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  • Maryann

    CommentsWhat a blessing God provided to my heart today when I happened onto this virtual tour of Corrie ten Booms family home and testimony of how God used them to bless the Jews and now to continue to bless all of us around the world. I have been to Israel twice and it has felt like ""home with a constant yearning to return. Since then the Bible has come alive in living 3D color. God has given me a deep love for the Jews, His chosen people. I am saddened that our current administration seems to be turning their backs on Israel when God admonishes us to bless Her. Yes, I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Jews, that God's hand of protection will continue to cover them. Thank you for all you are doing to keep this story alive and relevant to our present lives.

  • John

    CommentsI love the Jews dearly I do see god's hand moving on his people I trust the Lord in standing on the promise He as given to his people I look forward to be going to see the museum in person but what a blessing it id to see this on a screen the Jews are dear on my heart.

  • Kathi Westlund

    CommentsWe LOVED our visit to the ten Boom Museum several years ago! Thank you for honoring this amazing family and pointing people to their great God.

    We hope to visit again but this cyber visit is a blessing.

  • mary

    CommentsI have always had a great feeling of love and concern for the Jewish people.

  • adric
    United states

    CommentsI am a firm lover of the Jews. They are God's chosen people. Anything I can do to help. Iam all in. I love everybody especially the Jews. I pray for their safety and deliverance from all of their enemies. May Jesus forever protect them is my prayer. I am all in with the Jews.

  • gary
    united states

    CommentsI pray for the peace and safety of jeresulem every day & all of Isreal's eyes will be opened to the truth of the Gospel of jesus Christ, and that he died for the sins of you and me and of the whole world!I pray that all of Isreal will be saved.God is able to graft them back into the natural branches that they are. in precious name of jesus I ask it for his glory and honor. Shalom!

  • Da'rrell

    CommentsMy the INSPIRATION AND WORD OF POWER in this life and story of HIGHERLIFE bring us all exactly what our Father intends! We are the hope of the world! ISRAEL IS FOREVER PROTECTED AND BLESSED AS IS US WHOM CARE FOR HER AND HER PEOPLE!

    Min. DR Martin I
    Charlotte NC

  • Regina rafiki

    CommentsThank you for sharing the corrie ten boom story,this is amizing story insipired me to see how people sucrifies their lives to others this is true christian love.Glory be to the Lord for the testimony.thank you for corrie teen boom virtue tour video,God bless you.

  • Ken

    CommentsIve read Crries books over the years and its amazing to see the house fully restored and the area where so much happened for the Ten Boom family. Its surprising that so many Jewish people escaped the Nazi invasion due to the diligence of Corrie and her family. Beautifully presented and well done. I never realised that she was an administrative error at the death camps and Gods intervention saved her so she could tell this story to the world

  • martha carbon

    CommentsThank God for his love and forgiveness.May God bless your endevours.May god save my entire family .Labone,Carbon,James.

  • Regina

    CommentsThank you for sharing the Corrie ten Boom's story. This is very inspiring and moves me to deeper faith where Corrie makes faith a reality in life. Her trust and faith in God and her living out of the message of FORGIVENESS from the heart is indeed the epitome of Christ's teaching on LOVE. I always pray for the Jewish people and for PEACE in the Holy land particularly PEACE in JERUSALEM, GOD'S HOLY CITY!

  • Karen Berg

    CommentsI have heard Corrie ten Boom's story and was nice to see where she lived. I so remember seeing on the television of the horrors that the Nazi's did to the Jewish people and always felt the sadness. I pray everyday for Israel and for our Nation and the world. Let's never forget what happens when people turn a blind eye to the horrors that man can inflict on man. Thank and praise the Lord for saving Corrie so she could tell her story and help many people.

  • Alan
    United Kingdom

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful testimony of God's love as witnessed to by the Ten Booms. It has been a great encouragement. It is almost superfluous, to say this, but God bless you and your work !

  • Jean

    CommentsLove the work you put in into this ministry it is uplifting and soul touching.

    God bless.

    Rev. Jean Morisset

  • Sheila

    CommentsWhat an incredible blessing to find this site! A beautiful accident! I praise the Lord for the Ten Boom's! Gods blessings to all!

  • David

    CommentsAs a minister of the Gospel I Enjoy hearing of the witness of others weeving into the cloth of GODS LOVE.

  • Rev Dr. Shirley Aderinkomi

    CommentsThank God for the opportunity to share watching the Corrie ten Boom video and this website.

    I am praying with you daily for a long time now. Jerusalem where God's favorite people dwell.

    Was very touched when I watch the 'Hidding Place.'

    'Be Encouraged, As I am Encouraged.'

