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  • Germaine
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseAs I thought of how to pray for these precious children of the Most High God, this scripture came into my heart. May the Lord make this a reality in their life time.
    Isaiah 61:7 (KJV) For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.
    Isaiah 61:8 (KJV) For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.
    Isaiah 61:9 (KJV) And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the LORD hath blessed.
    Isaiah 61:10 (KJV) I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels.
    Isaiah 61:11 (KJV) For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

  • Reggie
    pierce county,Puyallup,Wa.98371

    Prayer/PraiseTo do God' Will and to heal my family so there would be NO DIVORCE God Bless and Happy Ressurection Day tommarow 4/8/2012

  • Dora
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseAs I pray, I ask my Lord and Savior, Father, I lift up your beloved people, your chosen ones who belong to Israel. Lord, I ask for protection from any enemies and any schemes from the devil to attack or to destroy these people or their promised land..Father, I lift them up to you, we love them and pray for them, their peace, their comfort, their strength, Lord, tenderly touch each one just where they need and supply their needs and Lord, I pray that they will come to you in a renewal of their spirit and to know that we love them as YOU have loved us all....for it is in my Savior's name I pray, Amen.

  • Nicole

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord, I pray for Israel to find peace. I pray for the middle east to live in peace with one another. I pray for anyone who feels persecuted or alone that they will find you. Keep them company and may they know your Love. Help us all have the courage that Corrie and her family had. And bless us God, may we all come to know You in a deeper way. I pray for people to live the life you purposed for them. Thank You God, Amen.

  • Kay

    Prayer/PraiseMy prayers go out to all the Jewish peoples of the world as we see the old hatreds starting to stir again in our country and in many others. I believe, as Corrie did, that you cannot love God without loving the Jewish people. I ask that all of us turn away from our selfish ideas and look toward taking care of each other as brothers and sisters, irregardless of religion, race, or nationality. The months and years ahead of us will bring us to this moment in history again, and it will be our turn to make the decision to be one of the righteous among the gentiles. May we all chose the correct answer, and follow God in his teachings. I pray that God will give me the strength, the train ticket as it were, to endure what will await me when that day comes.

  • Randall

    Prayer/PraisePraying for all the Holocaust Survivors that are still existing in the world, and may be struggling to survive.

  • elly

    Prayer/Praisepray for the peas of jerusalem

  • Susan & Abilgail

    Prayer/PraiseWe agree in prayer for the protection and endurance of Israel and thank God for its people. We pray that any enemy would realize that Israel's goal is for their peace and the peace of the world. We praise God for His Jewish people and what they have given us through their history and the Messiah, Christ Jesus.

  • Carolyn

    Prayer/PraiseI send my prayers for Israel and the entire world. May God remember that we are but dust and have mercy on all men. Lord teach us to love and care about one another, urge us to forgive and follow the example of Corrie and the entire Ten Boom family. Amen

  • Alexandra

    Prayer/PraiseGod's love for Israel and the Jews, 'the Apple of God's eye' is everlasting. Jesus came to the Jews first as a Jew because their faithfulness to God brought him to us all, and we who know God the loving Father through Jesus, thank them for this and we all owe them so much. God, we trust You will heal this world of spiritual blindness, and bring Your beautiful peace upon Israel and on us all. Shalom to Israel always. Amen.

  • Sandy

    Prayer/PraisePray that we always defend Israel and hold them in high regard because they are God's chosen people. Praying always to share my faith under any circumstance we may encounter.

  • lori

    Prayer/PraiseThat I may learn how to pray for my enemy's like Betsie, and learn how to forgive like corrie, and learn how to share my faith in jesus.

  • Jessica
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePray that we can help bring peace in Israel. I pray that the world will realize how important the Jews are to the coming Lord Jesus' reign. I pray that all the Jews who have strayed will come back to Jesu Christ.

  • Kim

    Prayer/PraiseTrue Peace from the Prince of Peace to Israel and all that love her. Praying for God to remove any scales and reveal Himself fully through the types and shadows of the Old Testament, through dreams and visions, through encounters with His Holy Spirit.

  • kim

    Prayer/PraiseGod keep your people through the times of trouble. Your purpose is to see your will and plans succeed through the nations. Keep the peace of Jerusalem so you will be glorified through her. Breathe Your life upon her. Give her people Your wisdom in the days ahead. You promise to bless those who bless Isreal. May we find the path that Willem ten Boom began so many years ago.

