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  • Martha

    CommentsPraying for the peace of Jerusalem. I ejoyed the tour, it helped me to understand what it means to completely sell out to God.

  • Ruth
    United States

    CommentsAmazing storie!! Thank You! Thank You! for putting this virtual tour together for all to see! Corrie Boom's story has and will ignite and inspire peoples Faith and Forgivness across the globe!! What a privalege it is to be a christian and be a child of God ! Praise the Lord forever and ever !!

  • Linda

    CommentsThis has been a awesome tour. It has given strength to my heart and soul. I love the Jewish people. I have shared it, with prayer, that others will watch this also. That others will know the peace that only Jesus Christ can give them, because He covered us with His blood.
    Blessings to you.

  • Deb

    CommentsThank you for this opportunity to unite with the Jewish people and all of Israel in prayer. My heart loves you all very much!!

  • Lacy
    United States of America

    CommentsI pray God brings a peace to Jerusalem and the people of Israel, having been chosen by God, as His people. Having watched the virtual tour, my heart was saddened by the indignation suffered by the Jewish people, as well as the suffering during the holocaust, which came to mind. I had always believed that no one should suffer that way because of their faith or belief in God. I know that God's Word says, "And I will bless them that bless thee" Gen 12:3. I know God's Word is true and He will bring about the needed changes to this world. Your Sister in our Lord Jesus Christ, Lacy

  • Elizabeth

    CommentsI pray and support Israel, it was only recently I learned about Corrie, since then I have tried to read all I can about her even envolving my Grandchildren with the book, this is so interesting, I wish the whole world could see. I would like to visit the museum but I know that will never be possible. This tour will be all that I will be able to see, thank you. Yours in Christ Jesus. Kay Davis

  • Leo

    CommentsThe last time I tried to call Corrie and talk to her many years ago, her nurse told me she was in a coma and wasn't expected to recover from it. But, I had been involved with her history and beliefs for many years. I don't believe anyone could study about her and her family without being moved to help Israel, or ever feel the same about violence and forgiveness again.

  • Florent & Marilyne

    CommentsThank you.
    Praise the name of the Lord.
    Marilyne & Florent.

  • Hazel
    United Kingdom

    CommentsI am inspired by this ladies faith I pray I will grow in faith and share Gods love I commit myself to pray for the Jews and the peace of Jerusalem every day

  • Ed
    United States

    CommentsA remarkable woman in a horrible time filled with terror. I wish I had met her for I would have been honored to be in her presence. For all they endured they are all a shining light for all of us. A truly righteous family and she a national treasure. May God allow us all to persevere and follow the example of the ten Boom family. Good always triumphs over evil but often at a very heavy cost. Jesu Christe.

  • Melissa

    CommentsI am so tearfully blessed to have journeyed through the Ten Boom home. THANK YOU, Dr. Evans & all who made this possible. Today I read an article about a German judge, in Cologne, who ruled the circumsion of babies a criminal act. Though it is a covenant act between the Jews & God. The last time it was restricted in Germany was during it's darkest days. Now Denmark, Norway, Finland are in favor of outlawing it as well. As anti-semitism rises in Europe, I keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem. So I am encouraged by Miss Corrie's testimony & sacrifice to always stand up for God's people, to forgive, perservere and cling to Jesus daily. I desperately need that encouragement today. The Lord bless you!

  • margo Clark

    CommentsMay the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you.


    CommentsI am so thankful the Holy Spirit lead me to this site. It has been such a true blessing to experience the love that the Boom family had for God and His people. So much love they gave and even today that love continues though others. And I want to be part of sharing that love with others through the blood of Christ.

  • Timothy
    United States

    CommentsI am thankful for this site an all i learned, i will begin to pray for ISRAEL.an also that Jesus will help you in all that you do.

  • Regina

    CommentsI proclaim GOD's abundant blessings over Jerusalem, and over all of Israel. May they all prosper who love you, In Jesus' mighty name. Amen!

