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  • Cristina

    CommentsI pray and hope for peace of Jerusalem.
    May Israel be a light in world again.

  • Sunghyun

    CommentsYou know, I have just realized that the term used by evonreye, myself included, is a racist term. That term is Middle East . The term has its origins in the British empire that saw it fit to divide the world and name regions based on their proximity to the motherland, England. Thus, we have the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East. But the world, doesn't revolve around England, especially not a former imperial power, no more than Columbus discovered America. He didn't discover it, it wasn't lost. The Native Americans living on this continent certainly did not breath a sigh of relief when they saw Columbus's ships at their shores: Oh goody, we have been discovered .

  • Frank

    CommentsA shockingly false and sdeularons post, Lisa. The last thing I would ever do is mock the Mother of God, in public or private. Having participated in the 2007 transferral of the Holy Relics of her mother St Anna from Greece to the United States, I strive to revere her as faithful Christians ought and there is simply no way I would ever deliberately slight her.As it happens, I do believe the Virgin Mary occasionally appears to children and others on verdant hillsides St Juan Diego, St Bernadette Soubirous, Fatima, Me?ugorje and so there is no mockery in noting this.You have badly misread my post above, which gently makes fun of Sarah Palin's own dilatory habits in public scheduling, as well as the vaguely cultic devotion with which her most fervent admirers regard her. Honesty demands that you amend this post at least and retract it at most. Your accusations bring you great shame.

  • Gaston

    CommentsMy wife and i ended up being so fortunate that Louis could round up his reaesrch with the ideas he grabbed through the site. It's not at all simplistic to just choose to be freely giving tips many people might have been selling. And now we know we need you to appreciate because of that. The illustrations you have made, the simple site navigation, the friendships you can aid to foster it is mostly incredible, and it's assisting our son and us reckon that the situation is fun, and that's very important. Thanks for the whole lot!

  • Sorrow

    CommentsIn addition, Rachel had roots in Iowa farm cnuotry. She wrote of her grandmother and uncle. Both farmers, both lovers of the land: (from the emails of Rachel Corrie) If any of us had our lives and welfare completely strangled, lived with children in a shrinking place where we knew, because of previous experience, that soldiers and tanks and bulldozers could come for us at any moment and destroy all the greenhouses that we had been cultivating for however long, and did this while some of us were beaten and held captive with 149 other people for several hours – do you think we might try to use somewhat violent means to protect whatever fragments remained? I think about this especially when I see orchards and greenhouses and fruit trees destroyed – just years of care and cultivation. I think about you and how long it takes to make things grow and what a labour of love it is. I really think, in a similar situation, most people would defend themselves as best they could. I think Uncle Craig would. I think probably Grandma would. I think I would.You asked me about non-violent resistance. (Again, thanks to Taxi for the link to Rachel's writings.)

  • Jonell

    CommentsThis is a superb site! I am lediang a Bible Study of 40 women on Mary this year in Blacksburg, Va., and I will highly recommend their exploration of your web site. About 15 members are Korean, so I cannot wait to tell them of your translation ability! My favorite part is the saints' commentary on Mary. I have had a friend forward me Fr Bob's Commentary for quite a while now, and I have used it on Radio Maria programming (as I have produced a Bible Study program for them for several years). I'm excited to find the log of Father Bob's past commentaries!

  • Bayan

    Commentsthat he is retiring beasuce he has very young children, I believe twins. However, his progression on this issue should be a sign of message of hope to all of us. He has just returned from his third trip to Gaza and now wants to return to testify under oath in an Israeli court on the Corrie case autopsy issue. Amazing. Hats off to Brian Baird.Fact: The Corries did not want an autopsy. The IDF wanted an autospy and Cindy and Craig were told that Rachel's body would not be released unless they agreed to one. They agreed with conditions. The IDF took their signed fax to the Israeli court and the autopsy was allowed by Israeli court order with those conditions.In the Conclusions to the Legal Opinion on the Final Military Police Report it states: An autopsy of the deceased, with the approval of her family and in the presence of a U.S. consular representative, These conlusions were shared with the State Department and with interested members of Congress.One problem. As Sarah Simpson relates on Democracy Now, the Israeli court ordered condition was violated. There was no American official present. However, Brian Baird and the Corries were not apprised of this fact for several years after the fact.As Rachel's aunt, you can see I follow this case very closely.

