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  • Rich
    United States

    CommentsThank you SO much for creating this virtual tour. It's still high on my list of places to visit, and in fact I want to visit there even more now.

    There is a new movie, *Return to the Hiding Place*, being given a wide theatrical release February 6-12 in the US: .

  • Judy
    United States of America

    CommentsBeautiful message! I pray for blessings on all who are persecuted, and forgiveness for those who persecute. Praying for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Shelley
    United States

    CommentsMy heart quickens as I pray for the Jewish people. I pray for continued favor with their greatest reward in store.

  • Dusty
    United States

    CommentsFor many years I have been blessed by the courage and testimony of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. As I read each of her books of how God lead her from country to country I was inspired. I know that there is a very real possibility that American Christians will suffer for Christ too. I take to heart the wisdom Caspar gave Corrie about God giving strength and peace just when it is needed. Lord bless you all as you spread the love of Jesus through Corrie's story.

  • Betty

    CommentsSo very moved by the video, though I know the story well it moved my heart to continue to stand for those who cannot help themselves.

  • Michelle


  • Jana

    CommentsWhat a marvelous tour. God used it to motivate me to pray far more for the peace of Israel. Thank you.

  • Gary

    CommentsI had the privilege of visiting the museum in person while living and working in Heidelberg, Germany. As a professional network/systems engineer for over 20 years, I want to commend you for the best web site that I've ever seen. To God be the glory for the wonderful work He's accomplished through your team. Wow! I look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to use this site for His glory and the peace of Jerusalem.

    Yours in Christ,

  • Lianne
    From NL, living in Thailand

    CommentsWhat a beautiful website and tribute to Corrie and her family! Found it on Facebook.

  • Francesco

    CommentsThis woman has taught us a great truth. True forgiveness. When she forgave those who had abused her declared to be free. So many people today need to feel free. God help us to learn to forgive.

  • Davienne
    United States

    CommentsFound this on facebook, and enjoyed it very much. Thank you and bless you!

  • Denise
    United States of America

    Comments GODS mighty blessing over the home of the Ten Bloom family. what a witness of love and devotion to GOD. "WE" the people of the world can learn that GOD is real and there for you if you only accept him in your heart and soul. NO MSTTER WHAT "we" all of as us face in our life's GOD IS THERE.

    thank you for the chance to see and hear of Corrie's her families story of a strong faith and love for God . in the darkest of times there is light .
    the work is coming into darkness again. be at peace and know Gods it with us all to the end of our days how ever that my be .

  • Sheryl
    United States of America

    CommentsWonderful experience there is so much that I did not know about the tenBooms

  • Don and Marvae
    United States of America

    CommentsWe were blessed to visit the Watch shop in 1996 and it was a blessing to take this tour on the computer today. We pray many will find Jesus through Corrie's story.

  • Holly

    CommentsGod Bless your work and preservation of the house. Ever more critical to pray for Jerusalem in these end times.

  • helen
    united states

    CommentsCorrie's witness is as strong today as it was 40 years ago when I first read her book as a freshman in college. The world survived a terrible ordeal, but we still struggle today with horrible atrocities perpetrated against mankind against themselves. Our only hope...God. Our hope, our help, our hiding place.

  • Ellen
    United States

    CommentsThe tour was such a greater insight. Incredible faith builders, Casper, Betsy, beaten, battered, bruised, the degradation Corrie went through as well, lives lost, yet to forgive to let go of such hatred, bitterness, to LOVE even when one didn't want to and continually they sought the Lord to help them do so.
    Never having been overseas and to hear of what is happening in Israel I cannot begin to fathom the constant fear and tension of their lives every moment in this day.
    Now the horror that has hit upon the USA escalating beyond comprehension.
    Lord help us to continually put Your first just as the tenBoom's before us.
    You are our hiding place.

  • Alvin
    United States

    CommentsMay this testimony of Gods love ever be shared.Thank you for all the work you do that this vital and important vision be carried on.

  • Doris
    München Germany

    CommentsI feel blessed and encouraged through this family... I lack no good words for the family raised guarding the true faith. I bless the lord for you all even when you are up there. I bless the lord for making you stand so we could have such a blessing through your strength and faith.
    Glory be to our Lord and God forever through Jesus Christ.

