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  • Colleen
    United States of America

    CommentsOne of the most moving and edifying stories I have ever heard. The faith, the bravery,and the absolute trust in the Lord this family had humbles me.

  • Deany

    CommentsPraying for Isreal

  • rose

    CommentsSo grateful for such a Faithful, Mighty God. Thank you for reminding us of the Power of praying for Israel.

  • LaDawn
    United States

    CommentsVery inspirational

  • Letitia

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family's story is truly inspirational. I pray that if the time should ever be that I would have to defend someone at the risk of my life, that God would give me the courage to do so.

  • Deidra

    CommentsHow powerful a program that you have going here. May many be touched and may many find their way because of this. God will Bless you and your efforts.

  • Patricia

    CommentsThis has been such an inspiration and my husband and I would love to see the museum in person some day with help of God. We will continue to pray for Israel. Thank you so very much for this amazing tour.

  • Paul

    CommentsMay God continue to give favor and grace to Israel in a world that is returning to it's evil past history. Our prayers are with Israel but so are our actions.

  • Carl III

    CommentsI had no idea the hiding place was just a small hole in the wall. Anne Frank was in a palace by comparison. I will most likely never get to see this house, and want to thank you so much for creating this virtual walk through. It is an awesome tour. Now I need to do it again so I can hear the tour guide instead of being distracted by looking around the room. Shalom 8-23-11

  • Donna
    United States

    CommentsMay God bless Jerusalem Israel, the United States and Jewish and Christian people world wide

  • John Stahl

    CommentsThank you for this beautiful presentation. Our family were very touched by it. I have read the book and we have seen the movie many times but this presentation still affected us greatly.

  • Jon Eilers

    CommentsThank You God for for allowing me to have multi tasked on my weekly Bible Call, still watching Glenn Beck Live in Jerusalem and hearing ten boom dot com slightly mentioned (the site).. After the Closing Prayer in Jerusalem, then a moment later the one on my call, I started watching and listening - The Complete Viewing, crying a few times, Totally Emotionally Moved, now on this page 1.5hr later and will be continuing on it and more tomorrow.. As was mentioned on GBTV.com in Jerusalem the Three Years to produce this was so well worth it. My God and Our Jesus be with us All. Jon Eilers - Atlanta, GA USA

  • Caryn

    CommentsI've read 'The Hiding Place" 3 times since it was published and get something from it each time. Glen Beck's recommendation got me to read it for the 3rd time. This tour online was amazing. Thank You Michael Evans for keeping us all "remembering Corrie TenBoom. God Bless, Caryn Jaeschke

  • Debbie Berlin

    CommentsI read The Hiding Place probably ten years ago and was moved beyond words by the story. I heard about your website after watching Glenn Beck's Restoring Courage: The Courage to Love event. Mike Evan's testimony was powerful. It moved me deeply and made want to, once again, read the story of Corrie Ten Boom. Your website site is amazing and its message, too, is powerful. I hope to return here often. I pray, too, for the peace in Jerusalem and for my Jewish brothers and sisters around the world, "the apple of God's eye".

  • Raymond Hubbard

    CommentsI found your web site after watching you at Glen Beck's Restoring Courage event from Israel this week. You made such a power presentation and I found my self looking for you on the internet and I found the TenBoom Museum. The presentation was powerful both at Restoring Courage and TenBoom Museum, I cannot pray enough for the peace of Jerusalem and God's Chosen people/

  • Patti

    CommentsWe recently showed The Hiding Place in our small town theatre for our Women's Ministry. We had a wonderful turnout and so many having a renewed interest in their faith. So many of Corrie's comments are brought to mind. I pray for Israel and have helped bring some home through On Eagles Wings program via International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. I count it a privilege to pray for them and would do anything I can to help.

  • colleen

    CommentsI and WE need to stand for our neighbors and brother and sister in Israel, the Jews. To be able to continue the work of prayer as Corrie's family has done before me. The endurance and faith that lifted them all up and entered into your grace is strength for me today and forever. I will continue as the Ten Booms have started. Today we are one step closer to all being home with you Jesus. Psalm 91 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most high shall abide under the shawdow of the Almighty.

  • Janet
    United States

    CommentsPlease pray for the United States. Thank you for this video. I felt the presence of God strongly throughout the whole story.

