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  • Amanda

    CommentsMany years ago I had seen The Hiding Place movie. Brought me to tears and today I stumbled on this and now in tears again. Thank you. This is a reminder to me that God is truly with us no matter what we go through. God bless the Ten Boom family, Mike Evans, and all who have worked to put this tour together.
    I have been praying for Israel and will continue to do so until Christ returns.

  • William

    CommentsI just finished reading "The Hiding Place".

    I am the first generation son born to Holocaust survivors. My mother was from Romania, my father from Poland. Both survived Aushwitz.

    I was raised Orthodox Jewish but became a Christian about 30 years ago.

    This was a very meaningful book that helped me to appreciate God's love and Grace even more.

    Have a good day,

    Corrie ten Boom was right to recognize the special pl;ace that the Chosen People have in God's plan, and their place in human history.

    Dr. William Kalichman, MD, AME.

  • Patricia Ann
    United Kingdom

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family was a great example of how Christians should live our lives for Christ. I would love for the film to be shown on TV so that people would see how true followers of Yeshua live, forgive and show the love of Christ. Thenk you Lord Yeshua for working through this wonderful family and many others who stood up for Israel. I give you all the praise, the glory and the honour Lord. Amen.

  • nozomi

    CommentsI love Jesus and Jerusalem.
    I want to love all people.
    I believe God to give me true love.
    I promise to pray for peace of Jerusalem every day.

  • Evelyn

    CommentsMr Ten Boom was a great man. He truly was an example of the love of Christ. He lived the true Christian life and brought honor and glory to God.
    Mr Ten Boom was also able to impart the belief in the Lord Jesus to his children and neighbors. Can Christians today say the same for their lives? True honer and respect for the Lord seems to be hard to find today. While many profess Christ few dig down deep into their hearts to really submit themselves totally to His will.
    May God bring the love He imparted into the hearts of the Ten Boom family to those around the world who profess the name of Jesus!

  • Greta

    CommentsI read Corrie ten Boom's for English in 8th grade an now in 10th grade I read it for a history "choice of book" project. I read the entire thing in about 2 days!! Such a moving story!!!! The life lesson I have learned from the ten Boom family will forever stick with me!!!! I came on this website for pictures and more knowledge for my project and I really enjoyed the virtual tour!! I can't wait till I can visit Haarlem, Holland one day so I can visit her home in person! I wish I could've met Corrie sadly she passed before my time. God Bless the ten Boom family!!!

  • Wendy
    United States

    CommentsSuch strong faith Corrie and her family had. I've read her book and will some day share the story with my daughter.

  • Annette

    CommentsI am a middle school teacher. Each year I read and teach The Hiding Place to my students. They are always amazed when I show them the pictures of the Beje and the secret room. My students and I were able to see the ten Boom clock on display-what an honor. Reading the book for the first time was amazing. I even bought the book on tape to listen to in my car. I am given hope each time I listen or read Corrie's book. Imagine,so many years later and Corrie's words still bring us closer together. I wish I could have met her.

  • Pam

    CommentsMy husbands family met Corrie so I read her book the Hiding Place...It was a truly amazing experience of Faith in the midst of very difficult times....I prayed to have Corrie faith, she truly is a women of tremendous strength and is worthy of praise..She shows us God will give you a peace that passes all understanding....She truly is a women of unshakable strong faith!!!!God Bless you Corrie Ten Boom...

  • RITA


  • Mary Remillard
    United States of America

    CommentsI read the Hiding Place for the first time when I was in high school....I still have the copy and have reread this book a thousand times....truly amazing what this woman and her sister through....God Bless them both for showing the rest of the world that things aren't as bad in our own life and that to see the brighter side of life...with the help of and faith in God...I wish I could have talked to her....

