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  • sandra
    united states of america

    CommentsCorrie Ten Booms family has given me the strength to survive in very difficult times in my life. I always say that if the Jews could survive what they have, then I can surely deal with what life has given me. But I know that I could never have done it without my faith in our Lord and saviour. Praise God he never leaves us in the darkest of times. I have been dealing with so much anger concerning radical Islam and I pray that the lord will replace it with what he wants in my heart. God Bless this ministry and my prayers are with Israel forever.

  • Vivian

    CommentsI still remember how it felt when I read "The Hiding Place" many years ago. It was like you were right there with Betsy and Corrie in the concentration camps. It was almost a visceral experience. I took the virtual tour and it was wonderful. I have recommended the website to all my friends. I too pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Jim Lewis

    CommentsMany years ago now my wife and I were priviledged to give to help with many others to purchase this 'hiding place.' We believed it was the right thing to do so that others might know the story and see the place where all of this had taken place. Today I am happy to witness this virtual museum online and see for the first time the actual inside of the museum. We live in Arkansas in the U.S. and have never had the means to visit it firsthand. Thanks to all who made this possible.
    Jim & Linda Lewis

  • Joanne
    United States

    CommentsI am so glad to discover this website.........

  • Cedric

    CommentsBrother's and Sister's of the Body of Christ Jesus I have a special treat for you tonight. :) I pray that you will be blessed by it, I was. ABBA Father, Sovereign LORD of all the heavens and earth, I seek Your mercy, and I boldly come to Your throne of Grace in my time of need. I claim Your word of 1 Timothy 2:1-4, "I urged therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks (praise), be made for ALL men; For kings (Presidents), and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of GOD our SAVIOR. Who will have ALL men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth (JESUS). Enjoy!!! :)
    Shalom to each of you.

  • Sandra

    CommentsMy heart sings with excitment when I discoverd this website.
    I will share this, and I will pray for the peace of Jeruselem untill the Lord comes to set up His Kingdom. How I love God's People !!

  • David Casper

    CommentsThank you for this beautiful website and for continuing the story of Corrie ten Boom. She is a true hero of the faith.

  • George

    CommentsI grew up learning about the amazing things Corrie Ten Boom and her family did to protect innocent people. I too belive that we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our family's sake. The Bible says in Esther 4.14, For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you are here for a time such as this. Jerusalem needs our prayers now more than ever. I wish I could send you money to help you, but I recently lost my job. I will continue to pray for your ministry and peace for Jerusalem.

  • annette

    Commentswhat a inspiration that Corrie and her familly is to me. and its because of it the love for the jews has been instilled in me. yes i took the virtual tour and it was so touching.

  • Kimberly
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat a great story of true faith. Amen.

  • Regina

    CommentsI have recently connected again with Corrie's life through the movie and my friends it has moved me to God like never before. What a story, what a life and what a moving legacy! The more I look around in the world today, I see the need to stand up for Jesus like never before.
    I love the Ten Boom Museum, thank you for it.

  • Kelly

    CommentsThe virtual tour really shows that we as Christians should be sacrificial in all that we do. That we should always forgive no matter what and even restore the relationship that was broken. We have to not only Love in Words but in deeds also. Thank God for the sacrifice of His Son to us. So in turn we can be a light to the world and love and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. What an awesome testimony the Ten Booms were to us.

  • Sharon

    CommentsThere is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still.....What a wonderful tribute.

  • Vanessa

    CommentsI have loved and embraced the Corrie ten Boom story for a very long time. I have the video and book, "the Hiding Place". I have enjoyed this website. I loved the virtual tour of the watch shop & home of the ten Booms. God bless everyone involved.

  • Wilma

    CommentsIt's great to see part of history en faith in Holland with family ten Boom.

  • Lisa

    CommentsI really enjoyed the tour. I had read Corrie's Story when I was very young and I pray for the Peace and Safety of Israel and for all God's people in the world.

  • rhonda

    CommentsGod please protect and prosper Israel not just for
    their benefit, but for all who love them and You!

  • Debra

    CommentsMay we not forget the past!

