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  • Judy

    CommentsWhat a wonderful tour you have created. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I can assure you that I will be taking it again and again and showing it to many so that they may do so as well. Thank you for all that you have done to honor this special family that was used by God to touch so many lives. May HIS blessings be upon each of you.

  • Frank

    CommentsLord and Heavenly Father I thank you for stepping out of eternity and starting the history of mankind, for creating mankind in your Image and likeness, for sending God the Son to take the sins of the world on Him to all who believe, for adopting us as sons and daughters, for highly favoring us who have the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts, and having us become the beloved of God, co-heirs with christ,Lord let your chosen nation see how we have been grafted into the tree,with Israel so that we can pray for your special people, and we can share the pain of their suffering, Lord protect your holy people, from the evil ones that surround them and want to harm them and wipe them out from this planet, write your word in their hearts so that they will know that you will never leave them or forsake them, and that you will be glorified heavenly Father before all the nations, in Jesus name amen

  • Shawn
    United States

    CommentsThank you for making it possible to "travel" to Haarlam to visit the ten Boom home. I am inspired to continue praying for Israel and practice loving kindness to all people. I'm also inspired to read Ms. ten Boom's writings. God Bless and keep you all. Thank you, again, for sharing!

  • Marcia
    United States

    CommentsI became interested in Corrie's story many years ago. I have the movie "The Hiding Place" and have been encouraged by the faith of the ten Boom family. Her story of the train tickets is wonderful and I have shared it with others when they have doubts. God gave Corrie the strength she needed when she needed it.
    Her story stands strong against those who would deny the Holocaust. The love she and her family had for the Jewish people are an example for the rest of us. We should all be so willing to protect those whom God loves.

  • Deny
    United States

    CommentsI heard Corrie during her lifetime. What is so wonderful is that God will take anyone who is willing to work for His kingdom and use them to transform the lives of others. Corrie's message of forgiveness and the times that it was challenged in her life by those who had persecuted her and her family shows me that when God asks us to do something He also empowers us to do it if we will let Him.
    God is the only one that can take the terrible atrocities of the Nazi regime and bring someone through it with a message of God's love and forgiveness. Both her dad and her sister and other family members had victory over the racism and hatred that the Nazis spewed out and many years afterward so did Corrie. I'm glad we serve a God who will ultimately cause us all, who have trusted in Christ as our saviour to also triumph over the darkness of this world. I pray we can continue her message of love and forgiveness.

  • Danny
    Puerto Rico

    CommentsGod has richly blessed you. He will keep an ear and and eye on you at all times. So I pray that the Spirit may pour over you! Keep blessing those who need and keep lifting your cry of hope to the Living God for if He has answered before He will do it again. Praise Jesus Christ, Faithfull and True, Dios Fuerte!

    -Blasting with prayer

  • Ethelene

    CommentsPeace and blessings to you and your family

  • peggy pierce
    united states

    CommentsI love Corrie Ten Boom..She is a lady whom I admire for what God brought her through...

  • Lynda

    CommentsIn 2007, I visited the ten Boom Museum. The virtual tour was a blessing. I can now share what I saw that day. I appreciate God's goodness even more.It is my plan to include this website in my Christmas letter and invite my family and friends to join us all in praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for hosting this site.

  • Ann

    CommentsMay the light of Christ's Love shine upon all of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and around the world and keep them safe.
    May the eyes and hearts of their enemies be opened to the Truth of God's Love for all of His children, that we may have peace on earth and good will toward all people.
    Thank you Dr Evans for your faithful service to my Lord and my God. May God continue to Bless your hard work.
    Thank you for keeping Corrie's story alive.

  • Mary

    CommentsHow wonderful to see my favourite book of all time come to life, and how wonderful it was that they were such "normal" people, treating Jesus as a member of the family!

  • Sister A. McCray

    CommentsThank you for keeping the legacy of Corrie ten Boom alive. She came to our Fellowship in Chicago, IL around 1976/77. I will never forget when she came, we had an opportunity to speak with her. I had a list rolled up like a scroll, and she pushed it away, saying, "Put that away. Someday your life will be just like mine." I did not know what she meant then, but I certainly do now. I have been a "Tramp for The Lord" in more than 10 countries, and totally by complete faith! The 1040 window has made life, close to the same lifestyle Miss ten Boom had.

    Does she have any surviving relatives? I could not find much info, when I lived in the Netherlands for 6 months.

    I will NEVER forget her, her family, and their dedication to God and many others!