    Rev Dr. Shirley Aderinkomi Sunday,2/17/2013

  • sarah

    CommentsWhat a blessing to see this Museum after reading Corries books.may God continue to bless his choosen people.

  • Ernest

    CommentsThis is my second visit to the Ten Boom Museum. I say Amen and Amen to all of YOU who acknowledge that JESUS CHRIST IS your LORD AND SAVIOR, and who stand with the JEWISH PEOPLE, GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE! May CHRIST continue to BLESS you till the day that HE RETURNS. I join you in this stand and will pray everyday for peace and love in Jerusalem and among HIS PEOPLE until CHRIST HIMSELF returns and restores HIS HOLY CITY. This is my commitment to JERUSALEM, the JEWISH NATION, the JEWS and JESUS CHRIST, my LORD and SAVIOR. HALLELUJAH. May GOD BLESS all of you who have made this website possible and available. MAY ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE PRAISE AND ALL THE THANKS BE TO JESUS CHRIST, AMEN and AMEN.

  • Ernie

    CommentsThank you so much for the opportunity to share in the watching of the Corrie ten Boom video. This is truly a testament of the courage and love that God has for this family and for his Jewish People. Thank you for reminding me that the Jews ARE his Chosen and that has not nor will it ever change as God's Word never changes. You have brought me even closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and closer to his Chosen family. May God continue to bless you forever and ever. Love in Christ, Ernie.

  • Gala

    CommentsThank you for this virtual tour of Corrie's home. I loved reading her books and now to see her home has been a treat. What a Wonderful God we serve that watched over and helped Corrie and her family through this time. I love hearing the stories over and over again of His provision and protection!

  • Renee
    United States

    CommentsI loved the virtual tour and did not want it to end. Beautiful story of a beautiful family-- God is so very faithful. I cannot wait to meet them all one day in heaven!

  • Desiree
    South Africa

    CommentsThank you for allowing me to see the story of this magnificent family and to witness God's love for them and the help they showed the Jews and others. My heart is so full of love and compassion and I have cried almost all the way through. I thank you for bringing my saviour Jesus Christ closer into my heart and my Father God and the Holy Spirit through this family's message. God bless you all. Love Desc

  • Wendy

    CommentsI was born in 1968. Six years later Jesus appeared in front of me, to where my eyes could see Him clearly. He spoke encouraging things to me. This encounter enlarged my faith immensly. His Love has no comparison. I knew that my life would be spent searching for more of Him. When I became old enough to begin hearing of how the Jews were treated, a fight rose up in me, and I was completely horrified. The Holocaust and slavery were absolutely unexceptable. My heart has always been stired with great compassion, every time I think of what our brother and sister's endured. I love the Corrie ten Boom family and am greatful for their warrior spirit. Praise the Almighty for their courage inspite of what this family faced. Lord, thank You that You gave them the courage and strength when they would have need of it. Lord, continue to fill us with who You are. In Jesus name, I pray. Wendy Winans

  • Dianne

    CommentsCorrie ten Boom has been my inspiration to follow Jesus with All my heat, with all my soul, and with All my strength & soul...
    Thakyou for providing a website for her life.
    Love in Jesus,

  • Beverly
    United States

    CommentsWe are praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Paulo and Bev

  • Juanita

    CommentsAs a young girl I was blessed to hear Sister Corrie speak in our home town. She left me with a yearning to give fearlessly to God.

  • Ronald
    United States

    Comments I am one who is old and still loves to tell the old story I learned in my youth. The ancient story of the gospel of Yahushua, in the second temple period called Yeshua, and in the KJV called Jesus.
    The mercy of YHWH gives life, the justice of YHWH gives death. By the work of the Holy Spirit faith from above is given to those that will believe " YAHweh is salvation". His grace and mercy is a holy work of pure divine love that leads His people to repentance. His sheep hear His voice.
    It is this love that compels me to love God and preach what is considered foolishness to those who are perishing, but unto His own who are saved from justice and given mercy, it is the power of Yahweh almighty.
    The Mercy Seat was the covering above the Ark of the Covenant. The Mercy Seat was where God met man in the Holy of Holies. As Christ Jesus He became our Mercy Seat above the Ark
    When the fullness of time has come, nothing will hold back the judgment and justice of God. When He looks on our life, what does He see? Does He see the Mercy Seat? Does He see the beaten flesh, the shed blood, or does He see the transgressors of His law? Is the Mercy Seat in place in our lives? Is the Holy Spirit ministering life? If you have no Mercy Seat in your life, you have no place to meet God.
    The law demands justice and condemns the best. Mercy gives salvation and saves the worst. How merciful God is to those who will move with the camp and not be left in the wilderness.
    Today is the Day of Salvation. We need to look up, for our redemption is truly drawing nigh!
    Corrie ten Boom and family experienced the words of a most favorite hymn...Be Still My Soul.

