
    United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father, I lift up to you the Jewish people today. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem & the nation of Israel as a whole. I humbly ask you, Lord, to send Jesus to them quickly. And to us who believe as well. I pray all these things in Your Precious Son's Name, Jesus... No sweeter Name! You are more than any of us deserve! But I thank you for the salvation that you have offered us all!
    In Jesus' Name! Amen!

  • Joy

    Prayer/PraiseDear God, thank you for the blessed opportunity of having walked in the land of israel and meet some of the people. I pray that there will be peace upon them. In the name of jesus, Amen

  • Tamara

    Prayer/PraiseFather God I ask for your protection on the people of Israel. May they come to know your love supreme and the Joy of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Carry them forward in love, forgiveness and peace. Establish your kingdom here on earth Father God that all who seek you may know you. In Christ name I pray Amen

  • Wanda

    Prayer/PraisePrayer for healing of my family and for all of their salvation.

  • Scarlett

    Prayer/PraiseWe pray for protection and good health. Lord help us see your vision for our lives and run with it with no looking back. Give us the right words to say whenever a nonbeliever has questions about being a believer of Christ. Lord help us bring up our children in the way righteousness. We want to see what you see, hear what you hear, come to know what you know. Please Lord reveal Yourself to us more and more each day. We Love You, In Jesus' Name, Amen.

  • Wendy

    Prayer/PraiseFather Yahweh , Hear Your people Cry !!! Gather Us please Father Yahweh out From Among the Nations and Lead Us Home To Jerusalem ,One people and Nation To Your Glory Forever and ever ,,,Bless it Be One People in Y'shua !!!!

  • sara

    Prayer/PraiseFor God's love and kingdom to invade earth and all men and women forever and ever.

  • Kim

    Prayer/PraiseFor Revival in the church of God and an Awakening around the world. Pray for family member salvation, and that backsliding children will come back to the fold of God. Strength to endure all hardship, and give us jobs so that we can provide for our families.

  • josie

    Prayer/Praisefor provision, for true open doors, for the job i need, for protection, and wisdom. for caleb and for all loved ones.

  • marsha
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for our finances and that our taxes are supernaturally dismissed and we can go from here. I am asking for prayers for my family to get saved and healed.

  • Alan

    Prayer/PraisePray for my spiritual, mental & physical health. also request prayer for my loved ones (family, friends, etc...) who need a relationship with Jesus.
    thank you and may Hashem bless you

  • Vagi
    Papua New Guinea

    Prayer/PraisePray for my husband, he is not sick but just losing weight. Ask God for His protection.

  • Dwayne

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for the protection and the preservation of the nation of Israel and that those who would be Christian would not despise the Jew but love them for their own Savior was a Jew, and that those of the faith would seek their Hebrew roots and begin to understand that they too are part of Israel when they believe on Messiah Yahshua and come into the covenants of the promises of Israel and keep the Commandments of Yehovah. Also I pray that if it be possible to forgive those who inflicted the horrors on our brother Judah, and forgive as our Messiah has forgiven us and as even Corrie who felt the a personal sting of these evils could forgive her oppressors. Shalom!

    United States

    Prayer/Praisepray jesus gives me a purpose in my life, maybe writing a book on how i was a psychiatric survior

    United States


  • Karen

    Prayer/PraiseOur Father,
    You are glorious and honorable in all you do. Your wisdom is beyond our understanding. Holy One of Israel, may You be glorified through Your children because of the perfect sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus. You are Our Rock and Our Redeemer. Create clean hearts in us, O God. I pray that the eyes of our hearts be opened so we will see with perfect clarity Your will for our lives. You are a great God. Above you there is no other. Thank You for Your everlasting love. Thank You Abba. Thank You Jesus.

  • Karen

    Prayer/PraiseOur Father,
    You are glorious and honorable in all you do. Your wisdom is beyond our understanding. Holy One of Israel, may You be glorified through Your children because of the perfect sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus. You are Our Rock and Our Redeemer. Create clean hearts in us, O God. I pray that the eyes of our hearts be opened so we will see with perfect clarity Your will for our lives. You are a great God. Above you there is no other. Thank You for Your everlasting love. Thank You Abba. Thank You Jesus.

  • jessie

    Prayer/PraiseB'MIDBAR (NUMBERS) 6:24-27. (Shalom brothers, Adonai's peace on You, is all Iwant.

  • Jackie

    Prayer/PraiseA financial blessing
    Spiritually blessed
    to be married
    My very own home.