  • Lynna

    CommentsWonderful tour, and moving story of this family and all they did for the Lord Jesus. I hope that given the same circumstances I would have the fortitude to do the same. I have shared your web site with my Face Book and Twitter contacts. I hope many more will come, learn, and or be reminded.
    May the Lord bless your ministry here.

  • Venita
    United States of America

    CommentsCorrie Ten Boom's writings have been an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  • Sharon

    CommentsI have been a fan of Corrie ten Boom's writings and beliefs. I too have a heavy heart for Jerusalem and the Jewish people. I pray my Father to protect and give them the peace that only you can provide. I pray too that You will open their minds and hearts to become belivers in Your Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah so that they can experience Your ultimate Love and Grace that is waiting for each of them. Amen

  • Emmanuel Kofi Dapaah

    CommentsFather God in the name of Jesus I stand in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of the apple of your eye-the Jewish people. Amen

  • Adriana

    CommentsI pray for peace in Jerusalem, Israel, the Lord bless you and keep free.

  • Karen
    United States of America

    CommentsPlease give Jerusalem Your perfect shalom. Please give Your perfect shalom to Your land and Your people and let them not be afraid, neither let a hair on their heads be damaged. Let Judah very speedily accept Yehusha HaMoshiach. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for hearing our prayers and answering them. Ahmein, ahmein.

  • Susan

    CommentsFather God in the name of Jesus I stand in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of the apple of your eye-the Jewish people. Amen

  • Sharon

    CommentsOh my God, incline your ear and hear! Open Your eyes and see our desolations and the city which is called by Your name; for we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion. O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and take action! For Your own sake, O my God, do not delay; because Your city and Your people are called by Your name.
    - Daniel: 9:18-19.

    Please Lord let not Israel be deceived as my country is deceived. There is only one God and one Messiah who can bring peace to Israel and to the world. Jesus forgive us and have mercy on us for Your names sake. Let Your people call upon Your Holy Name and make our hearts right with you. Let us return to "One Nation Under God" that we as a nation will be blessed as we love and support Your chosen people Israel and the apple of Your eye, Jerusalem.

  • gina

    Commentsmay world peace come soon

  • Teresa

    CommentsPrays lifted for the Jewish people. May God protect them and bring them closer to Himself through Jesus the Christ.

  • Linda
    United States of America

    CommentsMay God bless the Jewish people and protect them from their enemies. May God bring peace to all of Israel and her people.

  • Helen
    United States of America

    CommentsI pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and Israel.. I love the Jewish people and pray for you always... Our church helps to bring the Jewish people home ... God Bless and keep you always....

  • Grace
    United States of America

    CommentsCorrie is one of my greatest role models!

  • Audrey Friesen

    CommentsMay God bless the people of Israel and may they learn to know Jesus as their personal saviour. May there be peace in Jerusalem. Amen

  • Cathy Ortega
    United States Of America

    CommentsMay God protect and bless the Jewish people. I also rest in His hiding place, I may never know the persecution of this people but I trust in God no matter the circumstance through faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God grant Jerusalem the peace we all need. God Bless Israel.

  • Linda

    CommentsWhat a wonderful story! I've known about Corrie for many years. I remember seeing her on the 700 Club. Such a loving, giving woman.
    Thank you for making this web site, so that many people are able to "visit" where it all happened.

    My prayers for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel. These are terrible days, Hamas is firing rockets into Israel. I pray that Hamas will keep the agreement of peace that has just been agreed to today.
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  • Carl P
    United States Of America

    CommentsI Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem, Israel, & The Jewish Nation !! God Loves The People Of Israel & So Do I !! :-)

  • Heather

    CommentsI am truely humbled that my Lord has directed my path to the Ten Boom home & to pray "May peace be within you" for the peace and prosperity of the Jewish nation,as this family did.
    The faith of this family is a testament to the amazing grace that is offered to all who believe.
    As Corrie stated "The Lord has no problems only plans"
    for "He Himself is our peace"(ephesians2:14)Dr.Evans this is a wonderful site and moving experience. May the Lord bless you

  • Jody
    United States

    CommentsThe story of Corrie Tenboom has been deeply imbedded in my heart for many many years. I always wanted to be able to visit the Tenboom homeplace and through this virtual tour I have been able to do that. My heart is so broken for God's Chosen People and for the current war in Israel against the Hamas terror organization. I pray for her safety and for the peace of Jerusalem daily. My daughter has been doing some research and we believe that we may have some Jewish blood that goes back to Paltinossa, Bucovina, Austria where my maternal great grandparents and their children fled to the United States in 1903. Born Again Christian or of Jewish descent, I only know that my heart belongs to Israel. God bless you for your continued devotion and work for God's people.