  • Patty

    CommentsI know Jesus is calling me into a life of sacrifice. I have sat and weeped before Him this very day. My heart is becoming so tender especailly for Israel and Jewish people everywhere. Also for those the enemy of our soul uses for his diabolical plans. I forgive them Lord! For they know not what they do! Let this so be in me that no matter what, I can be overcome by His love to anyone I face no matter if it means my life. Yes, the train ticket and the story of the knotted side of the embroidery piece will be forever in my heart. Pictures help me remember more than words! Thank You Lord for this time and thank you Mr. Evans for sharing your heart. May God bless you and keep you, May He cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you shalom through Yesus our Mashiach! Amen

  • Samuli

    CommentsThe experience was great! I loved the stories of the family, and I'll definitely recommend this place ;) Thanks!

  • Samuli

    CommentsThe experience was great! I loved the stories of the family, and I'll definitely recommend this place ;) Thanks!

  • Carol

    CommentsPraise the Lord for the wonderful site that I could visit from right here in my home. I enjoyed it very much and want to be a part of the praying for the Jews and Israel. They are the chosen of God Almighty and are his special people. May God protect us all as Christians and Bless us for the effort of praying for their protection. My parents taught me at a young age to have a love of the Jews and to pray for them.

  • Roc

    CommentsI've read the book "The Hiding Place" and filled my heart with Jesus' love and brought memories from my childhood. My mother was a catholic and loved jews, and my father though was christian by conviction, he wasn't converted and had Hitler's thoughts toward the Jews, and was pretty cruel with us, his children, but my mother taught me to love Jews because they're the people of God, and I received many beatings because of this, from my father... When I grew up I gave my life and will to Jesus, and became a true christian. I had to forgive my father, and also my brother who became a satanist and tried to kill me a couple of times. I still pray for him, but the Lord gave me the wisdom to live far from him and pray for his salvation, without looking circumstances.
    My mother had a vision in the 70's she saw Jerusalem burning and a voice said "The sky cries, Jerusalem burns" and saw the word "zire" in a corner, written in heaven and blood raining from the sky. I thought many times about this vision. I just pray, for the peace of Jerusalem... I know Jesus comes soon but the tribulation is already seen in his people... the church... and my heart suffer when I pray for the Jews and also for those who don't know Jesus yet... I think as Betsy... We must love enemies and ask the Lord to see them with His eyes, think about them with His mercyful and righteous mind and love them with His true Love Heart,with compassion, they don't know what they do...

  • Robert

    CommentsI consider it an honor to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Lord Jesus, You are my life and my breath. I Love You!!!

  • Sandy

    CommentsAs a young girl I read The Hiding Place. It changed my life. Thank you for this wonderful site. I will stand with Israel. May God Bless us all.

  • Sharae

    CommentsThank you for this Gift that you share about Corrie's life -- a Christian helping her older brothers and sisters, The Jews. May God continue to Bless you all, as well as, other Jews and Christians who come together to continue The Jerusalem Prayer of peace.

    In Christ Jesus,

  • Mary

    CommentsCorrie ten Boom has been a blessing to my life since first knowing her from her movie in 1977.
    Amazing Grace! given to a family who chose to live in the Spirit of God rather than in the flesh of man.
    I am so happy to discover there is a museum!
    I gave away my copy of "The Hiding Place" because it was too wonderful to keep but recently purchased it for my Kindle.
    Our God is a Marvelous God!
    I will stand with Israel and God's people in Jerusalem with Glenn Beck Aug, 2011 joined in prayer that nothing like this terror with befall humanity again.

  • annette

    CommentsI really enjoyed going a virtual tour of Corrie musem it made the story mor real to me. its is very inspiring

  • Cindy

    CommentsAfter buying Corrie's book The Hiding Place I had to know more about this God given family; who has humbled and put me to shame as a weak Christian. I am sitting here crying as I write this praying to God that maybe, somehow, He can use me! Thank you Jesus for sending me here and showing me what I needed to see.



  • Laura

    CommentsCorrie Ten Boom and the Ten Boom family
    ministry has continued to be a encouragement and blessing to many around the world for many decades. To God be the glory for this ongoing loving ministry and will no doubt continue to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the peace of Jerusalem!

  • patrick


  • Betty
    United States

    CommentsI was blessed by Corrie Ten Boom when I went to a Billy Graham Crusade around the '70's. She was so fascinating that I wanted to hear more about her life and what God did through her. I have never forgotten her. What a complete miracle that her life was spared in the concentration camp. I loved her movie of her life. I read her books. One of the biggest highlights that stays with me is the story in her book, "Tramp For the Lord" in which she found herself having to forgive the man who killed her beloved father and sister. Praise God that has come to my mind when at times I had to forgive when it seemed impossible and yet God does it through you when you ask him to.