  • silvia
    GOD's kingdom

    Y know my situation ,y know my heart, for the love ,light ,righteousness, justice, I pursuing you, trusting you,
    But now my heart is almost be broken, Lord ,I need y, I really need y, I need to know y are with me,I need to know y are caring me ,I need to know y are hearing me,but I am so helpless and so hopeless now,so I calling on brothers and sisters pray for me,bcs I think I am too small,I need help,both GOD and fellows.
    Pray in JESUS¡¯ name

  • Morgan

    Prayer/PraiseDear Heavenly Father,

    In this day and age we are witnesses to the restoration of Israel, since its post-WWII inception. What a miracle! What a tremendous thing for us to be blessed to see! But its existence is marred with the scar of violence and the Israeli citizens live in constant fear of attacks from their neighbors. I pray for their safety, and I pray for their peace, but I also pray for their neighbors, for it is they who are most in need of your healing power. The greatest message I drew from reading The Hiding Place was that Betsie ten Boom was able to immediately pray for the "enemy", and that Corrie ten Boom heroically learned how to forgive, and then went on to teach others. I pray for this kind of wisdom and guidance for those in Israel, and I pray for Israel's enemies--specifically for their salvation, for their deliverance into Your arms, and that they may know the depth of Your love.


  • della

    Prayer/PraiseLord , you brought your children out of bondage and led them with fire by night and a cloud by day. We thank you Lord for your continued vigilance over your choosen people. The apple of your eye. May you bless them with wisdom,discernment,and strength to stand firm on the promises you made to them, especially on these last days. Those that love you will pray for your chosen.


  • Marla

    My children are under such bondage and suffering. Would you help them? Would you lift them from the pit they are in and set them free in Jesus? Thank you Lord. And praise your holy Name. Jesus the Messiah. Praise you Lord---thank you ---thank you Lord. Lord I need to lift all of these here and ask for your healing, help, deliverance and blessings. You our mighty God are so merciful and faithful and true. How we magnify you in these last days.
    Your daughter
    P.S. Would you come and get us soon---please Lord

  • Benetta

    Prayer/PraiseLord,please forgive us, for whinning over small annoyances, when so many in the world are truly suffering! PROTECT Isreal, and bless those thast bless her! I add my Amen to each prayer here, within Your will! ..Love you Lord.

    In Jesus Name Amen

  • Jon

    Prayer/PraiseFor the L-rd's provision with either sale of our home, or another excellent tenant.

    We are grateful for Y'shua, our Messiah!

    For all the He accomplished for us and for the perfect Will of the Father.

    Thank you much for your joining in our prayers in agreement.

    Jonn and Eilla

  • Sis

    Prayer/PraiseI'm so thankful to love Jesus with all my heart. Just going through heavy trials & so are my kids -- need the Power of Jesus & His Blood over them all -- the devil's powers to be broken --

    Thank you so much that you all care to share what others are suffering. That's how Corrie & her family were.


  • Melody

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father we ask that you forgive us for our sins against you and that you would heal broken families and bring truth to those who do not know you. I pray that the hearts of the fatherless would come to know you and those who have been abandoned by their parents would find love and peace. I also pray for my family that the word of God would come alive in them today and they would accept your gift of salvation, and give all their sin and burdens to you today.
    Search our hearts today and if there is any sin in us reveal it to us and set us free.

  • Michelle

    Prayer/PraiseHeavenly Father I ask your blessings on my husband Michael. He is bearing the burdens of our family due to my illness. Please be with him at work; keep him safe. Help him to be less stressed and allow You to be in his heart. Thank you God for all of your blessings bestowed on us, your grace and your mercy. In Jesus' name. Amen

  • Winter

    Prayer/PraiseDearest Lord, Thank you so much for Vicky who put me in touch with this ministry. Thank you that you are stirring up a love for Israel and the Jewish people. I pray with all of my heart for the Shalom Peace of Jerusalem, nothing missing - nothing broken, that all will be restored. They prosper who love you and honour your people. Thank you that the story of Corrie lives on and is rekindled here. As we face an onslaught of persecution from others around us today, I am so blessed and encouraged to read of the Ten Boom family and how courageous they were. Help us not to complain, but to take authority over all the powers of the evil one, to stand up bravely for the truth of your Word, never to compromise even in the face of intense opposition. You are truly the Love of my life and I commit myself and my family to you to be protected by your Blood and to be restored to one another. May Truth be upheld and deep love between us as God's true Family in the way that Corrie loved her family and your people. Protect your people from harm and from those nations that would seek to hurt or annihilate them. You are the Lord Y'shua Ha Mashiach, I love you and honour you and commit to serve you and your people all the days of my life. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Rescue your people. You are our Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in time of trouble. Thank you Father for all your goodness and kindness to us. I bless your Name and thank you with all of my heart. I look forward to your soon return when the voice of the Father will once again sound in the heavens like thunder calling the Elect from the four corners of the earth to be caught away to meet the Lord and so shall we evermore be with Him. May we be ready and with the oil of the Holy Spirit in the lamps of our lives, walking with You and discerning the times. Soon and very soon we are going to see the King! Amen. Thank you Heavenly Father. We cannot be discouraged with such a great Hope, the Hope of our calling.