  • (Edna) Louise

    CommentsWhen I was a little girl during World War II, my mother told me I was Holland Dutch, a distinction important to her because Pennsylvania Dutch were German! After the war ended and the horrors of the camps were revealed to the world, I couldn't imagine what life must have been like in Holland. Then as an adult I read The Hiding Place and I learned. I fell in love with the Ten Boom family but tried to forget the 2nd World War! In the past few years I have re-read everything I could about Corrie. Pictures of her and her family so resemble my mother's. Her faith in the Lord is a shining example of how He works His purposes. What an amazing role model! And now Mike Evans has, under God's guidance, brought Corrie and her family to life again. How marvelous! She is still ministering in her unique way to a sin-ridden world where evil is rolling over us like a tsunami that will surely usher in the return of our Lord. How wonderful to know Him! To have people like Corrie to show us the way He wants us to live. Thank you so very much, everyone who had a part in establishing the museum and this incredible website!

  • Rosalee
    United States of America

    CommentsToday is the date of Corries life/passing into the hands of the LORD. I had never even heard about this, before. Thank YOU LORD for bringing me here. Now I will search for the hiding place (the movie). And I commit to continue to pray for Jerusalem, as the LORD has commanded us to do. And I will thank HIM for those who have served HIM in such an inspiring way, by helping HIS chosen nation in and thru HIS incredible love! Thank you for sharing.

  • Dee

    CommentsAlmost two years ago in 2011 I was helping my 90 year old mother move from our family home and she said 'take whatever books you want'. "The Hiding Place" was there in paperback, with a notation that it was given to my father in 1976 by one of our neighbors. I just read it, and was so moved and was obviously brought to tears. What an inspiration to see their faith. Of course it made me look at my own. This museum is truly an amazing piece of work and I thank you so much for presenting this information to the world. May God bless you and the work you are doing.

  • Jammie

    CommentsI just stumbled on the Facebook page for Corrie Ten Boom and it brought back the memory of when I was a young girl, reading her book. So glad to see that she and her family are being honored for the things that they have accomplished in their lives. God bless them all as well as their descendants.

  • Gloria

    CommentsI thank God for people like the ten Booms that have left such a legacy and an example of how to serve God and love others. I pray for the people of the Lord and His proctection over His people. May the work of the Lord continue through this legacy and I pray for all of those who are involved in keeping this Foundation alive. God bless you.

  • Manissa
    United States of America

    CommentsI am looking foward to meeting Corrie and the rest of the ten Boom family in Eternity! I have always admired her faith and her gentle spirit! Thank you so much for this beautiful 'view' of her life and family. We have been praying for Israel and will continue to do so until the return of Christ. I am praying that my children will grow to be faithful to the call to share the Gospel-just like Corrie. She was a Hero of the Faith.

  • Kelly

    CommentsI am amazed at the love the Ten Boom family showed towards the Jews, by risking their lives & giving their lives to save some Jews. I am also amazed at the courage it took for Corrie to forgive her enemies! If Corrie can forgive her enemies who treated her family and herself so badly, then I can forgive those who have hurt & mistreated me! what an amazing example the Ten Boom family is to display the love of God to the world!! I have utmost respect for the Ten Boom family and to God!

  • David
    United States

    CommentsMay the Living God bless all who come to this website! I hope to see the museum in Holland while I am on this earth. My heart and my spirit rejoice for souls such as Corrie ten Boom and her family. Thank you Mike Evans for your preservation and continuous endeavors for Christ!

  • pierre
    spain and uk

    CommentsWhat a very moving story of a lady who touched the world , and as did her Family.
    and how powerful you are lord to keep protecting us and corrie during the hard time she and her family suffed during the dark years of the war .
    and how she remained loyal to you o lord to the end of her life and bought others to you and forgave her and how we all continue to Pray for peace in the Holy land
    Rest in peace Corrie papa and betsie and other members of the family now that you Are all with our father in his kingdom
    and with our saviour Jesus

  • Elizabeth
    United States

    CommentsA beautiful and moving story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. What dedication to God and their desire to help the Jews. It is heart rending. My heart has been moved to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem in a serious and greater way than ever before. God bless the people who have made this moving and beautiful story available in such a vital way. God is so Powerful and awesome and is ever faithful. To make Jesus known and His powerful Love to all people should be our # one priority which has been so graphically displayed by this family and others in Holland during that crucial time.