    CommentsWELL DONE

  • xRossssv

    CommentsIt was sooooo awesome i loved every minute of it

  • Dean

    CommentsWe visited the Ten Boom Museum one month ago and it was the highlight of our trip to Europe. We fell in love with the city of Haarlem. What a beautiful place. This is a memory that we will cherish forever.

  • Vickie Windt

    CommentsI had a college teacher who lived with Corrie Ten Boom Haarlem and personally knew her as a young girl. I found the link on her facebook profile. I can't believe six people lived in that little hiding! It is hard to believe that they survived in that little crawl space. God was watching over them during there time in hiding. I think it was good that Corrie had her faith in God to continue on her life. Even without her sister and family. I wonder if there are any of her family members still living today? The tour of Haarlem was a great virtual tour. Excellent of seeing the real thing without being able to be there. Hope this virtual tour continues on in honor of Corrie Ten Boom.

    Thank you,

  • Ann-Mari

    Yesterday my husband I a look on The Hiding palce I cry and I cry and I cry so wonderful christian family God Bless Ten Boom Sincerely yous Ann-Mari

  • Beppie

    CommentsLove for God end peace over the hole world for all the peaple.

  • Barbara

    CommentsI'm Sitting Here So Very Aware Of The Presence Of The Holy Spirit. I'm In Awe, Somehow I Know I Will Never Be the same. Something Is Happenening, Something Is Changing.

  • Polly Licciardi

    CommentsMr. Evans,
    I read corey's story three months ago and my life has been forever changed!!! What's more incredible than that is after reading the story I said a prayer to God asking him to use me to help the Jewish people just as Corey and her family did. That night I asked God to give me a dream ( I was just wanting to hear from God and prayed that prayer). Well, God answered that prayer and I did have a very strange dreamed I woke up saying the name Mike Evans. I felt the spirit of the Lord say to me "remember that name, it's very portent for you to remember that name". I thought toy self.... That's weird I don't know anyone by that name ( I had never heard of you). It wasn't until two days later that I google the name Mike Evans and found out that you actually own the museum!!! Talk about being floored!!! That would be am understatement. If there is any way I could possibly have five minute of your time I would be most grateful. Thank you for the awesome work you are doing for je people and the nation Israel. Polly Licciardi.

    By the way, being able to see the house is really exciting and I plan to take a tour in person God willing. God bless you Mike Evans, your story is incredible!!!!

  • Susan
    United States of America

    CommentsI first watched the hiding place as a teenager and new Christian in the '70's. My heart was deeply touched by the pure of heart devotion the Ten Boom family had for the Lord and His people. This film and it's precious story have been as a plumb line in my heart since those early days of my walk with the Lord and I shall always cherish the testimony of Corrie and Betsy.

  • Kizzie

    CommentsThank you for your ministry through the Ten Boom Museum and for the opportunity to join with all who are praying for the nation of Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you for continuing Corrie's ministry of spreading God's message of forgiveness and deliverance through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our God is indeed great.

  • Carolyn

    CommentsI read Carrie ten Booms book as a young girl many yrears ago. What a Blessing, what a love for God and his people. As Christians we need to pray and remember they are god's special people. I have had a real burden on my heart as of late and it has been to pray for the Jews and Israel.
    God Bless you all

  • Kathy

    CommentsWe Christians have the golden opportunity to bless the Jewish people and Israel in very many ways. Let's do it....and be blessed of Almighty God.

  • Beverly
    United States of America

    CommentsCorrie has blessed me with her book the hiding place about 13 years ago. I was blessed to run across and have this virtual tour. And now I am blessed to be able to give finacialy back to her.

  • Holly
    United States

    CommentsWow, Corrie Ten Boom! I just love this webiste such a great tribute to the family. I just cant believe that Corrie endurred all that she did! Thank God shes in Heaven right now with Him. I hope there are more Corries in the world ready to inspire people!

  • Debby

    CommentsI have been inspired by Corrie's story ever since her book came out back in the late 60's, I believe. It touched me at such a deep level and continues to do so today.

  • Jane

    CommentsGod bless God's chosen people.How wonderful to know God's promises still are for today,if only we would claim them!

  • Sharon

    CommentsThank you for making this available. I was so blessed in reading about the ten Booms. I was born in 1944 and my Dad served 2 terms during that terrible war. We should never forget what was done to God's special people. I hold a deep love of them in my heart.

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