  • Joan

    Prayer/PraiseDear Father, I want to tell you that I love you with all of my heart. You said in your word that our Savior would take us home in the rapture. Your word says you are com'ing for those who are looking for you. I pray all of your children will draw closer to you each day as we wait to be taken home. Lord. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the protection of your people as prophecy is being fulfilled. We need you so much. Help all of your children to acomplish all that you have called them to do.
    Wake up those who are asleep. Teach us your word. Help America and Israel in these troubled times. The Lord says in His word " BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD' Psalms 46:10 Thank you for loving us and thank you for Psalms 91 for God you are our Refuge and our Fortress. All my love, Joan

  • Judith

    Prayer/PraiseHi, Dad,

    It's me again. I know I don't talk to you as often as I should - that I get wrapped up in all kinds of things in my daily life, and I neglect to thank You for all the blessings you've given me and my family. I'm truly sorry, but I know that You'll forgive me because You love me.

    I humbly ask that You'll protect Your people, the Jews, now and in the difficult times ahead. They're being ganged up on once again. Please keep them safe and don't let their enemies prevail against them.

    Dad, I also ask that You be with all people over the world who believe in You and Your beloved Son Jesus Christ. Please fill our hearts with love even for our enemies, as Jesus has instructed us, and keep us safe. Please give us strength in the presence of Evil and those who would do evil things against us. You're our rock and our salvation now and always.

    I ask these things in the name of our Savior, Your Son Jesus.

    Your wayward but loving daughter Judi

  • Colette

    Prayer/Praisemy Request is that my mom's job will get better, right now she's away from home 4 days a week.

  • Joan

    Prayer/PraiseI pray that all people, like myself, will be rescued out of the midst of those that harm them - whether it is sexual abuse, physical harm/violence, poverty-disadvantaged birth-a disability that gets picked on, mental or verbal abuse, a controlled environment, prejudism etc.

    Do this by beginning to speak out against all injustice you see even when it is difficult to, not only by saying something .. but by doing (one thing) that will permanently make the life of the victim better

  • DAWN
    va,beach va.

    Prayer/PraiseI am asking for prayer for my small granddaughters to be released from foster care and be returned to me their grandma-ma.My decendants and pray for the chosen people of God and their decendents with love.Dawn

  • olive
    U S A

    Prayer/PraiseMy children saved

  • Tammy

    Prayer/PraiseSo comforted by the words "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper." Pray for healing. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a week ago. Pray that I experience the peace and comfort of the Lord during this time.

  • Tinashe

    Prayer/PraiseWe just reeeivcd word that Sister Vonda Sowards (from Charleston, WV — wife of Pastor Chris Sowards) has contracted something very serious while in India on a mission trip with her husband. This is extremely urgent. Please join us in kneeling in prayer for her right now. Thank you!

  • barbara k
    united states

    Prayer/PraiseI pray for protection as I do my work in county jails--may the inmates see Jesus in me--may I have opportunities to witness about Jesus. I pray for my youngest daughter who has emotional problems. I praise God for His love and healing power!

  • sally

    Prayer/PraiseFor protection from the Islamic radicals that seek to kill and conquer and force their beliefs on the western world.

  • henok

    Prayer/Praisei'm in a great war spiritual war and please pray for me to overcome all the temptation of flash, devil and world i am passing though a lot GOD BLESS YOU

  • R ~

    Prayer/PraisePlease pray that my relationship with M is restored and we will be a couple again.

  • Ronald
    The United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseAgain, Holy Father, protect your two witnesses, whom you shall send forth
    among both your people, and the occupiers of your promised land, that they may be protected from all harm, and when it is time for them to
    seal their testimonies, with their Blood, that as a sign to the wicked, who think they have won the battle against your people, and will at that hour mock you, and them, that they may be Resurrected, and stand forth upon their feet, and once more, in your power, by your inspiration, and words from them, the enemies of Israel will flee from before them, and the enemies of your people will be destroyed, that the remnant of your
    people, and their children, and all the following generations from them, shall grow up in peace upon the land, to your glory, and be a blessing to the whole Earth, as Your Son begins his Millennial Reign upon this Earth.
    Let These words, and the Story of the TenBoom Family, and all the Righteous, who have followed you, and prayed for your return, and served your purposes, Be forever held in honored remembrance before your thrown
    forever, In Jesus Christs name I ask this thing, Amen

