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  • mary m zoeller

    Comments Her story is a message of hope.

  • ter
    United States

    CommentsFirst watched the movie, THE HIDING PLACE in 1976 with my church in Maryland. Loved it then and love it now....especially the music. As the quote goes; "we must never forget, because history will repeat itself."

  • Jeanette
    United States

    CommentsI love Corrie Ten Boom What a wonderful and Beautiful Woman of God, met her through "The Hiding Place" a True Saint of God!!


    CommentsThe Corrie Ten Boom true story has encouraged me tremendously! We must trust God not matter our circumstances. We must also seek God's help in forgiving others and ourselves. Thank you for this opportunity to visit the Hiding Place.

  • Martha

    CommentsWhat a wonderful testament of the love of Jesus. What a great the ten Boom family was to the world.

  • Audrea

    CommentsThank you for sharing this faith story! We need it

  • Beverly

    CommentsThank you for the opportunity to visit the Corrie ten Boom Museum via our computer. I
    have been blessed to visit The Hiding Place in Holland on 2 occasions, have seen the movie, and have a large Corrie ten Boom library. I have such admiration for her and her faithfulness to The Lord, and am very thankful for the difference she has made in the lives of many people, including mine. It
    will be a real joy to meet her face to face
    in Heaven. My BEST FRIEND is a Jew, and His Name is JESUS, and I rejoice that Corrie and
    I both belong to His Family!!!

  • Vanessa

    CommentsAs i listened to the story of the hiding place it gave me a deeper passion and desire to pray for Jerusalem and our government that God would grant them wisdom to direct our nation back to a God fearing nation. All should hear the Ten Boom's story

  • Cathy

    CommentsIf only the world had more people like the ten Booms. I pray that when the time comes I too can be strong in my faith and always do the right thing.

  • Stacy

    CommentsGod BLESS YOU Corrie and family !!! God IS with YOU and you have shown this so brightly in the darkest hours and through the years. Keep that light shining bright in the places God has shown you to do or be. I stand in awe...

  • paula

    CommentsI have both her books and she brought me to God in her movie the Hidding place back in the 70's

  • Dianne

    CommentsThankyou so much for this video.
    I loved it & again freshly found it inspiring & encouraging.
    Who knows how any of us will be used to help Jewish people in times ahead.
    To always have this story of these beleivers as an example.

  • Marco

    CommentsI have watched the movie "Return to the Hiding Place" twice. That movie led me to know a glimpse of the Ten Boom family and their unwavering support and care for the Jews. Through the virtual tour in this site I come to know more about them, and for that I am deeply thankful.

    The Ten Boom family manifested the love of God. The forgiveness they had shown really proves that God is active, touching the deepest heart of a man. It is my prayer that God will help me and become like the Ten Boom family, always ready to lend a hand to someone who needs help.

    More power!

  • Sarah
    Great Britain

    CommentsWow, what a family. I had heard about Corrie before but this tour brought it all alive, I have never read or seen The hiding place but I am going to now, praise God for faithful people like this.

  • Cindy

    CommentsThe ten Boom family has had an amazing impact on so many around the world. I thank God for His influence through them to so many.

  • Carol

    CommentsI've read The Hiding Place Several times. Knowing God brought the Ten Booms through many trials and that He truly was there has always been with me. What an inspiration Corrie has been to my life. I have since gone through dark days and it is true God is always thre and has never left me. It is true, also, that there is never a pit so dark that God's love is not deeper still. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.

  • Deborah

    CommentsI love Corrie ten Boom and her family.She is truly a gift from God to a starving world. Her selflessness and love for all humanity is a testament to the world. Thank you for keeping God's message alive through the museum and the postings you share on Facebook. I share them daily as we must never forget........

  • James F.

    CommentsThe ten boom family has made a real impact on me thank God for being oh so loving and caring to give us people like this to keep our hope alive and a desire to do his will God bless you all, and as i always ask that i could be a part of Gods plan.

