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  • Kenneth and Sharyl Achilles
    United States of America

    CommentsThis is amazing. Thank you for making this
    available for those of us who will never have the opportunity to visit this great museum. We have read the Hiding Place several times and Tramp for the Lord. Yes, we saw the movie too. I've learned new spiritual lessons everytime. May God continue to bless you in all you do.

  • Stephanie
    United States of America

    CommentsGod has used Dr. Mike Evans and the story of the ten Booms to stir my heart for His people. I hope to lend my hand to these ministries in any way I can, and devote time to prayer for the nation of Israel.

  • yolanda vivas

    CommentsAm encouraged by this lovely family,I too want to pray for the Jewish people.

  • carolyn

    CommentsI am encouraged by the legacy this family has left the world!

  • Kimberly
    United States

    CommentsThank you for the virtual tour. God bless the Ten Boom family for all of their sacrifices.

  • Alexandra

    CommentsThank you for the virtual tour. I am still drawing on the things I have learned from Corrie and her family, 20 years or so after first reading her books. Let us be united in prayer. x

  • lori

    CommentsI pray that, I may be used by God to help the jewish people, however he sees right for me.

  • Maria

    CommentsMe impresiona mucho la valentia de esta mujer y su familia, y es un gran acto de amor, fe,y sobre todo valentia lo que hicieron todo por el Gran amor a Jesucristo

  • Joyce

    CommentsCorrie ten Boom remains a great teacher.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and his people is not hard to do if you have Jesus in your life.

  • Kimberly
    United States

    CommentsThank you for sharing the story of the wonderful Ten Boom family. We must never forget.

  • Gionatan

    CommentsJESUS IS LIFE!!!!JESUS IS LOVE!!!!!The ten Boom family feared God and loved him immensely. God has returned with his immense love helping to save many Jews.

  • vickie
    United States

    Comments I enjoyed the tour very much!

  • Mar永a Isabel
    Brasil e Portugal

    CommentsH・muitos anos, na minha juventude li este maravilhoso e inspirador livro...fez diferen軋 na minha vida.

    Ainda hoje tenho um exemplar em minha biblioteca....・um livro muito conhecido nos meios crist縊s.

    Em minha fam永a...minha av・materna j・nos ensinava orar pela Paz de Israel...continuamos esta tradi鈬o at・aos
    dias de hoje.

    Deus aben輟e Jerusalem/Israel!


  • Sylvia

    CommentsI have loved the story of the Ten Booms since I read The Hiding Place when it was first published. Thank you, Mike Evans, for making this virtual tour available to us who may never have the opportunity to see it in person. God bless you and God bless Israel.

  • Alex and Kim

    CommentsThanks to all who have established this memorial to the faithfulness of God in Christ.

  • Joe

    CommentsIn 1984 help put the movie on in our home town and am now a Preacher of the KINGDOM OF GOD. What a BLESSING to hear the rest of the story.

  • Marla

    CommentsBeautiful work---May the God of Israel bless you and your family.
    Oh! Lord---- I lift the beautiful land to you and I pray for Jerusalems peace. I pray for Yeshua the Messiah to come and establish His rule and reign. Please Father protect my brothers and sisters in Israel. I love her so. Thank you for grafting me a wild olive shoot into the house of Israel.
    Please come oh Lord

  • Rachael

    CommentsThank you Ten Boom family!

  • Michelle bender-gruber

    CommentsGod bless those who sacrificed to save others. Laying down your life for fellow man is a wonderful act of love.

  • Winter

    CommentsHello, thank you so much for this amazing virtual tour of Corrie's family home in Haarlem. I have not yet been to Holland to see this wonderful place of refuge now that you have rescued it, restored it and opened it to all as a museum. I shall go there soon! I have grown up with the story of Corrie and was profoundly affected by the film. Now today, I face persecution and condemnation by others for our beliefs and the stand we have made in our town for the truth of the Word of God. We are so greatly encouraged and blessed by this ministry, being able to pray for Israel, all God's people and the peace of Jerusalem. We may never have to face the trauma, devastation and bereavement that Corrie endured, but her example to forgive is so inspiring. I sense the loving presence of Jesus as I sit here quietly thanking Him that her story lives on and she is one of the 'great cloud of witnesses' to encourage us and spur us on in our love and service of the King, Who is all in all and our very life.

  • Martha

    CommentsWhen we visited Holland in 2008 our family did get to visit the Ten Booms House. It was awesome!!
    This was before I read and cried my way through The Hiding Place.
    This family home and the lives of the Ten Boom family have now taken on a whole new meaning for me since reading the book and experiencing the virtual tour.
    Their love for Jesus, their faith and their incredible journey through life has been something that has changed me forever.
    Corries journey is life changing. However, threaded through their incredible and miraculas story.... it was Betsies unending love for Jesus and for others, her faith and her loving kindness in all circumstances and her sweetness that seemed to catch my heart and quite simply make me want to love and care for others in a whole new way even more now then ever before and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thankyou and God Bless you and keep you in His Love
    Martha Boer
    Australia xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lilibeth

    Commentsthanks, this was a wonderful virtual tour, of corrie life is a testimony of faith and love of God for us all.

  • Violet

    CommentsI have read Corey's Book. This was an amazing insight into the whole story of her life and family. I would be interested in praying for the Jewish people. I am a christian. Violet

  • Roger

    CommentsI have been privileged to have a library of Christian films for rental to churches since 1968 until videos took over. The Hiding Place was among them. The museum is a wonderful continuing ministry of this dedicated family.WSNLE

  • barbara k

    CommentsWhen I visited the Ten Boom home I had a special experience with Jesus--it changed my life. Listening to Corrie's sermons have helped me see the beauty of Jesus and how much He loves me--and He forgets my past.
    Halleuluya What a Savior!