  • Lynn

    CommentsThank you for the Corrie Ten Boom story. I learned a lot about the way God works miracles that allows people to grow and learn what God has given them. I enjoyed the interactive Ten Boom Museum very much, too. I am praying for the protection and strength of Israel in this very dangerous time. I am glad that the Christians and Jewish people have finally stopped bickering with each other and bonded together under our God of Abraham. Praying for peace in a world where there is no peace.

    Love and prayers,
    L. Moore

  • Jennifer

    CommentsThank You TenBoom's. You are all Saints, in my eyes. Praise God for the walk you all have taken. For I have just lost a dear, close friend, who was born Jewish YET
    she became a Judeo-Christain. She was such a Blessing in my Christain walk with the Lord. And she showed me an example of a True Believer and Follower of Christ. God Bless Your Souls, and Hers. In Memory of Beverly. 1958-2012. God IS Good All The Time! Thanks, Again, for the Inspiration.

  • Sharon Scroggs
    United States

    CommentsI remember watching this movie on TBN and as watched how they treated the Jews,I was so mad at those mean people. I cried,and ,cried at the treatment that they had to endure because of their love,trust in Jesus. Their faith was truly tested in this time of horror.The Hiding Place I loved this movie this was and eye opening film that is a blessing and inspiring Movie that I think all believers who are in Christ Jesus should pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what a true sacrifice really is when our spiritual eyes are open to the LAMB OF GOD AND THE AGONY, OF WHAT JESUS PAID ON THE CROSS FOR US AT CALVARY 2000 YEARS AGO.

  • Sara

    CommentsWhat a wonderful way to hear the testimony of Jesus!

  • Rose

    CommentsThis was very inspiring and a blessing. I intend to prayerfully use it as a demonstration to one of my classed.
    God Bless

  • Abigail

    CommentsWhat an amazing tour! I enjoyed it so much. I had seen Corrie's move The Hiding Place when I was kid. Some years later my parents bought me her book The Hiding Place, and I've already lost then count of how many times I've read it. The courage and love of the Ten Boom family has made a great impact in my life. Specially in the aspect of forgiveness. I pray that someday I might personally visit the Ten Boom museum.

  • elizabeth
    united kingdom

    Commentsthanks famyly ten boom casper, for testimony for forgivenes and love Jewish people blessing again thank you a lot

  • Valentina

    CommentsWhat an inspiring and blessed testimony of faith. Oh that each one of us were to have the love of God in our hearts, not only for the Jewish people, but for one another as well.

  • Rocio

    CommentsThanks casper thanks Corrie Thanks Betsie thanks Willem, thans family ten boom!!

  • Norwood
    United States

    CommentsWe truly enjoyed the tour very much. It brought light of what occurred during World War II on the German front of the war. We will and shall not forget what happened to the Jewish people who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Cheryl
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat a testimony of Faith, Love, and Forgiveness. Do I have such faith that I am worthy to suffer for His name's sake? In keeping the Ten Boom legacy alive we see into the depths of the Father's heart and can be challenged to align our hearts to his. Thank you for helping us to remember why we are here. May He be able to reflect His glory through all of His children like He has through this family. Continued blessings!

  • Adam

    CommentsCorrie, You and many others like You are true heroes forever in our memory. Thank You.
    Ps. I hope that future generations will never forget about holocaust and what it did for human beings. The evil is dormant and waiting when we will forget, but such book/museum will let us never forget.

  • Sherry
    United States of America

    CommentsI stumbled upon this web site as I was researching to write a play about Corrie ten Boom. Thank you!

  • Sheree Hobbs
    Christchurch New Zealand

    CommentsI first found out about corrie and her family when my friend gave me a book of corrie's to read, The Hiding Place and then I watched the movie of it. God does the most amazing things, I think sometime we are so blessed to know god and it is people like corrie and her family that show me we can do anything with gods help.

  • Joy
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat an inspiring story! It shows the Power of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a picture of what God can do with our lives if we let Him. He has a plan for each of us, and all we have to do is trust Him and give our lives to Him. Thank you for this site and keeping Corrie's message alive to inspire us. God Bless You!