  • Ronald
    The United States of America

    Prayer/PraiseI pray you will protect your chosen people at this very dangerous time in world history, when Satan's hate, and Influence rages in the hearts and minds of your children around the world, bless your Kingdom, and it's people, as well as your chosen people, and the Land of promise, to be a safe refuge in this lone and dreary world, send your Servants, Handmaidens, and Angels to all who would receive them, let your peace, and blessings roll forth upon them, and all who seek your face, and your protection, during this, the dispensation of the fullness of times. Go before them, and about them, bless them in their going forth, and coming back, bless their crops, animals, homes, families, friends, and friends of families, to have a hunger, and a thirst for your word, and to be worthy of the powers of heaven, and the Holy ghost, in their lives, in their hearts, an to shine from their very eyes, and deeds done in your name, and to bless them all their days in Mortality, and Finally, that they may be called home to your presence, to dwell with you, forever, in love, and peace. This Is my prayer, in the Holy, and sacred Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • susan abe

    Prayer/PraiseI praying that God will use me and give me instructions and insights so as to be able to reach and fulfil my God given assignment,to brake from doubt low self-esteem or over-estimating of oneself,brake from fear,anxieties and critics.To be a blessings all my life and be relevant to my generation in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Fawn
    United States

    Prayer/PraiseI am asking that according to Gods promices he will bless 2 young people / their names are December ..16 ys and Lincoln ..14
    as they grow in His grace to follow the plans He has for them prosper in his work going out into the world every day standing for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
    and light their path in service

  • Rev Jatto

    Prayer/PraisePrayer for Israel: Hear O Israel, this is the Word of the Lord for you. "Do not be afraid of the raging of the nations around you or nations afar off. I the Lord your God will defend you for my name sake, because of the covenant I have with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will contend with him that contend with you and I will save your children, says the Lord. I will not allow any man to intimidate my people any more.
    Let the nations gather together, but their plans and planning shall come to nothing."

    “There is no one like the God of Jeshurun,
    Who rides the heavens to help you,
    And in His excellency on the clouds. The eternal God is your refuge,and underneath are the everlasting arms;He will thrust out the enemy from before you,and give the command, ‘Destroy!’Then Israel shall dwell in safety,the fountain of Jacob alone,in a land of grain and new wine; His heavens shall also drop dew.Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the shield of your help and the sword of your majesty!Your enemies shall submit to you, and you shall tread down their high places.” Deu.22 26-28

  • willy

    Prayer/PraiseAlmighty God, Ruler of the universe and Creator praised be thy name for thy greatness and thy great love for thine own.Continue to surround Jerusalem and all who look to her for hope with thy unmovable arms of protection. Lift high thy name O Heavenly Father in that thy word stands and that thou workest out thy plans in great wonders for Jerusalem and thy fold through jesus Christ ,our Redeemer.

  • Peter

    Prayer/PraiseThank you Father God for your faithfulness to your people Israel, And we can rest assured that you will continue in your love and faithfulness until the end of the age, thank you in Jesus Name, amen

  • Elaine

    Prayer/PraiseFather, I am indebted to the Jewish people for bringing the message of Jesus to the World. My prayer is that they will come to the knowledge of their Messiah - the Prince of Peace. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that you will keep your people from harm and danger. I pray for unity for Isreal and that every plan of the enemy to cause sabotage and disunity in Isreal will come to nothing. Father thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen!

  • Elizabeth
    United States

    Prayer/PraisePlease give the Jews a peace and bring them all to salvation. Also help the other people around the entire world come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and recieve Him as their Saviour. Please don't allow this world to ever have another holocaust again dear Lord.

  • Barbara

    Prayer/PraiseFather I join my brothers and sisters around the world praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you for drawing your Chosen people by your love and Grace. Show us how to reach out to them in Your Holy Spirit and the Mighty Name of Jesus our Messiah.
    Thank You for making us one in You!

  • Bill

    Prayer/PraiseLord thank You for giving me a deep love for the Jew even when I didn't know one. Now I see that they sit before You as the apple of your eye. Thank You for counting me worthy to love what You love. I pray for the peace of Yeshua to come to Jerusalem. I pray for the promised "life from the dead" the world will experience as Jews come to their beloved Messiah! In Yeshua's name. Amen.

  • Elinor
    N. Ireland

    Prayer/PraiseDear Lord, you alone can heal wounds, you alone can bring forgiveness and eternal life, each of your children are nothing without the finished work of the cross. I pray that you will hold your people under your wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks. How you love your people. I pray that you will save them and protect them from all harm and strengthen them in their faith. I thankyou that you have heard me and that your purposes will be fulfilled for their is none as just and merciful as you.
    I love you Lord

  • Lila

    Prayer/PraisePlease God let your will be done for your people Israel. May they turn to You for salvation and through this may they become the envy of all nations as you bless them through your goodness.May we see your kingdom come and your will be done in Jesus name amen

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