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  • Robert

    CommentsThank you for sharing the history of Corrie Ten Boom.

  • Susan

    CommentsI have read Corrie Ten Boom's book, the HIDING PLACE, have seen the movie, and had seen Corrie on the 700 Club several times before her home-going to heaven. This virtual tour was both educational and inspirational. Thank you for making it available on the internet. I will be sure to pass it on to everyone I know.
    GOD Bless you!

  • Bonnie

    CommentsI was introduced to Corrie after reading her book in the 70's and seeing her with Billy Graham. Glenn Beck has brought her story back to the attention of Christians at a time it is sorely needed. The Lord has uncovered in me a subtle sense of superiority over the Jew and the story of the TenBooms has convicted me deeply. I have gained a deepened love and humility towards the 'apple of His eye' thanks to the reintroduction of The Hiding Place.

  • Alan

    CommentsI've heard about the Ten Boom story on I am interested in hearing more so I visited your web site. Looking to purchase the book Hiding Places. I will come again after reading the book and share my thoughts with you.

  • Marjorie

    CommentsAs a young girl in the 1980's I bought a copy of The Hiding Place from a church rummage sale.I did not know God would use that book to place the Jewish people on my heart, nor how that love would grow throughout the years.I often wondered if I would have the courage to stand,like the ten Booms, for the Jews and others who were persecuted.My husband and I stand with Israel and teach our children to do the same.We believe in God's word and pray the eyes of others are opened to the events of the world.

  • sharon

    CommentsThank you for bringing stories to light that make us be the kind of people that you desire us to be. I do stand with Israel and pray for your protection over them. We all need to be challenged daily to reach deep inside ourselves and find the person that our God has designed us to be and know this, with His help we will become that person and what a change this world will see. God bless and keep you till we meet again.

  • Karen

    CommentsI pray for Israel and for every person in this beautiful world God has given us. I pray for peace around the world. Thank you Dear Lord Sweet Jesus. Amen.

  • Dina

    CommentsI stand and pray with Israel and can only hope that the rest of the world sees what's going on and stands with Israel also. It just seems incomprehensible that this is happening all over again to the Jewish people. May everyone stay strong and take a stand and choose the side do good like the Ten Boons.

  • Rita

    CommentsAfter hearing about Ten Boom family on Glenn Beck's, I was SO inspired. We stand with Israel and pray for God's protection always. God bless you.

  • Dorothy

    CommentsSuch bravery and all with God's help. I support and stand with Israel.

  • Wanda

    CommentsI stand with Israel and am praying for God's providence and protection over her.

  • Shelley

    CommentsThank you so much for keeping the Ten Boom family stories alive. They are all so inspiring, and challege me to be a better person tomorrow than I am today.
    God bless you.

  • Juan

    CommentsThank you for sharing with us your story
    and i stand with Israel

  • Chromearrow

    CommentsThank you for this courageous inspiration. Pray we do not need to put it into practice in our own lives, pray that we will not hesitate if we must.

  • tina manion

    CommentsThank You for letting me be a part of your goodness and love.

  • Steph
    United States of America

    CommentsThank you, Tenbooms for sharing your story and touching the lives of so many people. God bless you!

  • alberto

    CommentsMay God bless you always and may He hear our prayers to keep Israel safe and free. May we never forget the cruelty and injustice that a people will inflict on others when the Lord Jesus Christ is forgotten or shunned from society, and from our hearts. May He never allow hatred and persecution of the Jewish people to take root in the United States of America.

  • Rose

    CommentsPraying for all the Jews, may they finally have peace. The Lord will protect you in these uncertain times. Thank you for sharing this educational tour for all to see.

  • Terri

    CommentsThank you. I have so much to learn and I thank God for heroes like Corrie and her family.

  • Bev

    CommentsI can remember hearing about this wonderful family at my church in the early 70's and about The Hiding Place. Glen Beck brought it back to me today about this wonderful family and what they did in the name of love and being true Christians.

  • Lorraine

    CommentsThe Lord Bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

    Thank you for honoring the memory and lives of these dear servants of God.

    Praying for the eternal peace of Jerusalem.

  • Debbie

    CommentsWhat a beautiful educational and inspirational site!

  • Julie

    CommentsI feel so blessed to have found this amazing tour. I know I will be back to hear the uplifting words again and share this with many people. As I see the times of deepening change, I pray I can keep strong in my faith and find myself to be able to be of service to others. Corrie and her family are an incredible example of expressing Christ's love through action.

  • Lauren

    CommentsI have read The Hiding Place my whole life. Maybe 50 times. I will never forget the impact of Corrie's word in my life. I hope one day I can visit! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website and museum.

  • Kathie

    CommentsWhat an so needed at this time of darkness thoughout the world. We need heros and I choose Corrie and her family to remind me there is light over darkness, good over evil. I pray for the strength and amazing faith the ten Boom family found in God's loving word. May I have the courage to stand today beside the Jewish people in another hour of need. May God be with us one and all.