  • Melchor

    CommentsI was amazed by Corrie's true life testimony on how God in his time moved and revealed Himself to her family. I believe in my heart it's the same God that I believe, eventhough I have not seen or touch Him, will work in my heart with the same faith throughout my life.

  • Mary

    CommentsThis is such an inspiring story, how unbelievable their love for Jesus Christ was, and how they unselfishly shared their faith at whatever the cost was to them. They helped so many people while suffering the consequences. God Bless them. May they rest in peace. Such a beautiful testimony to all of us.

  • elizabeth

    CommentsAs a young adult, I was privileged to hear Corrie speak on several occasions. She was such a powerful speaker and her words really penetratd my spirit. I am delighted to find this site. God bless you as you continue her legacy of compassion, forgiveness, and the Love of God.

  • James Hartman
    United States

    CommentsI own both the book and the movie "The Hiding Place" and review them anew whenever I feel depressed about this world we live in. Each time I read the book or watch the movie I'm touched by the fact that no matter how bad things may seem at times we can ALWAYS find hope through our Savior. My prayers are with all involved with this memorial and with all who visit here and share their comments. God bless you all.

  • Anna

    CommentsI was introduced to Corrie's story, when my parents took me to watch the movie, The Hiding Place, and they bought the book for me. I was so moved by the love that the ten Boom family shared. Now, almost fifty years later, the Lord guided me to this powerful website, and I know God is calling me to action.

  • Litiziani

    CommentsI already read this book several times ... this amazing thinks about how Lord takes care of us. The history of your family confirms that God's love reaches us even in hidden places

  • Christina

    CommentsWhat an incredible family that the Lord used for His glory! I am in the middle of reading Corrie's book The Hiding Place, and am enjoying it so that I decided to look up more information about her online and came across this website. What an honor it would be to visit that holy place, The Ten Boom Museum. God knew the purpose and plan He had for this family, and they fulfilled it all through their obedience and love for Christ!

  • Shernicka

    CommentsWhat an awesome family that loved God and all people. My desire is to be a Christian in my heart just like the Ten Boom family. A heart like Jesus!

  • Janice

    CommentsWhat an inspiration Corrie and her family are. God is with us and at work in us. I pray that I may be able to live my faith as this family did.

  • Margo
    United States

    CommentsI am truly blessed by this virtual tour! I will be sending many here to also experience this amazing journey. Thank you for answering the call and continuing the love that so much was given for.

  • Marshall

    CommentsI have truly been blessed by this virtual tour, learning of the Ten Boom family. It has been an honor to be exposed to such love for God's people. I can surely tell God's blessings are upon this museum and the work that lead up to this time in history. God bless the Corrie Ten Boom's of this world. I don't believe I've seen the movie, but most definitely will. Blessings.

  • Helen
    United States

    CommentsI first saw the movie at the theater when I was in high school over what would be I think 38 years ago. I still learn from the Ten Boom family of being sold out to Jesus. Thank you for continuing the legacy of love and honor for our Savior.

  • Barb McCord
    United States of America

    CommentsThank you for this beautifully picturesque tour of the ten Boom museum. I read the book years ago, but to view the Ten Boom home was a real blessing. Thank you for how detailed this tour was. May God continue to bless you all, and may all Christians pray for Israel!

  • lisa

    CommentsThis just re-affirms my belief that I am to help the Jewish people. May the Lord bless you and keep you all.

  • Daniel

    CommentsJust finished reading Corrie's book: hiding place. Great lady your all great I know they won't see this message but they are aww inspiring :)

  • Brooke

    CommentsI've been drawn to read "The Hiding Place" recently, and heard quotes by Corrie ten Boom here and there, and today saw this online tour and am blessed to have my commitment to the Lord be given practical ways to bless His people by joining forces with the Jerusalem Prayer Team here and on facebook. I pray this story is shared far and wide, as a time of persecution has again revisited this world and the Day of the Lord seems to draw near.

  • misty

    CommentsPraying for God's Chosen People.

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