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  • Will Poe

    CommentsI have been a fan of Corrie Ten Boom's since 1972 and have read her books. She has been a part of my life ever since, and I tell others of her dedication to the Lord.

  • John
    Florida / USA

    CommentsI wish Corrie ten Boom was still alive today. We need her here. Israel needs her here. But, alas, we are all in the hands of our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And we thank Him for sending us His only Son to redeem us and be our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). I know I would have loved Corrie ten Boom as a friend and also a great matriarch of our faith, full of wisdom and grace and love. May the Lord bless abundantly her remaining relatives alive today!

  • Freda

    CommentsThoroughly enjoyed and appreciated being able to take this virtual tour of the Ten Boom's home re: Hiding Place, & learning of Corrie's spiritual heritage. Will endeavor by the grace of God to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for those living in the land of Israel to come to faith in Yeshua, both Jewish and Arab folk.

  • Judy

    CommentsI have read The Hiding Place and have seen the movie. I have such a love for this family. For some unknown and unexplained reason there is feeling of being connected to them. I have put the museum at the top of my bucket list. I will be there some day. Thank you for this tour and thank you to Corrie and her family.

  • Francis Fabian Fernandes

    CommentsI pray that all of Israel may come to the full knowledge of "Yeshua' thereby making one body of Christ comprising of gentiles and Jews. I am thankful to yehovah for choosing Abraham in the first place to make tribes and nations that would belong to him and for His Glory...
    May Yehovah be praised in the name of Yeshua.

  • Ardys

    CommentsThe Ten Boom Museum Tour was excellent. Thank you for putting this together. I will share this with others and will pray for the Jews, for their salvation and for the gathering of both Jews and Gentile Christians in union with Christ.

  • Debby

    CommentsBlessings to Jerusalem.

  • deanna Cohen




  • glenn and deborah rutland

    CommentsPraise God for telling us this amazing story about His love demonstrated through Corrie's family.

  • annette

    CommentsI just wnted to say how mUch I enjoyed touring the museam online . as I read the hiding place I can visualize the home.


    CommentsThank you for this message ,God bless you . He is alive , and i ask you to pray for me , i hope to see the families 's TEN BOOM at the Heaven soon

  • Wedrey

    CommentsA histria da fam永a Ten Boom ・impressionante. Conheci essa fant疽tica histria quando eu era apenas uma crian軋, a professora da Escola Domininal contou sobre O Refgio Secreto. O exemplo dos Ten Boom fazem-nos lembrar do grandioso amor de nosso Senhor.

  • Tommy Gary Watson

    CommentsGOD BLESS YOU

  • Helen

    CommentsI totally enjoyed the tour. I read Corrie's books as a teenager many many years ago and never forgot her or her story. Today I was looking up some names of people I had read about and heard of and fell onto this sight. I am glad I did, it has been inspiring. I have signed on in the prayer and will continue to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you ever so much for having this site available I will be back to retour it often as long as it is still up and running. I believe it is a good thing to remind ourselves where we have been in order to prayfully not repeat history. God Bless you and continue the great work that was started over 100 years ago, what a legacy. Praise the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for all you have done, going to do and presently doing in our lives.

  • Margaret

    CommentsI have read some of the spellbinding story of Corrie Ten Boom. I was most affected by The Hiding Place. Her writing was genuine, unpretentious and had the ability to inspire belief. It is very moving and a great privilege to see the house where she and her family shared their home in the way they did. She was and still is an inspiration.

  • Lizzy

    CommentsA most wonderful inspiring gift from God is Corrie Ten Boom and her family. God Bless you all xxxxxx

  • diane

    CommentsI admire Corrie Ten Boom and her family and how their prayer and courage and faith in God in helping so many people. Thankyou I honor you diane

  • carmelita

    Commentsi ave long admired and loved the story of corrie ten boom since the first time i've seen their movie and i have never get tired watching it over and over again, even making it a part of my sharing god's word

  • Abraham

    CommentsThrough a book published by Guidepost magazine, around twenty years back, corrie ten book introduced to me. That time I was a person starving for 'great faith' and when I read the book myself strengthened many many folds which magnified through the simple faith applications which I read through the life of this saintly person. I praise God for Corrie Ten Boom....God bless you all.

  • Amanda

    CommentsMy great-grandmother introduced me to "The Hiding Place" when I was a young teenager. I ready Corrie's story and felt forever changed. I was raised a Christian but in recent years discovered the "family secret". My Great-grandfather was a Jew. I'm not at all clear on how he wound up in Alabama and married to my Great-grandmother but can only guess at his motivation for leaving Europe around the time of Hitler's rising power. I have always loved the Jewish people and was taught early on that they are God's chosen. I now have a deeper, more personal feeling towards my Jewish ancestors and all that they have overcome. May God bless them and those who shelter and protect them.

  • cristiane

    CommentsI was thrilled with the beautiful story of family boom. May Jesus bless all who trust him.

  • mike

    CommentsCorrie is a woman greatly and her story has inpacted my life. Womderful presentation.