  • kay

    Commentsi feel blessed to hear corries story iamalmost 60yrs old and really didnt know the true story about the jewish people i will pray for them everyday there faith truely amazed me

  • Kimmi

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family have left the world a marvelous testimony to the power of God's love and forgiveness. I know that they are all in the presence of the Lord today and I can't wait to meet them all in Heaven some day. May the Lord bless your ministry through this museum and continue to use the Ten Boom family for His glory.

  • Teresa Tovar

    CommentsCorrie is such a gift from God. She made my heart sing when I heard her voice reminding us that God is so wonderful. I so appreciate being able to 'walk' thru the Ten Boom home, thank you.

  • Rachel

    Thankyou for all you do, we Jews often feel utterly surrounded and alone. But Jesus is always in our midst, this we must remember. May the Living God, the Holy Trinity bless you all in this life and the one to come.

  • Carla
    United States

    CommentsThanks for sharing to us the tour of Corrie Ten Boom's family & museum. It was amazing!!

  • Pushpendra

    CommentsGood post Hun. Those are some nice chairs. Getting past the fear and sonvilg problems is key. Doing something once, even if you mess up, helps you learn how to improve and correct problems you encountered on your first go. Each one of my chairs was not only eaiser but better made and crafted. Same applies to most things I would think.

  • Tendai

    CommentsBrilliant review; funny and acacrute. The miming was terrible, I believe even during the sing off the four non members of Stereo Hogzz were lipsyncing which actually makes me respect Simon's choice to vote them off. I really hope Lakoda Rayne do well so this groups thing isn't a complete bust.

  • Raquel

    CommentsNow that's sulbte! Great to hear from you.

  • Akash

    Commentsline up several caansnd set canvases like a box with no front or backwith cans in the tube so to say shoot themthat will give a interesting effect !and you two are a great pair !great vids !

  • Julian

    CommentsWritadten to lead Chrisadtians deeper into readading their Bibles, to reimnd them to ask and learn what the Bible really says, to faciladiadtate the memadoadrizaadtion of verses as the Holy Spirit leads us, to encouradage medadiadtaadtion on the Word, and to guide Chrisadtians in askading God for help in underadstandading. The author has comadpiled an invaluadable coladlecadtion of Bible quotes. His own underadstandading is given in short paraadgraphs at the start of each chapadter, and in appenaddices at the end. While I canadnot agree with his sciadence, or his assumpadtions about sciadenadtists, I value his puradpose in thisa0book.

  • Diane

    CommentsAll that was said was very good. What I am holding in my heart today is the dialog "when do I give you the ticket Corrie? -- the day I leave for the train. yes then God will give you what you need when you need it" (paraphrased)

  • Bobbie
    United States of America

    CommentsI am a survivor of child abuse at the hands of my biological father--and because of this abuse I was left unable to walk without crutches. I have struggled with the need to forgive also. But God is good, and He has blessed me with a husband (15 years together so far) and three wonderful children who don't mind helping their mom. I pray as I sit that All who are called...will humble (ourselves) and pray... 2 Chronicles 7:14 Great things will be done in His time, and His way. May God bless All of His people.

  • George
    United States of America

    CommentsA wonderful website and virtual tour. Thanks.

  • Angela
    United States of America

    CommentsLoving one another we do not long remain lonely.

  • Gopi

    CommentsPretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanetd to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  • Bagas

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  • Laura

    CommentsWowza, problem sovled like it never happened.

  • Leuzi

    CommentsJim Randall:In my experience, I agree that drmaes are rare. I seldom think about my drmaes being from God, because the ones I have had (that were from Him) had different implications that, at the time, were not obvious (to me).I believe most are from random events of the day mixed with issues that are going on in our lives.I'm glad that God can speak/communicate through drmaes because it may be the only way I can't mess it up. I think

  • Rafa

    CommentsJeff, take the paper off of the cans before you shoot them and you won't have the pblroem of paper getting on the fresh paint. Dang I think that deserves a free piece of heather ummmm art heathers art. yeah that's what I mean.t

  • Akash

    CommentsCripes man, I hate that Mossburg slide release. Owned one back in the 70 s for about a week and treadd it for an 870. Still have the Remington, It's killed two herds of Whitetail and a gang of turkeys and scared the piss out of a guy trying to break into my garage. All together a good swap!