  • sara

    CommentsThis taught me more about God than anything else and I've been a Christian since 1985. Whoever produced it, it is fantastic. Such a real teaching from real lives. It gave me such hope and confirmation. Never forget what happened in WW2.

  • Nisha

    CommentsThis website is biatueful to look at, and logically laid out. I have to say, there are two categories of websites that for some reason are generally messy and hard to navigate: craft websites and religious websites! (why this is, I have no idea) This one, however, is neither messy nor difficult to navigate. What a great resource. Thank you!I do have one question who is Fr. Bob? I am embarrassed to ask this question because the website reads as if it should be obvious, but I thought you should know that is an unanswered question to the newcomer. (I spent a little time on the site looking for the answer, but after 30 minutes I still don't know who he is, with all due respect)

  • CJ

    CommentsWe just watched the movie. may we never forget and I pray we will never allow this to happen again.

  • Shawanda

    CommentsBlessed by this Ministry and Great Work of God
    -Dr. Mike Evans, May the LORD Bless you & Keep you, Shine on you, Be Gracious to you, and Give you His Peace as you continue to fulfill His Calling and Purpose for your life.

  • Vonnie
    United States of America

    CommentsThank You.

  • April

    CommentsI read The Hiding Place many years ago and have never forgotten it. I was (and still am) so blessed and inspired by the ten Booms. I just discovered this website today. Taking the virtual tour of the Beje was so wonderful, and to be able to see the actual room where they hid the Jews is truly amazing! Thank you for making this possible.

  • soraya

    Commentsblessings to all who keep the evangelizing and work of corrie ten boom...jesus is victor!

  • Jackie

    CommentsI am forever gratefull for finding this website what a blessing. I am so honor for taking the vertual tour. I hope that some day I will be able to visit the Ten Boom's home. I was trully blessed.

  • Karen

    CommentsThe book The Hiding Place changed me. It broke my heart into little tiny pieces and My Father scooped up the pieces and lovingly held them. May we always remember to " Thank God for the fleas." I had a personal experience with this new way of thinking and was blown away by God's Glory shining through. Keep Christ closer to you than anything. May His peace and wisdom flood your hearts and minds...

  • Janet
    United States

    CommentsThank you so much for this web-site. I have always wanted to visit the ten Boom home. This is such a blessing.

  • Madeline

    CommentsI have always been moved by the Hiding Place story. The courage of the Ten Boom family and especially the faith of Corrie and Betsy. I always remember, there is not pit too deep that God is not stronger still".

    I have watched the movie "The Hiding Place" many times. I get something out of it every time I watch it.


    Madeline Murdoch

  • Marissa
    South Africa

    CommentsI read the book -The hiding place - and watched the movie. I enjoyed the virtual tour of the Ten Boom home. What an amazingly inspiring story and family! I am looking forward to meeting them in heaven one day. Corrie demonstrated simple childlike faith and the power of forgiveness.

  • Rosalind
    Isle of Man, British Isles

    CommentsGod's faithfulness and lovingkindness endures forever. The Lord demonstrated His love in the lives of the Ten Boom family as they prayed and served Him faithfully in rescuing His chosen people even at the risk of their own lives.
    'The LORD said to Abram,"I will bless those who bless you and I will curse him who curses you."' Gen 12:3
    I pray the Ten Boom family will be an inspiration and encouragement to all those who profess to love Messiah Y'shua as their personal Saviour and Lord and to follow their example especially as we see a repeat of the same threat to Israel from Iran today. Thank you for the reminder through the Ten Boom Museum. Shalom in Him.

  • Marilyn Workman

    CommentsI remember watching Corrie on the PTL Club many many years ago which moved me to read her books and view the movie. It's amazing to know that the Lord's plan is with us all the time. Her life has been a wonderful encouragement to me and we all need to stand for what is good and true and right in the sight of God.

  • Mia Bella

    CommentsCorrie's story is absolutely amazing. I wish that we all could have the courage to stand up for what is right, with no fear, only trust in the Lord and his plans for us. My prayers are with the salvation of all, even our enemies, and prove that we really are worthy of God's love.

    May God bless all, Amen.

  • Bianca

    CommentsHeelo, i'm from Brazil, and i'm reading the book "A Tramp for the Lord" and I'm loving! Wonderfull history!! :D God bless you!

    Ola, estou lendo o livro "Andarilha para o Senhor" e estou amando! Maravilhosa a histria da Corrie e sua irm Betsie!!