  • carol
    united states of america

    Commentsthank you for sharing this victorious story and for the tenBoom family for showing us how we must live.

  • Theodora

    CommentsThank you so much for the beautiful tour. Just recently finished reading the book about Betsie written by Mike Evans. This tour added to the story. What a family of Faith and workers for our Lord. The work of love this family did has touched my heart in a mighty way. God bless all these workers and thank you so much for restoring this house that God built.

  • Melody
    United States

    CommentsOh Lord how your heart must be breaking to see all your people at war with color and race. My heart breaks so I know you must be grieving too. I pray Lord that more of your people come to know as I have. You have lifted me up and gave me knowledge beyond what I could ever have imagined. You have brought me thru such trials no one could have ever dreamed of going thru much like this family . I pray for all that dont believe in You to come to know You. My life has changed so much and with out you I wouldnt be here today. Thank you Lord for giving me another chance at life. A life with You.

  • Rafaela

    CommentsThis has been very inspirational to me. A life changing experience. God works in mysterious ways with only one goal, to bring you Glory and Victory. May this story be an example of how we bust be just and beneficent to all. Thank you!!

  • Cathy
    United States

    CommentsThank you for sharing this horrible, yet victorious memory. There is always victory in Jesus. Amen.

  • travis

    CommentsI look forward to meeting and talking to her!

  • Patricia
    United States

    CommentsThis website is precious and the story of the hiding place is miraculous . I love the tour and have seen the movie . will watch it again . so uplifting and a true witness for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviou . Thank you for this virtual tour .

  • Linda

    Comments This is a very moving website telling the story of a very Christ-like family who risked all for Jesus--what else could you give Him? He bought you with a price?
    I met Corrie in the mid 70's when she came to speak on the ORU campus. She was so humble and giving she came to my little devos group on our dorm wing and shared with us for an hour or so as we sat at her feet. She shared with anyone who listened, no matter how small. And this was near midnight! She was 83 yrs. old at that point and still traveling the world to tell her story. I shall never forget her and look forward to seeing her in eternity! She's a jewel.
    Everyone should learn from her example because the times are going to get rough on all of us. Keep the faith! Ps. 91

  • Venissa
    United States

    CommentsI have read this story many times. My mom traveled to the Ten Boom home a purchased a ring from the shop. I grew up in the same church with the director of the hiding place that knew Corrie personally. All of this has made this story so personal to me. I look forward to the day when I am able to hang out in heaven and just chat with her and the rest of her amazing family. Thank you for making it possible to tour without going to Harlem. One day, I will make it. Until then I continue that as people visit and walk the same steps this family did so many years ago, that the Lord's great name would continue to be made known for the nations!!

  • joy
    United States

    CommentsI was so moved by the lives of the ten Boom family.I will pray
    that peace will be restored to the Jewish people.

  • Jacqueline
    United States

    CommentsThis is an amazing story filled with so much sorrow, but again, so much joy. What a blessing this family was, and how remarkably they were used by GOD. This was my first time reading about Corrie,(I was reading about her on Wikipedia), and her family. I am beyond blessed by their story. Thank you.

  • Kelly

    CommentsI wept watching and listening to the virtual tour. The power of Christ shines through the whole story. Thank you for the blessing of it.
    I know as troublesome times are coming like the world has never known, soon all Christians will be persecuted as never before. This story is for such a time as this. I particularly felt the Holt Spirit leap within me as the story of the train ticket was told. How relevant for the tribulation! May God give us all strength to endure to the end! In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

  • Karen

    CommentsI followed a link on facebook and was brought into the Ten Boom home. I have never seen or heard such a witness of faith and I feel blessed to have heard their story. Our Lord is great and wonderful indeed! To transform such a horrible experience into a message of love, forgiveness and hope has touched me deeply. I want to have an unshakable faith as the Ten Boom family. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and live a life pleasing to the will of God. Thank you for sharing the story of the Ten Boom family.