    CommentsIt is our honor to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! I am truely Blessed being here!

  • pamela
    united states

    CommentsMy heart aches for the Jewish people in the world today.I am so blessed to have found this website and to have watched the story of the Ten Boom family.I count it a priviledge to stand with you in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people.May we all strive to walk in the incredible love and forgiveness modeled for us by the Ten Boom family.May we all pray and work to spread the love of our savior Jesus Christ to a world in desperate need of salvation and peace that only he can give.

  • Rhonda James

    CommentsMay the work of Dr. Mike Evans and the Jerusalem Prayer team bring spiritual and physical blessings to the nation of Israel and the people who suppot this ministry. The story of Corrie ten boom have left a lasting impression on me as a christian and it further emphasize my belief in the power of prayer and forgiveness to our enemies and people who hurt us because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Mirzeli

    CommentsMy heart is broken into a million pieces after going through the 90 minute tour. My heart aches not only for the Jewish people but the gentiles as well. My passion has always been to extend greater love to the Jews, the apple of Gods' eye! How blessed we are through them. What an honor to have come across this website and get to know Mike Evans through the Jerusalem Prayer Team. The Hiding Place is inspiring. What an example this Woman of God is for us all!!

  • Raymond

    CommentsI have visited the Ten Boom clock shop in Haarlem twice both before Mike Evans made it into a museum.I think he has done a termendous job bringing the truth of the love of Christ shown through this remarkable Christian family and Corrie was one wonderful ambassador for the Gospel of God..The Lord bless you and keep you in His love and grace...Ray C

  • Claire
    United States

    CommentsI'm so glad to see this website. The further the world turns away from God the more people need to learn about people like the Ten Booms. Their stories must not be forgotten.

  • shelia
    united states

    CommentsThe ten boom family were very brave & blessed. Corries book The Hidding Place has stuck in my mind for years.

  • Annette

    CommentsI was touched so deeply when I read The Hiding Place many years ago. This is a beautiful story and such a wonderful way to show it. Thank you and bless you.

  • Donna Croney

    CommentsI read the Hiding Place in the '70's and followed Corrie's life till her death. My family of 4 have all read the Hiding Place and seen the movie. The Ten Boon Family and what they did to help Jews is close to our hearts. Thank you, Mike Evans, for your heart for them and for keeping their history alive. Bless you!

  • Lexie

    CommentsThis has honestly just changed my perspective and knowledge about a lot of things. My english class in middle school has been studying the holocaust for a few months now. This has grabbed my attention and I have quite an interest and care for what has happened. This has made me a very thankful and appreciative person. The story of the Ten Boom family has made an impact on my life, most definitely. The courage, braveness, kindness and how humble Corrie ten Boom definitely shows me and anyone that the love of God is so strong and to always forgive. I just think this was very moving and makes a big impact on anyone and has a very important role in history. Thank you.

  • John

    CommentsMany years ago, I had the pleasure of reading "The Hiding Place". A fantastic book written by a fantastic Christian!

  • Lola

    CommentsThere is a program on TV right now, a mini-series about the Bible and I have been watching all about the struggles of God's people, I was led to this site which has made me understand so much more, both of these things have made me want to read for myself about the rich history of the Jewish people, I will be praying for Gods chosen people. May God give me the love and the faith of the Ten Boom family.

  • Ginger

    CommentsI can't begin to tell you how much this book has moved me, and to see this video makes me feel like a part of me was there. I pray Corrie's message never goes unheard.