  • Janet
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseGod's peace...true peace of knowing the Savior, Christ the Lord... for the national of Israel.

  • Yeshua


  • Loren
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseGod may you continue to protect your people in Israel. Please keep them safe from harm and persecution. May Your peace rule and reign over Jerusalem and Israel!!!

  • Marsha
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is for the peace of Jerusalem and for God's people everywhere to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.

  • patricia
    United States

    Prayer/Praisemy husband left us and is missing. my son Stephen also won't return phone calls, and doesn't tell us where he lives now. Please pray for these two men to return to faith in the ONE true MESSIAH JESUS and that we will hear from them both soon!!!

  • Tammy
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseLord,I thank you for the privelege of seeing Corrie speak in person many years ago when I was 13 years old. I thank you for her witness and continue in prayer for your people Israel. May they have peace and rest in Jerusalem, your place, where you will reign here on earth. Show me Lord how I can minister to them, share your good news of salvation with them so that they can realize your kingdom and their king, your son Jesus. Thank you Father for your provision to do your work in small ways and big ways. Amen

  • Erin
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseFather, Betsy told Corrie that the German people were some of the most hurting people in the world. I lift up our new German friends and ask your intervention of mercy and truth kissed to overturn the confusion about what it means to love you and follow you.

  • Audrey

    Prayer/PraiseI am in great need of direction and break thru in all areas. It is an hour of great peril.

    For all my family, for healing and deliverance and safety

  • Joyce

    I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that her enemies and Your enemies would be scattered. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done for Israel and all of the nations of the world. I pray that You would be glorified in all of the earth and that You would unite Jew and righteous Gentiles to do a great end time work as we become the "one man" You said we would be; no longer divided but prosperous and productive for You and Your Kingdom in Jesus name, AMEN!

  • Helen

    Prayer/PraiseMy main prayer concerning my family is that we will all be saved and spend eternity with our heavenly Father. I pray that our country will turn around! Many of our children have lost their way! My youngest son is 17 and a believer but just about all young people now see things so differently. Everything is ok to them. They believe good is evil and evil is good. If you don't go along, then you are wrong. This tells me that Bible prophecy is coming true. I want my sons to have a strong relationship with God, as well as my grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters all their families and also to know the right words to say to bring others to Christ. I have two people in jail who I am praying for also. In Christs blessed name, amen

  • annette

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer request if Israel that God will protect them and bless them abundantly.and for the the holocaust survivor may our Heavenly Father send them healing and love upon them.

    St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands




  • Erin
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseProvision and protection and open doors for my son's upcoming band tour of Germany, and other counries.

  • Erin
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseMercy and truth kissed over our new German friends Oli and Maik. Healing for Oli. Wisdom for my son and my husband in communication with them.

  • Linda

    Prayer/PraiseI home of my own.

  • Marcye

    Prayer/PraisePraying for Israel!

  • Francesco

    Prayer/PraiseIf Corrie would be present here in Peru you would do save a lot of questions but she always cared beyond God in heaven who will be blessed because old lady being helped Jews and mistreated in jail and still qurian the Nazis to sign a contract that jail were being treated well but was not well but he had beaten me to wonder how much he would have hurt but she will say anything to her porpue God is love. I am a child of 9 years and I know you're going to protect him God.

  • Jonah

    Prayer/PraiseKindly pray for me. I am spiritually broke and I require your healing prayer, I need a renewal of my mind, forgiveness, release from shame, guilt and depression, spiritual cleansing, and the breaking of curses and vows.
    Pray for my family. I am really hurting, I need Jesus touch, I have not realized my true purpose in life and i am in a state of confusion. I am in need of spiritual revival and a true relationship with Jesus Christ,I need a career search and financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name. In the past i have been moving from crisis to crisis and I have lost a lot money, cars etc. Pray for Lord's glory to be manifested in my life.

  • Marjorie
    New Zealand

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayer is that the people of Israel God's chosen would rise up in the strength and power of the Almighty and begin to declare change over their nation and call those things that are not as though they were. May they remember the victories of old and be stirred once again to declare that if God is for them who can be against them. Let faith arise in their hearts like never before as they remember the truth of God's Word. Yeshua became the sacrificial lamb and the ultimate sacrifice was paid once and for all. Therefore let the people rejoice in the victory of the cross and come again in worship to the Most High God for His protection, provision, prosperity, power and most of all His love.

    I declare Peace be Still and know that He is Lord.

