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  • Wanda

    CommentsI am so happy and honored to have found this website, such a wonderful story of Christians and how the Lord works through us for the well being of others.

  • David
    United States

    CommentsIts amazing what God can do no matter what one is going through.

  • Kerry

    CommentsThank you for this beautiful web site. I love this story so much! Corrie is my hero. I would love to visit this place in person some day!

  • Andressa

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family's history is amazing! The way that the two sisters, corrie and betsy found to be used for God is an example for all Christians.

  • tracy
    United States


  • barbara

    CommentsThank you for this virtual tour of the Ten Boom home and the history of this wonderful and amazing family God has used to shed His message of love and forgiveness to all. I will be praying for Israel and the Jews.

  • barbara

    CommentsThank you for this virtual tour of the Ten Boom home and the history of this wonderful and amazing family God has used to shed His message of love and forgiveness to all. I will be praying for Israel and the Jews.

  • Helene

    CommentsCorrie Ten Boom's life is truly inspiring..I have read her book the "Hiding Place" before when I was in College. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Becky

    CommentsMy first trip to this site. It won't be my last. Thank you for making this available. I will share it with many.

  • Caron

    CommentsHow inspiring...... Corrie's story changes me every time I read or hear it. It has shown me Gods love and faithfulness in brokenness that binds forgiveness and challenges us to do so forgive.

  • Jill

    CommentsWe just read about Corrie Ten Boom and her family as part of our homeschool studies. The story was inspiring and we are blessed by having read it. Thank you.

  • Patsy

    CommentsI love this beautiful story how God protected the Jews in this story and of how God took care of his people the Jews........satan tried in every way to keep us from having a saviour to come into this world that we can be saved.....It did not work tho for Jesus paid the price on the old rugged cross to shed his blood for us on calvary....We win i read the back of the book and We win.....

  • Jo

    CommentsI really enjoyed listening to the story of Corrie Tem Boom. I have seen "The Hiding Place" a long time ago but I had not ever seen where she grew up in Germany.

    I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Nicola

    CommentsIt was such a blessing being here and getting to know the Ten Boom's story, thanks alot for this website and virtual tour, and may the Lord bless Jews today and always!

  • Jeanne

    CommentsThanks for sharing this with the world. I know the Holy Spirit is with us all...It showed that we can tolerate anything with the LORD. Praying for everyone to ask Jesus for forgiveness for their sins.. and follow our Lord and Savior before it is too late. The works of God are perfect as are His plans. Thank You Lord for the many blessings, we do not deserve. God bless everyone, never give up your Faith and Trust in Jesus.

  • june


  • Lea Foti

    CommentsWhat Corrie, Betsie and Casper endured in the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as the Holy Spirit's work in Corrie to forgive those who were her enemies, have always been with me. I have also suffered some recnt experiences where I have had to forgive those who have hurt me deeply and the Ten Boom family;s legacy lives on in my heart. I often recall Corrie's meeting with the German Guard who asked for her forgiveness. In using her free will to choose God's way, The Power of the Lord enabled her and encourages other to do the same.

  • Michael

    CommentsBecause of the movie I read everything by Corrie and received many, many blessings and a heartfelt education in the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. She is a wonderful woman to gave her life to Christ and affected many people. God Bless Corrie, her family and those who have made the Museum possible.

  • Joanna
    United kingdomt

    CommentsJust re read all the corrie ten boom books and felt so blessed having read them they are so helpful and relevant today as they were when I first read them as teenager thank you

  • Tara Wilson
    United States

    CommentsIn the middle of reading Hiding Place, what an amazing family! Should be an inspiration to us all. God Bless

  • olivia and bella
    united states of america

    CommentsWe recently read this book
    and it effected the way we thought
    about the holocaust.

  • Emma

    CommentsAMAZING BOOK :D

  • Ashley,Julia, and Celia

    CommentsThis book was really good, we loved it! It taught a lot of good life lessons.

  • Gabriella and Bonita

    CommentsThis book was amazing and Corrie was very influential to us. Thank you so much Corrie ten Boom!

  • Ms. Maxson

    CommentsMy students and I just finished the Hiding Place book. They all seemed quite moved from the story. It is my hope that the lessons discussed will impact their lives in ways we can only imagine. Many blessings! Kim

  • Poptart III
    United States of America

    CommentsThis book was really good.