  • Ronnie Allen

    CommentsMy grandmother read this wonderful book twenty some years ago and after hearing and about it again by Glen Beck recently I ordered it from Amazon.. Since then I have bought two copies one for a friend that is going through difficult times and one for my daughter. My son is reading my copy now. I have never been blessed by anything more than this book other than God of course.

    Love and prayers

  • Catherine Elizabeth
    United States

    Comments; message & prayer...I cried as I listened on my virtual tour, of the Corrie Ten Boom story of the Hiding Place. I want to know this deep abiding love that Corrie found, I pray God will help me find this love. The trials and tribulations this family went through with a faith so strong, their story touched my heart, deeply. I thank them and will keep them in my prayers for they have changed a world just by believing. I am awe the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...Amen

  • Patricia

    CommentsI am in awe and wonder at this family's faith, courage and dedication to God, His word and His Chosen People. May I be as strong and sure as the Ten Boom family. Thank you for your tireless efforts to educate people and your efforts to help the Jewish people. God bless and keep safe Jerusalem. May there be lasting peace in Jerusalem. May Corrie's story inspire us all to love and forgive each other as God as has loved and forgiven us.

  • Rick

    CommentsGod is with you Israel and No one can stand against you.
    I will continue to pray for your people.

  • Nelson

    CommentsI stand with Israel.

  • Cindi

    CommentsWhat an inspiration this family is. As an American we have been so fortunate with our freedom. May we all have the Lord's word in our hearts! History is known to repeat itself! May we all stand with the Jews if God forbid those days happen again. Thank you Corrie!

  • Kendell

    CommentsEveryone will be faced with a choice. I have made my choice and I stand with Israel. You have to be willing to identify evil and name it as such.

  • Jeanie


  • Ella

    CommentsI admire all of you for your work. May God
    bless you for your efforts to show God's
    love survives and gives us strenght in the hardest of times and persecution. We need to pray just as much now as ever before. I thank God for your service in keeping this history alive. We need to be reminded to provide for others in every way possible.

  • Kirsten

    CommentsThe ten Boom family are an inspiration and true servants of our Savior. I pray for their amazing faith and strength if I am to face this horror. Israel, I love you!

  • Daniel Wilson

    Commentsthanks for having this page

  • Walter and Carol Fredericks

    CommentsWe pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the Ten Boom family

  • Felicia
    United States

    CommentsI stand with you!

  • Mary

    CommentsMay God lead my country to lead to do the right thing and help to bring peace in the Middle East and to sow love and justice in the world. May the United Staes return to her righteous path and may communism be abolished in the world. May we select good, honest leadership and right our ship of state. May God lead us in all things and protect the state of Israel in these turbulent times where wrong is called right, and right is called wrong. Amen

  • Mary Lou
    United States

    CommentsI could deeply feel the Spirit as I made this wonderful tour. My prayers will continue to be with the Jewish people as well as the people of my country - that their hearts will soften and come unto Christ. I am a 68 year old woman and a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Thank you for this wonderful presentation and the constant reminder of cruelty vs. the power of forgiveness.

  • Gary

    CommentsAmerica needs to hear and heed these lessions.America is on the verge of extension if they keep attacking Christ and not supporting the Jewish Nation

  • geri
    United States

    CommentsThe story of Corrie and her family changed the way think about life.

  • Mary

    CommentsWhat a beautiful family of God. I have been inspired to do all that I can, to help the Jew's, and also to walk in the love that has been shed abroad in my heart. Truly inspiring and life changing. Thank you to all who have made this precious testimony available for all to see, now may we be doers of His word, just like the Ten Boom's! God bless you.

  • Donald
    United States of America

    CommentsSuch a wonderful follower of our Savior. I look forward to meeting her and her family. Such a blessing to see God's hand at work in a persons life.

  • eliza

    CommentsGod bless you, i love corrie history!

  • Laurie
    Baldwyn ms

    CommentsIve read her books and i love them such a blessing

  • Tom

    CommentsAs a little Catholic child I used to cycle through the Barteljoris straat in Haarlem to go to school. Now I am a born-again son of God. Praise the Lord for His mighty works!


    Commentsgostei muito de conhecer sobre corrie ten boom me deu o que eu precisava neste momento obrigada .

  • Louise

    CommentsI read Corrie book many years ago.Ilove the
    Jewish people,they have a special place in my heart.

  • Shannon
    United States

    Comments The first time I had heard of Corrie, I was a young girl and had heard she had died. I asked my mom who she was and that is when my yearning for knowledge on the Jewish beliefs and traditions began. I was in aww of the horror her and her sister had gone through, even though they were not Jewish, but still stood firm in the knowledge that God had a plan and would never leave them.
    Many years later I still find her testimony powerful. I thank God for using her and her family, and thank them for standing firm and listening to God, even during persecution and death.
    I cant wait to meet them all someday. She really is a woman I hope to be.

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