    May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

  • audrey

    Prayer/PraiseI am in neeed of pryer for protection, and for guidance and provision. i am very strongly persecuted in my job. I am so weary from having this resistance allll the time. for a miracle to go to a safe place and a job where i am not warred with all the time. blessings

  • rosana rubio
    chihuahua mexico

    Prayer/Praiseby the revelation of the word in my life and all my descendants and for the peace of Jerusalem within its walls.

  • anneke

    Prayer/PraiseIk dank U Heer. Ik dank U voor Uw Liefde, ik dank U voor Uw trouw. Ik prijs U want U ben GROOT. Groter dan alles wat wij zien, groter dan het grootste probleem. Uw bent Eeuwig. U houdt ALTIJD stand. U bent ALTIJD ons Anker. Daarom houd ik van U. Uw Oog is op ons. Uw Hand is NOOIT te kort. Daarom loof ik U en prijs Uw machtige Naam. Uw Naam is zo mooi, Uw Naam is zo Krachtig. U bent! Dank U dat ik U mag kennen. Dank U ook voor het Corrie Ten Boom huis. Dank U voor het krachtige geloof wat Betsy, Corrie & de rest van de familie heeft voorgeleefd. We hebben dat allemaal zo nodig Heer. Dank U dat wij naar hen mogen kijken en daardoor onze blik gelijk op U gericht krijgen! Zegen Heer, stromen van Zegen!

  • Paula
    OR / USA

    Prayer/PraiseMy fear is that the USA is falling for the same old lie one world government. Many want one man to lead them this man will have control over the world. Sad times ahead! How many are willing to stand up for their faith? The bible is clear few are willing!

  • Tony

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father,

    I pray this day, that according to your covenants with "Your" people that they will be protected from evil, pagan (tribal) countries that are dedicated to the ultimate destruction of Israel's existence! I thank you for Your steadfast dedication to Your "chosen" people and that according to Your word; you are now, and will graft in many, many more, from Israel, during the last seven year tribulation period! For You are Holy,Righteous, and Just. The one and only true God, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I pray this pryer in the powerful, mighty name of Jesus Christ; our Lord and Savior! Amen!

  • Pamela
    United Kingdom

    Prayer/PraiseI request prayer for the middle east and everyone who at this moment is suffering. I pray that all political leaders in power around the World would just stop and think for a moment before deploying troops. I pray for peace on earth.

  • ingrid

    Prayer/Praisei need prayer that i may have the faith that ms ten boom had and her family..if i ever admired anyone person other then my mother and sisters it would be corrie and her sister...my family is a mess my girls ...pray for sumer and sara..thank you father god i know you alone can restore the broken hearted,amen

  • Kusuma

    Prayer/PraiseShalom. mohon dukungan doa agar kekasih saya mau membuka hatinya untuk menerima Yesus dan dia bisa memiliki hubungan pribadi yang indah dengan Tuhan, dan supaya bisa melamjutkan hubungan kami ke pernikahan kudus, kami bisa lebih saling mengasihi dan menguatkan, dan bisa selalu memuliakan Tuhan dalam kehidupan kami

  • Roger Ong

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray for my family, I'm a father of three children, pray that I & my wife will rise up godly(seed) foundation to glorified our heavenly father.
    Please also pray for my businesses to have financial breakthrough & God's blessings upon me so I can give to God's kingdom.

  • Jimmy
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father,

    I pray for your people that you would keep them safe from those who the Devil has filled with hate toward them. For all those nations surrounding Israel and the leaders of our own nation who have put her in such danger. For those who believe you are done with your people, forgive them and show them their error. Please bring peace to that land and your city Jerusalem. And help us as Christians to help your people in every way possible.

    In Jesus name

  • Ruth

    Prayer/PraiseI pray our President will see the error of his words and actions towards Israel, one of our strongest and loyal allies. I fear for my Country and the world as I see hatred grow and encouraged by false words from our politicians. They are pitting people against each other, rich against the poor, white against minorities and casting those who are standing up against these untruths as extremists, terrorists and crazy. I never knew I would have to fight for my freedom in the United States as I see our beloved Constitution being shredded and many of our rights abolished. Have we learned nothing from history? If Israel falls so does the world.May we all become members of the Ten Boom family and call upon God's grace to grant us the courage that family had shown in the worst of times. May we unite in God's love!


    Prayer/PraiseDear Father,

    I ask for your protection on your ancient people. I ask you would use we gentiles to show your love and the love of your son Yeshua to them. I pray you would remove the blinders and open their eyes to their Messiah. I humbly pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    In the most wonderful name above every name: Yeshua/Jesus


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