  • Helen

    CommentsGod bless us and God forgive us. Help me to be more like Jesus. Help me not compare myself to anyone but Him. He is the standard we should strive for, tho we'll never make it.

  • David

    CommentsNow more than ever we need spend time in prayer for all of God's children as well as the lost in the world.

    Pray that we will remain strong when the time comes.

  • Pamella

    CommentsI pray that if this generation is called upon to be an Esther or a Corrie, we will do so with the same brave faith they showed us. May the love Christians have for the Jews destroy the hatred in this world for the Jews. I have always taught my children love is more powerful than hate. Let us pray for the Jews as the Muslims plan the destruction of both the USA and Israel. Let us pray for the salvation of all, even our enemies and prove we really do love Christ. God Bless this work. The world needs reminders and repentance and revival. Shalom.

  • Marjorie
    New Zealand

    CommentsWow what an amazing legacy to leave behind for us all as an example of God's faithfulness to those who love Him with all their hearts. Truly this family's courage and bravery could only have come from God. I have yet to watch "The Hiding Place" and only came across Corrie's amazing journey through my son's homework assignment.

    Thank you Father God for allowing us to share in your precious gifts of Corrie and her family.

  • susan

    CommentsThank-you for putting this all together. Ms. Corrie's great example of faith has brought me through so many hard times in my life. I so admire her,I tell people she is hero. but always say that she would want me to say Jesus is my hero and he is. I don't know what else to say but THANk You.
    She looks so much like my great aunt who allowed me to go in her room and sit with her as she showed me her big bible.
    I bet many a girl sat at Corrie's feet to hear stories about our Jesus.

  • Beverly

    CommentsI read the Hiding Place when my children read it in school in the 80s. I plan to send copies to my grand children. I'm sure they will be inspired just as I was. In the last few months I feel a real calling to pray for the Jewish people.

  • Les

    CommentsI am a Messianic Jew. In 1981 someone gave me a copy of the Hiding Place. The Lord used it to show me true faith; one that endures and prospers in adversity. The Ten Booms will be among the first I will seek out when I enter heaven.

    I pray many in the church would develop a Ten Boom like love for my people and the land God gave to us.

    May we in the church living in freedom, stand strong for our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer persecution for the sake of the Gospel. I wear a wristband for the suffering church. "I wear this wristband in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Christ, who share my faith but not my freedom."

    Finally I thank the Mike Evans ministry for preserving the Ten Boom home and for the incredible tour of the Corrie Ten Boom museum.

  • Benjamin
    United States of America

    CommentsMy Wife's sister loaned me some DVD's and among them was 'The Hiding Place.' She said she didn't remember where she got it, and gave it to me. I have seen the film, many times, and read the book over and over.
    I am a Messianic Jew, although My Jewish roots are distant. Gods Word says that'He is not a Jew that is (only) one outwardly, but one inwardly. I have been taught all my life to love Israel, I have always loved them, and identified with them. Yeshua is my savior, God show these Chosen People your great Salvation, Yeshua.

  • Cheryl

    CommentsCorrie ten Boom has been a blessing to me for years - via her books, the movie, via attending Jeanette Cliff George's Bible studies and by the example of Corrie's life. Many a time when I have faced unpleasant circumstances I recall the Lord's faithfulness and grace which sustained Corrie and so many others. I Praise the Lord for her life but only because HE was so involved. Good people come and go. Some do not know the Lord. Only those who do can lay claim to BECAUSE OF HIM!! I would love to go to Holland and take my own personal virtual tour!

  • Pat

    CommentsI am looking forward to visiting the museum in May of 2012. Such graces!

  • Joel
    United States

    CommentsI have read THE HIDING PLACE several times. I believe it to be an inspired book. I have given away copies and recommended it to various people. I have never spoken to anyone who has read the book, nor given a copy to anyone, no matter whether agnostic, believing, sophisticated or simple, who has not been moved by the book. The Ten Boom family is beautiful. Betsy, in particular, seems saintly almost beyond belief--just almost,however, for we know she really did have in her God's love for the godly as well as for the godless to an astonishing degree.

  • Petro Reynders
    South Africa

    CommentsBusy reading Corrie's book - The hiding Place, what a inspiration for me!! God is great!!! Amen

  • Jess Abrahams
    United States

    CommentsThis was moving, heartwarming to see God's love in the midst of such tragedy. What a family & of course Ms. Ten Boom, but what a family of God's sacrificial love here on earth. I must come back to the site again. Thank you for all of the time, effort & love put into this site. Pray indeed for the peace of Jerusalem, we gentiles were only grafted in.