  • Joan

    CommentsI have read The Hiding Place three or four times. I love Corrie and her loving family. Such an inspiration. It made me want to have strong faith like Corrie's family. I hope someday I shall meet them in Heaven. I would love to go to Holland and see the Watch Shop and home.
    Thank you for such a great tour!!
    God Bless.

  • sally

    CommentsThe hour has come for fervent prayer for Israel and Christians and the world of the lost. Time is shorter then we think, we need to reach out to others and also, get our own houses in order. If we have grown cold dear Lord bring us back to your love and comfort and the shelter of your wings.

  • Ronald
    The United States of America

    CommentsNo matter How bad things get, or how hard the way before you, listen to the still small voice, and follow in faith, I promise you two things..

    1. No Matter how dark, or long the way, keep praying, and moving forward,
    and God will be with you, and ..

    2. You have been prepared and blessed for the trials you will be facing, and you have Gods Promise, you will not face ANYTHING greater, than you can bear, nor will you EVER be alone, for God is with his people, all those who serve, and honor him, both his covenanted people, and those who serve him throughout the world, wherever they are ~ he knows them, and is with each one of them.

    Though we are heading through the worst of all times, in all human history, have faith, and DON'T you EVER turn away from him, hold on with all your strength and faith, the outcome, will be worth it, I promise you.

  • Michelle
    United States

    CommentsThe Hiding Place is one of the very few books I've read three times and this is due to the amazing content. I am struggling. I so very much needed to hear these truths again. At 53 years of age, as Corrie was when she started her post-bondage ministry, perhaps I may hope God will fulfill his "post-bondage" plans for me. For so many years I have been drawn to the holocaust story, there is a passion I feel for God's chosen ones. As Jesus wept, I weep in my own imperfect way for Israel's redemption.

  • Karen

    CommentsCorrie and her family was such an example of true faith in their God and Lord. Oh that we could even have close to that much courage, faith and love. It truly makes you weep to listen to this.

  • Kerri

    CommentsThis is an amazing site and museum that opens up the reality of the books Corrie ten Boom left behind. She was and still is a wonderful inspiration to all who love the Lord. Thank you for this site. :) May God bless you and all who see this!

  • Laura
    United States

    CommentsThat was a beautiful. It is such a beautiful place. God's presence could be felt.

  • joann

    CommentsI read the corrie ten boom book many years when i first became a christian. It is inspiring to learn of such bravery at the risk of their own lives. God bless everyone who has the courage to stand up for what is right. Thank you for the virtual tour. It brings the story to life. Thank you for all you do for Gods chosen people. God will someday say "Well done my good and faithful servant". God bless you.

  • Rebeca
    El Salvador

    CommentsIt has beeen a blessing to read the book and now make this virtual tour.
    The footprint of the family ten Boom transcend this life, no doubt!!!
    God bless you!!!!! Heartfelt thanks!!!!

  • Peter

    CommentsI have read the book , and I want to see where it happend

  • simona

    Commentswhat can i say? just: wow! in every and each sense you have in mind!

  • Pat

    CommentsMy grandma was born a Russian Jew and her family fled Russia for America in the early 1900s. They promised eachother they would never tell anyone they were Jewish out of fear. It was after all of her generation had died that my mom and her cousin discovered the truth. I am a born again believer and Corries' life and legacy have inspired me since the day I first heard of her. 'The Hiding Place' captivated me and gave me a connection to my unknown heritage. I look forward to meeting her in heaven!

  • Anne-Sofie

    CommentsThank you for the wonderful and touching tour.
    The Ten Boom family are real messengers who were sent by God to help us learn to forgive.

    God Bless

  • Christina

    CommentsI am so thankful for the Ten Boom family for setting such an inspiring example for all Christians. I am so thankful that God brought Corrie through her journey to share her family's story and faith with everyone around the world.

  • Kristina

    CommentsThank you for the wonderful and faithful work you are doing.

  • Bill

    Commentssimply life-changing! May the Lord protect the apple of His eye and reveal His deliverance to them through their Messiah Yeshua!

    United Kingdom

    CommentsTO WHOM READS



  • Rebecca

    CommentsSuch a beautiful website. Didn't expect to be moved to tears. Profoundly blessed to see how God works all things together for good for those that love Him. Betsie is a shining example that He will keep in perfect peace those who minds are set on Him. Thank so very much Lord.

  • Paulo

    Commentsestou muito emocionado com essa hitria e tambem vou orar pela paz de Israel prque me sinto um Judeu mesmo que eu seja brasileiro

  • Marijo

    CommentsCorrie's many books and words of faith, have often been used by the Lord to awaken my faith. And I know I am only one of millions. Praise be to the Lord!!

  • Philomena

    CommentsA real blessing to visit this site!

  • anela beck
    united states

    Commentsi love her (corries) books

  • Renato

    CommentsThank you for this site. I loved all Corrie's books and her audio sermons at sermonindex.net
    To God be the Glory!

  • Rochelle

    CommentsThank you for the virtual tour and keeping the messages going. God Bless you.

  • Rebecca Mills

    CommentsI would love to go into corries original home and take a look around it would make it more real and even more inspiring than reading the book to me would be actually standing in the space where it all began.

    She is an inspiration to me, her sister corries love and hope and joy in the midst of darkness made my eyes well with tears it also touched my heart.

    The hiding place convicted me that no matter what the circumstance i must be determined not to let praise leave my lips, i must not let my hope inchrist ever die i must press throught the storms of live and be a city on a hill.

    I would have loved to meet corrie and her entire family they will forever be an inspiration to me!! (:

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