  • Aileen

    CommentsThank you for this stunning tour of the Ten Boom Museum, which made the story of the Tem Boom Family come to life for me. I am praying for the peace and safety of the Jews even now, as her Israeli citizens in the Gaza strip are under attack by Syria in these past few days. May God keep His loving Hand over these blessed people and allow no weapon formed against Israel to prosper; and will also keep your ministry in my prayers. Thanks again for posting this museum tour!

  • Cindy
    United States

    CommentsThank you for sharing. Teaching us that with God all things are possible, and all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. Thank You again and may God Bless you.

  • Leilani

    CommentsMay our Father God bring peace to Isreal.

  • Jennifer

    CommentsI have been to the holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and later read Prison Letters by Corrie ten Boom and recently purchased the video The Hiding Place. I just stumbled upon this Website after opening an email sent to me by Dr. Evans. I watched the virtual tour. I really feel like the Lord has been pointing me to look at Corrie's example of true Christianity. Her testimony reminds me of Psalm 46. As a tribute to their family's courage and obedience to God's call to serve, especially in this dangerous capacity, I would like to say that though they may not ever be in our school history books, Corrie, like Esther, is worthy of being mentioned among all Christians and Jewish writings today.

  • Lizzy

    CommentsI am doing a piece on her for my Drama GCSE and this has been very helpful. She is such an amazing woman. She is a truly inspirational women risking the lives of her family for others. I am honoured to be telling her story.

  • Jukka

    CommentsSurely it's agreat honor and a privilege to
    be an intercessor for the Jewish people and
    Israel...It's a great gift of God!
    May our Heavenly Father grant us His strength
    in order for us to carry out our high calling
    to glorify our Lord Yeshua!

  • Laura

    CommentsLet's continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem

  • Susan
    United States

    CommentsMy prayer will continually be for Israel and her people. May Jerusalem be forever and soon be united physically with the Heavenly Jerusalem. I love the Jewish people. They remain Gods chosen people. As a Christian I agree with Corrie Ten Boom words, how can you love Jesus without loving the Jews? Jesus Christ the son of God was born from a Jewish virgin. A divine conception. This takes faith to believe so ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this truth to you. I pray Shalom forever to Israel and Jerusalem. May the Angels of the Most High protect your borders and land and all the descendents of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob forever. Shalom

  • michael

    Commentsmy favorite lines from BOOM... "God does not have problems. Only plans."

    "There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still."

  • Morgan

    CommentsI LOVE The Hiding Place. I never realized how bad it was. God bless

  • John

    CommentsMay GOD bless HIS people and bring peace back to their land.The persecution has gone on far to long.

  • Gary
    United States

    CommentsI am ashamed of how Christians, myself included, often take advantage of our blessings, and how we do not have to suffer the persecution that the Jews endured. We are told in the Bible that they are God's chosen people, and we are to love them. I pray that there will never again be another Holocaust, that someday the Jewish people will be allowed to live in peace, and that they will discover the love of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.

  • Lula

    CommentsSo blessed by Corrie testimony,I love the Jewish people.

  • Donna
    United States

    CommentsThank you the work you are doing for the message of God's love through Christ Jesus. We will continue to pray for God's chosen people, the Jews, to accept Jesus as their Messiah.


    CommentsMay the lord protect Israel people always, and may their never be another holocaust amen.

  • Sunni
    United States

    CommentsMy homeschool students, my grandsons, are reading the Hiding Place along with our study of World War II. This tour was so helpful to understand the book better. The message of Corrie and Betsie's love and understanding of Jesus's forgiveness is made more clear now. We will soon watch the movie also and see a play in the spring. Thank you for everything.

  • Adelina
    United States of America

    CommentsThere are simply no words to describe the Ten Boom's fearless stand for God's ultimate love for mankind. We will under-stand when we are at our eternal home with Abba Father and His Precious Son, Jesus Christ. Daniel, Joseph and many other true followers of Christ know this ultimate love of our Father. Corrie and Betsy's solid stand will be our guide for our future years when we find ourselves in similar situation. Praise God for the Ten Booms who showed us we are more than conquorers through Christ.

  • Eduarda

    CommentsI feel totally privileged to enter the Ten Boom Museum that gives me the strength to seek Jesus Christ and increasingly will become a Martyr!

  • Kelsie
    United States

    CommentsI loved this so very much, thank you for making this available to anyone and everyone.

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