  • dami

    CommentsAmo lo q hizo esta mujer y su familia e leido los libros de ella y amo a los judios!!

  • Sara
    United States

    CommentsI was in a deep, dark pit from which I almost didn't come out of. But a picture was in my mind from a book I read (The Hiding Place): Corrie's sister dying, and saying to Corrie that there is no pit so deep, that Jesus is not deeper still. Oh such words! If they had the courage to keep believing while in the midst of such evil, such horror, well then, I could stand up and believe too. Without knowing it, Jesus used them to save one, insignificant life: My life. Now, I sing to His honor and thank Him for his grace and forgiveness.

  • George
    United States

    CommentsGreatly inspired by Corrie's heroic story!
    I had the great joy of meeting her in person at the Graham Studios, where the Hiding Place was produced.

  • Roger Ong

    CommentsContinue to pray & bless Jerusalem (God's ancient people) Shalom!

  • Jenny
    United States

    CommentsI read The Hiding Place several years ago, then I bought it on cd so I could hear it while traveling. I am now finishing the book :The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom. What a blessing the entire Ten Boom family is to my life through their faith and strength.

  • Jimmy
    United States

    CommentsI just read "The Hiding Place" and was amazed and inspired by Corrie and her family's story. God has greatly used it to show me what is truly important and how short we come to His holiness. Too often we complain about such little things when Corrie and Betsie went through so much and yet thanked God through it all. And that as they found the only way to get through all of life is Jesus' strength. I can't wait to meet Corrie and the other Ten Booms some day!

  • Wendy A.

    CommentsI've read almost all the books Corrie wrote, have been to the museum in person, and am so pleased to have the tour refreshed in my mind with this wonderful virtual tour.

    If you ever wonder how the ten Boom family were able to live such a life of selfless love and self-sacrifice in occupied Holland during WWII, read In My Father's House by Corrie. The ten Booms lived this life long before Hitler and the Natzis came to Holland. And it's inspiring that I too should give to others in the same way . . . during times of war and times of peace.

  • Reggie
    Pierce County,Puyallup,Wa.98371 USA

    Comments There is No greater gift for anyone but, To Lay Down Their Life for Another, Christ IS our Example of Suffering, aren't we to fellow our Example's, first the Suffering then the Joy, first our own Cross then the Crown. JESUS WEPTED. HE is risen Amen

  • montesino
    United States

    Commentsbirth certificate translation What an amazing Buku Tamu Page . I have found this blog very interesting because I have gotten the most read information. This blog help certified translation services me out otherwise I dont know how much time I have to spend for getting right information. document translation

  • Anna
    United States

    CommentsI just read her biography for a book report, and it was amazing! I wish there was more to read. God bless their family!

  • ifeoma

    CommentsGod bless you Mike Evans for this work and this exposition in Jesus name. God bless the Ten Boom family for all of their sacrifices.Peace to Jerusalem. . God bless you and God bless Israel

  • henk van Hunnik

    CommentsIk heb veel over Corrie ten boom gehoord. Jaren geleden toen ik als pas bekeerd christen met een joodse achtergrond( via de lijn van mijn moeder) bij Herman en Els ter Welle in e gemeente kwam, hoorde ik dat een van zijn dochters nog door Corrie ten Boom was opgedragen. Ik heb deze zendelinge voor God nog nooit persoonlijk mogen ontmoeten, maar ik heb diep respect voor hetgeen zij tijdens de tweede wereld oorlog voor het joodse volk heeft gedaan. Ik heb haar boeken gelezen en de film meermalen gezien en ik ben blij dat het werk van deze moedige vrouw na jaren, dat zij bij de Heer is, wordt voortgezet Ik hoop spoedig eens naar Haarlem te komen om het museum te bezoeken.

  • Jerilyn

    CommentsThank you Mike Evans for this museum. What a privilege to get to tour by video such an historic site. So beautiful and inspiring. May God find us faithful to His call. Peace to Jerusalem.

  • Emilie

    CommentsThe virtual tour brought tears to my eyes. My late husband and I would have liked to visit the Ten Boom Museum, but my husband passed away last year before we could do so. As part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, I am devoted to pray for the nation of Israel.
    Corrie will always remain an inspiration to me for her love and dedication to God's chosen people and for her example of love and forgiveness.

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