  • Nancy

    CommentsThank You. I so enjoyed the tour

  • Ine

    CommentsIt's great to follow the virtual museum. I knew Corrie ten Boom from her books. She was the first I hear about when I came to Crist.

  • Glenda

    CommentsI delighted to see a Virtual Tour of the Hiding Place! I've read Corrie's book and now having seen virtually this tour, I feel like I've been there personally. I trust this site will be a blessing to those who love God and those who need Him. Be bless!

  • Alberta

    CommentsThank you for this wonderful website. I am a homeschool mom. We are currently reading a book by the "HEROS OF THE FAITH". This book is introducing them to the life of the Ten Boom family. I can't wait to share this tour with them tomorrow. I pray it effects them the way it has me.

    Thank you again!!

  • Gail
    United States

    CommentsI really enjoyed the Museum story.... very awesome!

  • Mary

    CommentsI remembered hearing the name Corrie Ten Boom as a child and when I was born again at the age of 41 I purchased the movie the Billy Graham Association had made "The Hiding Place". I watched it many times and cried my eyes out each time. My heart was so moved by the family's devotion that not only was in word, but in deed. I am so impressed and encouraged by what is being done at Corrie's home and, as one grafted in, I want to be part of the long tradition her family has had of praying for God's chosen people, the Jews.

  • Bethany
    United States of America

    CommentsMy previous pastor referenced Corrie Ten Boom several times in various messages. What an amazing work God did through this courageous family! I am so thankful that God is bigger and stronger than anything the world can throw at Him.

    I pray that I can be a woman of God like Corrie Ten Boom was. May her story and others like hers never be forgotten and that Christians around the world would stand for the Jewish people and share the love of Christ with them.

    In Him,
    Bethany F, Oregon USA

  • Alessandra

    CommentsThe grace and peace of the Lord Jesus!

    I was greatly impacted by having watched the film recounting the overrun, daring and above all complete trust and fidelity to Jesus, example of perseverance made ​​a difference in this world, that testimony impactful! I'm thrilled with the story of Corrie and her family! Example to be followed.

    In faith,
    Alessandra C.Soares Cardoso

  • Julanne Troha

    CommentsI was so impressed when I read this book many years ago.

  • Sherry

    CommentsThank you for this tour! Praising God for your faithfulness in spreading the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • graham

    CommentsMay God continue to bles all Jews and gentiles

  • Elisabeth
    Cameroon, West Africa

    CommentsI`ve been inspired and greatly blessed by the Ten Booms biography "The Hiding Place". I`ll really love to see this nice family in heaven They let themselves to be used by God. I just love the very down to earth ways they recieved revelation from God. Ohhhhhhhh I`m indeed very grateful for their faithfulness to God

  • Jori

    CommentsThank you. The virtual tour was a blessing. I have appreciated and remembered much of Corrie ten Boom's testimony for several decades now, and am sharing it with my children now.

  • Taruu
    United States

    CommentsI thank God for Corrie ten Boom's life testimony that blessed lives and I am one of them.

  • Jennifer
    New Zealand

    CommentsWhat an amazing tour. I read about Corrie ten Boom when I was young and I was sad when my mum told me that she had died a while before. This tour helped me see a little bit more. Thanks

  • Judith

    CommentsThe Lord Jesus Christ has inspired, encouraged and blessed me time after time with the testimony and witness of the TenBoom family. My personal love for my Jewish brethren began at a very young age . The tenBoom family continue to remind us of how great the Lord's love and forgiveness is. Thank You

  • Carmen Anna
    Puerto Rico

    CommentsBlessed, I' will be praying.

  • Walter and Beverley Watts

    CommentsWe have visited the Hiding Place in 1975 and again we stopped by in 1998 but at a wrong time to visit.
    You have done a wonderful job on this tour. The place looks great.

  • mattie

    CommentsI was so inspired by Corrie Ten Boom and her love for the Jewish people long ago .she moved me and touched my heart way back when I first gave my life to Jesus. she still moves my heart to this day.She and her family were born for such a time as they were. what a sacrifice, and now they have the great pleasure of standing before the King of Kings and love him for all eternity.


    CommentsThank YOU Father YAHWAH For Everything !!! IN JEsus Name :)

  • Melina
    United States

    CommentsIt has been a great honor to learn of the things that the Ten boom family went through. Most of all it touches me that even though they went through the worst things I could imagine, they still kept their faith in God. Let that be a leeson to all of us that God can do miracles no matter what we go through.

  • Emily
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat an amazing family, some of whom gave up their lives for the freedom and liberation of the oppressed!

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