  • Pennett Nessil


  • Lydia
    United States of America

    CommentsIm glad that I read about 'The Hiding Place'. It really effected the way I thought about the Holocaust. At first I thought the Holocaust wasn't a big deal, but ever since I've read about it in school, I want to learn more about what happened and see how people got through the tough times. I'm glad that Corrie shared her story and taught us about how important it is to be close to God and not give up on faith and hope.

  • Kyvic Povetz
    United States

    CommentsGod is good and does wonderful things!

  • Miriam Broadhurst
    CT, USA

    CommentsThe works of God are perfect. If God with us, who against us.

  • Joaquin martinez

    CommentsI'm a Cristian person and the ten boom family is a great example for my life in Jesus Crist
    I want to know mor about the ten boom family

  • Gayla
    United States

    CommentsMany years ago I was drawn to read The Hiding Place. The name Corrie caught my attention. I lost a daughter in 1983. Her name was Corie. After reading her story, I decided if one woman could lose her whole family and survive, I could survive losing Corie. It was the beginning of my grief work. It took me 15 years to heal and give up my Corie to God. When I was at my saddest, I would pray that God end my life. I am so glad that prayer was not answered. From her death came an empathy I might not have had with my students. I have three children and eight grandchildren now. They are my blessings. I am so glad that god did not answer that prayer. God is all knowing. God is good.

  • Lisa

    CommentsThank you for your virtual museum as I am sure I would never be able to visit it in person.


  • Danelle

    CommentsGod bless Israel! Jesus is the messiah!

  • Lana


  • Joy Rose
    United States

    CommentsThanks for sharing. It showed that we can tolerate anything with the LORD.


    CommentsThank you for this amazing work. GOD BLESS YOU AND USE YOU MIGHTILY for His people , the Jews!

  • Lisa Clark
    United States

    CommentsThank You for sharing the ten Boom's story, so inspirational, also love the movie, God is good....

  • Reanna

    CommentsGod bless Jerusalem and the Jewish people!

  • Barbara
    United State

    CommentsLove the messages you represent about Jesus Christ our Savior. Have seen a few posted on FB and love them. Thank you for sending out positive thoughts.

  • A/ Maria Luisa Rivera
    United States

    CommentsI am moved by the ten Boom family's love for God and God's chosen people. Blessed be God in you. Blessed be God for your legacy to mr, to the world. Pray for us from heaven that we may trust in the Divine Mercy of God and forgive with His Love. Thank you for this blessed toyr. What a gift.

  • Veronica

    CommentsThank you for praying for the peace of Jerusalem. May our heavenly Father continue to bless you and keep you. May He {continue} to make His face shine upon you.

  • Brenda
    United States

    CommentsThank you, thank you for sharing the ten Boom's story in such a beautiful way. I was blessed and very challenged through every moment of it. Thank YOU!

  • Bobbi

    CommentsOne of my personsl heros, Corrie ten Boom.

  • Christine
    United States

    CommentsThank you for telling the story of Corrie and her family! And for telling of the love of Jesus Christ!

  • Carol


  • Stephen

    CommentsI Loved this story of the Ten Booms. It is a powerful testament on how faith can open doors and close others. To God be all the glory forever and ever!

  • Grace

    CommentsI have long loved Corrie's story and anything else she has written. What a blessing to experience this tour. Thank you for sharing it. I have distant ancestral roots in Holland on both my mother and father's side and always experience such a strong connection to this painful piece if history. Truly God's love is everlasting and beyond measure!

  • Belinda

    CommentsUn testimonio sorprendente, y por supuesto: alentador. Gracias !!

  • Missy

    CommentsThe Hiding Place is my all time favorite book other than the bible and I love the Ten Booms. My grandmother loved this book too and she shared her love of it with me as a child. I now share it with my children. I wish to one day visit Holland to visit the museum. Oh how I pray I can one day! I witness to others about the love of God and the saving grace of Jesus and want to spend my life producing good fruit and glorifying the Lord who deserves so much praise! Thanks be to God for Corrie Ten Boom and I too pray for Israel every day!


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