  • Sunny
    United States of America

    CommentsAs an abused and tortured girl and woman, I often looked for the best place to hide. My goal was always to find a better hiding place. I shared this with a friend, and she brought me a gift "The Hiding Place". It was my first step towards a new life in Jesus Christ. Corrie has always been the woman I look to for guidance in my walk with the Lord. Thank you Mike and all others who made it possible to visit Corrie's home. What a wonderful gift. I will cherish it always. "You are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance whenever I am afraid - I will trust in You..." Shalom beloved Corrie and family♥

  • Marines
    United States

    CommentsWhat a delight to be able to read and listen to the testimony of how the Lord used the Ten Boom family to carry out His message of love, to His chosen people in the midst of persecution.

    "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." James 1:2-4

  • Rhonda
    United States of America

    CommentsWhat a wonderful family serving a wonderful God.

  • Judy

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family are such an inspiration to me in their praying for the Jews & Jerusalem. Perserverence in prayer is so timely for these days & I thank Mike for carrying on their message around the world about Israel & our need to pray for the Jews.

  • Cindy

    CommentsI pray daily for Jerusalem's freedom and for the health and wealth of the Israeli people, the God Chosen people of this world. May God Bless this tiny country.

  • Dora

    CommentsWhat an inspiration it has been to visit the Hiding place.

  • Hong
    Hong Kong

    CommentsDear Dr. Mike,
    Thank you for your daily message.
    May God bless Israel.

  • John
    United States

    CommentsWhile pastoring in Stephenville, Texas USA, I was privileged to be a part of the showing of Billy Graham's movie, The Hiding Place. You have done a great job of restoring the ten Boom house. The virtual tour is excellent and allows people who cannot travel here to see it. Thank you.

    Dr. Evans, thank you for your work with Christians and Jews. You are truly God's ambassador to Israel.

    I am on your email list and have donated to your ministry.

    God bless you!

    Dr. John E. Russell
    Chaplain (COL) AUS retired

  • Shann

    CommentsI enjoyed touring the home and learning more about a servant of the Lord. It was wonderfully done.

  • Marion
    United States

    CommentsI have been blessed by reading about these wonderful followers of Christ. To
    God be the glory for these brave souls and their willingness to suffer for the safety of others. How selfless of them. This kind of human compassion is hard to find. What a testimony. What joy their souls must have felt when they met Jesus face to face.

  • Venice
    USA Calif

    CommentsWhat a blessing Corrie and the ten boom family is thank you so much for all your prayers ..

  • Peter

    CommentsWhat a Beautiful tour,i never heard about this before what happened .We need to stand with the Jews,and like in the house pray together so wonderful.Just enjoyed the testimony in the tour of how many times there was darkness times,human despair hopelessness,yet the LORD almighty GOSPEL shining deeply into the darkness there,even years later people coming to Jesus and asking forgiveness.In today's world we need to stop preferring to living in denial,and make a bigger U turn for Jesus.
    Blessings to the Museum and Peace to Jerusalem.
    Its all about LOVE.

  • Ruth

    CommentsI have read the book and seen the movie many times. What a delight it was to be able to go inside the home where this all began and see the rooms where they all ate together and read their bibles. You could feel the love and the fear that was apart of their everyday lives. What an incredible project you have put together. I pray God's blessing over this work and it's continued outreach. Blessings, Chaplain Ruth

  • Karen
    United States

    CommentsI have read "The Hiding Place" a couple of times but recently read "In My Fathers House" for the first time. What a blessing the Ten Boom family was. This book has inspired me as if I was one of the girls in Corries clubs.
    I can't wait to see Corrie and her family some day in heaven.

  • Wendy

    CommentsThank you for your bold leadership! Your faith in Almighty God gives me hope for our future and boldness for speaking truth to a world so lost. God be with you!!

  • Catherine

    CommentsMy mother became a Christian after reading Corries book, "A Prisoner and yet..." and I too was greatly impacted by this dear woman's love for Jesus. Thank you for this wonderful story, detailing more of the story within the home, which I had not yet heard. So well done. God bless you all.

  • patricia thompson

    CommentsWhat a blessing all of the Ten Booms were.I have read The Hiding place several time and listen to the tape and it never get old.I loved the tour and seeing the house.

  • Lori

    CommentsI have read many of Corrie's books and have always wanted to visit her home. I'm glad I was able to see it first hand here on the internet. Corrie and her family are gaints in the faith and I know they are reaping a great reward in heaven today.