  • James

    CommentsThank you so much for putting this together and sharing with the world. We need more people with this faith and dedication. May God bless you all.

  • sandy hubbard

    CommentsThank you for a beautiful tour and a reminder to all of us to Thank God for people like the Bloom Family, who truly love God and his people. I cryed for the love and the faith the Bloom family had. With God help I pray that we all can be more like the Bloom Family.

  • Penelope
    United States

    CommentsThank you. What a marvelous testament to the work God can do through the Holy Spirit, in a truly repentant, saved and willing heart. Please God, ignite in us, forgiveness and the
    desire to share Your Truth.

  • wanda

    CommentsI have read many of Corys books and have taken the vitual tour, in tears. For her family and for the Jewish people, that found fefuge, in a world filled with hatred for them,for what they stood for (LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY) and whom they believed in! (JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!)I admire the legacy that the ten BOOM family has left to the world, But above ALL of this I admire the mission that GOD ALMIGHTY led them TO and THROUGH!! GLORY BE TO GOD! Grace be to the world and love for all. Till Christ comes in GLORIOUS SPLENDOR! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Brandy

    CommentsI read a few of corys books and they forever touched my life . I also browsed through your website now feeling very much closer to the Ten Booms . Thank you so much for sharing your life with us . Forever be blessed in Lord Jesus .

  • Virginia

    CommentsMAGNIFICENT and very profound ,thank you LORD for all you have done . FOR you always LORD ,amaze me and you will use what ever you deem for your glory .thank you for giving Corrie Ten Boom her hearts desire ..amen

  • Janice
    United States

    CommentsThank you Lord for your continued blessings over the Jewish people and Jewish nation.

  • Margreta

    CommentsI Thank Father God for his courageous daugthers' Corrie ten Boom's and Besy and their family,and for His message of faithfulness,the power of his love and forgiveness. I was blessed by the Museum,and will remember my Jewish brothers and sisters in prayer all the days of my life,in Jesus Name

  • Barbara
    United States

    CommentsThe question posed early in this presentation remained in my toughts through out this heart felt journey of Corrie ten Boom's inspirational life of love for Jesus and the Jewish Nation, preaching love, forgiveness and most importantly FAITH, has reinforced my faith.............. immensely.Thank You

  • Dana
    United States of America

    CommentsThere is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.

  • Karen
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat a privilege this has been to take a tour of the ten Boom Museum. I have loved Corrie's book The Hiding Place for many many years. I pray for God's chosen people. That He will keep them strong and healthy and safe. I pray that the USA will open its eyes and hearts once again to the Jewish nation of Israel and make a commitment to fight along side of them for the sake of Jerusalem. I pray that our President will quit speaking out of both sides of his mouth and will stand with Israel's leaders against the nations of Satan. I pray for Jesus to return to the mount of olives. I pray that me and my family's names are listed in the book of life so that we will have eternal life with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in Heaven. I pray that we all will become on in His kingdom. I also pray this for Angela and Isaac. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

  • Gary (Gershon)
    United States of America

    CommentsMay G'd cherish and bless the Ten Boom family

  • Mary

    CommentsI pray for my family and for the USA that we will go back to being the God fearing nation that we once were. God have mercy on us and and make us to be a nation that loves honors and respects you and your word. Amen Praying for the Jewish people as well.

  • Patti

    Commentsthank you for sharing the Corrie Ten Boom story, her and her family were truly angels sent from the Father.

  • William

    CommentsDear Ten Boom family..I wiil always keep praying for the Jewish People...May all true belivers continue Pray . God is on His Throne... May His Peace be on The Nation of Israel...and may God's protection cover Always....In Jesus Name
    Pastor Curt Jensen

  • Beverly

    CommentsBlessings on the te Boom family who gave their lives for the Jewish people and for thosee who continue to share this message. My prayers are for the Jewish people. God used them to write down God's Word for the world to know about our wonderful Lord and Savior.
    Beverly J Colby

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