  • Jhonatan

    CommentsI am a fan of Jesus Christ. I am Jhonatan and I want to give the ten Boom family my respects.
    I read the story of Corrie ten Boom and want you to know that I greatly admire.
    She and the family ten Boom.
    I want the ten Boom know that your story has been an inspiration to my life and I'm young. That a book on it came into my hands for me it was a privilege and a gift from the Lord Jesus

  • Hugo

    CommentsI read the Corrie`s book back in 1979, and I've amazed by the courage and tenderness of the Ten Boom family. Now I'm very pleased to find a website dedicated to their memories

    My best regards

  • Valerie Gates
    United States

    CommentsI am so grateful that you have made this virtual tour available. It is such a blessing to see the Ten Boom's legacy live on and touch so many lives.
    Reading The Hiding Place and Letters from Prison have had a profound impact on my life. Corrie is so transparent in sharing her inner struggles and how God forgave and loved through her. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • steve

    CommentsI wish and pray that more people and families would find the faith that the Tenboom family has.The world now more than ever needs to look to God's love and mercy.

  • Julie Anderson
    United States

    CommentsThank you for all your efforts to share Corrie's message. I did come at a time when my heart was full of hate and anger towards a man who abused me physically and emotionally, and even attempted to kill me. My life is so changed because of the things he did to me. I prayed last night for help to deal with these feelings and be able to move forward and be happy, and not express my hatred. And I was led to this beautiful website and museum, and mostly, the message that I can forgive, and be happy. Thank you so much!

  • Wanda

    CommentsI am so thankful to have been able to see the tour of Corrie's home since I most likely will never ever be able to visit in person. The Ten Boon's are a remarkable family of faith and selflessness. I have always held them up with the highest esteem. I even have a picture of Corrie on my dining room hutch to constantly remind me of what true faith in Christ resembles. My husband and I pray always for the peace of Jerusalem and God's chosen people.

  • Heather
    Cheyenne Wyoming

    CommentsI was seven years ok when I saw the Hiding Place and how real God can be to a little girl let a lone a woman in prison for his being "the wrong". Race.I wish I had an opportunity to have met her on Earth but anxious to meet her in heaven.She has always been an inspirational Christian..This is a wonderful opportunity for others to learn of her life of service to Christ.Thank You

  • anneke

    Commentsinspirerend en verder ben ik er stil van...

  • Renee
    United States


  • Wanda
    Natrona, Wyoming


  • Elvira
    United States

    CommentsI first learned of The Ten Boom family from my foster dad and mommie when I was 12 yrs old in Indiana. I returned to Albuquerque, NM my hometown when I was 14 yrs old. One night I heard there was a speaker coming to the Albuquerque Convention Center in June of 1995 round the 2nd week or so. I got onto our school bus and went to see Corrie Ten Boon speak. I thank the Lord so much for letting me share apart of the history of this beautiful lady. When she spoke in her deep Dutch accent, I understood her. God was definetly in the midst of that convention. I am so blessed! Jesus Blessed! Thank you Sister Corrie for sharing your life and family with us, the world. We love you and you will always be an inspiration to me! ONE LOVE CHRIST LOVE ETERNALLY BLESSED PTL

  • Carri
    United States

    CommentsPraying for the peace of Jerusalem as Jesus commanded in the Bible.

  • cathy
    United States

    CommentsI cannot begin to imagine the horrow that they lived every day. The amount of faith and trust that she carried with her is something that I can only aspire to. Corrie has left a legacy for all. Thank you to all of those who endured or even were sacrificed during this time is not enough - may their hearts and lives be remembered forever as well as all who fought to free them

  • anika

    CommentsThis is like what anne frank went through but maybe 100000000 times worse because she was a jew

  • Donald A. West
    United States

    CommentsI have always loved Corrie's story. The test of her faith is an inspiration to everyone. I will never forget her or her family.

  • Judith
    New Zealand

    CommentsThank you for being able to visit the museum through this virtual tour, but mostly thank you for continuing the great work of Corrie ten Boom. I pray that many lives will be changed by hearing Corrie's message. The Lord reigns!

  • Jo Ann

    CommentsThank you all so very much for this beautiful Museum tour!!! I pray we never ever forget the cost many have paid, as Corrie ten Boom and her family did.

  • Alison

    CommentsI feel like I have just fulfilled a dream to visit this house and see things in real life even though I have not been there physically.

    Profoundly moving!

    All I can say is Come Lord Jesus Come! Come Holy Spirit Come!


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