  • Linda
    United States

    CommentsI was watching "The Hiding Place" on cable TV tonight. Curious about the survival of the ones in the Hiding Place at the time of the raid, I found your website. Given the situation we find ourselves in at this time, I feel God has led me to hear the story of the Ten Booms and continue to pray for Jerusalem and Israel. God bless you.

  • Sonia

    CommentsThis is a very moving story and I applaud Corrie for her faith and trust in God. This is a story that I will never forget because it touched me deeply. I had never heard of the Ten Boom story and I will share this story with people that I know!

  • Charlotte

    CommentsThe testimonies of the ten Booms have greatly impacted my life, affecting every part. I've quoted them on several continents and people are still touched by their submission to God and dedication to serve whatever the cost. May we all learn and live as they did.

  • Holliss
    United States

    Commentsabsolutely beautifully done. Stunning pictures, wonderful life story, we must never forget what happened, never.....thank you for sharing this, I'm honored to be able to have seen and heard this story of the Ten Boom family, thank you and God bless all of you..

  • Carden Academy 8th Grade Class of 2013

    CommentsMy son's 8th grade class just finished reading this book and a few moms read it along with them as well. The children were all touched by the story. Towards the end of the book, we read in the timeline that Miss tenBook actually retired here in Orange County and is currently interred in a one of the local memorial parks - Fairhaven Memorial in Sta. Ana, CA. Our small group visited her gravesite last weekend and paid our respects to honor this amazing lady. Thank for maintaining this wonderful website to commemmorate the tenBoom family's faith and heroism.

  • Jennings Family

    CommentsWe enjoyed very much listening to the story and being able to see the home where it all happened. I have read the book 2 or 3 times over the years and seen the movie as well. Every time I am blessed. God teaches me about myself and about His faithfulness. Thank-you for carrying on the blessing. We still need to learn...

  • Barbara

    CommentsI loved the tour of the museum, very enlightening. God is Good and this shows how much. I am thankful for this family and what they did for the Jews. The Halocaust was a terrible thing and I pray that if I were put into this situation I would also stand up and be prepared to serve.

  • Susan

    CommentsI enjoyed the video tour. It reminded me of the tremendous blessing I received when I saw and heard Corrie over 30 years ago. Also I've been blessed by reading The Hiding Place and seeing the movie several times.
    It will be an honor to be part of the prayer team.

  • Gypsy
    United States

    CommentsI appreciate the reminder to count my blessings.

  • reynaldo

    Commentsto join the worldwide prayer for israel.

  • Valerie
    United States

    CommentsThank you for passing on all that Corrie learned during such a dark time.
    I pray that I will be able to stand in love during the dark times that are fast approaching once again.

  • Joan

    CommentsI looked at this video tour several times and it is so inspiring. I also have the book The Hiding Place and read it several times. I love Corrie and her family and the faith they have is so great.
    Such wonderful people. God bless their souls.

  • Denise

    CommentsI was deeply moved by this tour and will often come back to visit. It gives such hope and inspiration and I thank God for Mike Evans vision and obedience in making this families amazing story available for all to see and I pray that the vision for the Jerusalem World Centre will also be fulfilled as further demonstration of Christian love towards the Jewish people.
    May God bless his visionaries with the resources to fulfil his plan and purposes for the one new man. Shalom Shalom

  • zellan
    U. S.

    CommentsAlthough I know the story of the Holocaust and the story of Corrie ten Boom and her family I was greatly moved by the video tour. I am a teacher and plan to show it to my students to teach about the Holocaust.

    Thank you for such a wonderful rendition and tour.

    It would wonderful to see the museum in person.

  • Liz

    CommentsWhen I was a young Christain, Corrie inspired me to have a closer walk with God and belive Him inspite the hard things that were going on in my life. I have never forgotten her lessons about forgiveness and understanding that God has a bigger better plan, although we don't always see why we have to have the 'dark threads" I am so glad that you have this site. I am not in a position to visit in person, but I can visit through the virtual tour and be inspired again and again.

  • peter klein

    Commentsit"s so good to see this museam i want to see this museam when i have time i want it to see
    gr,peter god bless

  • Rebecka

    CommentsI have never read "The Hiding Place" but i shall soon read it because i have decided to do a report on Corrie for a school project and i feel that if i read the book i can know how she actually felt.

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