  • Michaelyl

    CommentsThanks for cnotirbuting. It's helped me understand the issues.

  • diana
    unite state

    Commentscorrie was a great insp

  • Gregory

    CommentsI continue to reivece so many genuine compliments on our photos. They are ALL absolutely stunning! In fact, one of my co-workers asked us, very straight-forward like, how we were ever going to chose, because they were all so great. Beau, your work is beautiful, honest, and heartfelt. There is no doubt that you have an eye for exquisiteness when you capture, and also when you edit, each moment. You are more than just a photographer at a wedding, you really add a seasoning of fun to the entire day.When we look back at our photos it is almost as if we are able to re-live our day. Thank you so much, and we will be recommending you to anyone and EVERYONE. Best!

  • Trisha

    CommentsMy mother knew of Corrie ten Boom and shared her story with us in the 1960s. I read her book and saw the movie. It was heartbreaking but at the same time a wonderful witness to the power of God's love. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite passages and I am striving to memorize it so when times are tough I can lean on it... just as they did.

    Thank you for this wonderful tour. Now when I read the book again I have something to visualize. I plan to one day see the museum in person.


  • crystal

    CommentsI have read Corrie's books..They are awesome...May the peace of God be with Israel..Our God is an awesome God!

  • Margaret

    CommentsThe world was such a diffirent place at that time. And yet still the same. May we all have God's peace, and comfort to know that some day soon he will come back for us.

  • Beth
    United States

    CommentsI have read The Hiding Place twice and seen the movie once. To make it even more memorable, I had the wonderful experience of visiting the Ten Boom Museum just a few weeks ago! What a great opportunity to see with my own eyes the town, home, and actual hiding place! It was such a nice tour and presentation given of the Ten Boom's and their dedication to serving God.

  • Adonia

    CommentsHeart-breakingly inspirational. What out-standing display of sacrifice from the Ten Boom family, my hero's forever. I have read two of Corries books and have seen the movie "The Hiding Place".

    Giving your life in service of King Jesus. I have seen many things after being on the mission field, been to many countries and prayed over the suffering the lonley the orphan. Our lives are hid in Christ and pledge to take that precious Word to the nations that many will come to Know Him. God bless the Ten Boom descendants working for the Kingdom of our and Christ.

  • Marianne

    CommentsWhat a wonderful family they were. My family was tragically ripped apart as well by World War II. My family is from Germany and I lost my grandfather during the war. He blindly went into the "SS" in the mid thirties thinking they were some thing other then what they were. When he found out just what they were all about, he got out but it was too late. They made sure he went to "the front" during the war so he was killed. The devastation that one man did to that country and millions of people is horrific but forgivness is so much more powerful isn't it? What an inspiration Corrie was and I am sure, still is in heaven.

  • Melissa

    CommentsI have reed the Hiding Place,In My Fathers House and Tramp for the Lord. What an inspiration she was and continues to be. It was an honor to tour the museum.

  • Linda

    CommentsThank you continuing this lovely inspiring true story. The power of forgiveness is truely incredible when we move out of the way and let Jesus in, forgiving ourself is included in this process. So thankful God gave us Corrie for the time she was here on earth, looking forward to meeting her, my loved ones, and our Father in heaven one day!

  • Kim
    United States

    CommentsI have watched the movie The Hiding Place many many times and I was so moved by the movie that I wished it would be in theaters across america I have learned so much not only from the movie but from reading her book on The Hiding Place!!! I pray that the Lord will use this museum for his Glory to reach out to many many people I will keep this ministry in my prayers

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