  • Eva Rohrer

    CommentsThank you for posting these pictures of Corrie, her family, her story, what the LORD did through her has really inspired my life in so many ways, thank you for creating this link and the opportunity to continue helping holocaust survivors today, while there is time... Shalom to you

  • Rachel

    CommentsHer books changed my life! Amazing woman and amazing family! I can't wait to meet Corrie and her family in heaven!

  • Cynthia Z. Stewart

    CommentsI feel blessed to have heard about the ten Booms. I knew about Ann Frank and family, but never this wonderful family. When I was in school, this story and many others were never told. What a shame. Thanks to Glenn Beck, GBTV show, Michael Evans, and the Restoring Honor in Jerusalem 8/11, we have been educated. I just watched the movie, and will be getting the book. Thank you Corrie and the ten Boom family for what you did for the Jews and for having such Faith in God and Jesus. I hope I can be as brave if ever needed, and not let my Faith be replaced with hate. Love is the answer, but I can't imagine how hard it must have been to always remember that. Thank you for all the lives you saved and teaching us how to keep the Faith. God bless your family and you. I know you are in peace with Him.

  • Hiroki Koga

    CommentsI read about Corrie Ten Booms. I feel like following her, sharing God's love with my friends and those I humanly hate but will eventually humanly and godly love.

  • Laurel

    CommentsIn everything I will give thee thanks....

  • Patty

    CommentsI have read all of Corrie's books and have seen "The Hiding Place" movie, but my greatest desire has been to one day visit Haarlem and the Beje. I just found this site and it is the next best thing to being there. Thank you for keeping before us not only the story of the ten Booms, but also the very real persecution of God's Chosen People then and now. I am joining the Jerusalem Prayer Team today!

  • annette

    CommentsI really enjoyed hearing and reading about the ten boom familly. its very inspiring story. on how they saved the jews live risking the own lieves. it just beautiful

  • Michael Kors Outlet

    CommentsExcellent and Awonderful read! Your article is the best one I have learnt, and it has helped me. Keep doing that.

  • Bob

    CommentsGod bless Jesus.

  • Liz

    CommentsMy son and I were inspeired by how much Love the ten Boom family had. No matter what the circumstances. Thank you for sharing the truth and their story.

  • Claudson

    CommentsMay God bless the message of the Boom family.
    I love Jesus! He is my Saviour.

  • Jesse.Kay

    CommentsI loved this site. Let the Ten Booms live for decades. God bless them.

  • Susie

    CommentsMay God bless the message of this family. Their love for the Jewish people cost most of them their lives.

  • Debra

    CommentsThank you for your work in continuing the knowledge of what Christ has done through the ten Boom family.

  • Francoise Edimo

    CommentsLord, help us to put our faith in you alone, to stay aware and pray for Jerusalem and for our brothers who suffer for their faith;to not let our weakness bind us and to figth for the justice like the Ten Boom family with your Great Love.

  • beatriz

    CommentsLord bless the Ten Boom for their eternity...is a good sample to follow.

  • Nancy

    CommentsI'm learning how indespensable forgiveness is. Corrie Ten Boom and Mike Evens are both great inspirations.

  • Phyllis

    CommentsAn example of where we need to be in our lives with Jesus. thanks for the reminder of how important forgiveness is.

  • Emily

    CommentsThe Hiding Place is next on my reading list. Ten Boom speaks to those of all ages, even college students like me.

  • Benter

    CommentsI read the book "The Hiding Place" by Corrie about ten years ago. The museum guide has made the whole episode alive to me. Thank you for keeping the message. May the Israel of God be protected.

  • bev

    CommentsMet Corrie in the 70's in the US...where she was speaking.

    Her family story should never be forgotten.

    Pray for Israel.

  • Joy

    CommentsI had the great privilage of meeting Corrie ten boom in the 1970's. Ihave also read and been inspired by her story.

  • Connie

    CommentsThe Ten Boom family did and continues to touch the lives of people everywhere,including mine. I thank God for having the privilege to know their story.

  • Vishal

    CommentsIt would be a great miracle if the CCTV sytesm employed in England, could be set up in Palestinian territories. If I were Carlos Slim, that would be a humanitarian project I wold definitely take on.Think about it, it's would be the eyes of the conflict although nighttime raids would likely occur more and snipers would have target practice all day on cameras.

  • Algeel

    CommentsWhy is anyone tnkilag about pathetic failure of religous beliefs? You might as well wallow in the dirt like some ignorant savages. The time for being controlled slaves is 100 years ago. So not fall victim to magic and bullshit.No-religion is the one defining thing that the red communists got correct!

  • Stella

    CommentsI completely agree. I think the Corries pnreest an interesting contrast to Cindy Sheehan. The Corries were always actively engaged, and Rachel inherited their extraordinary decency and empathy; that's why she was there. Sheehan, I think, was a rather ordinary person until tragedy struck, and she responded by digging deep and finding inner strength, perserverence and piercing intelligence. I have the greatest respect for all three. They have honored their children in the most meaningful way imaginable.

  • Sorem

    CommentsI've been really ecixted to see PV's mentality change just in the past year from bringing people INTO the church, to encouraging the church to go OUT. This year for Christmas, rather than doing the same Christmas program its done for over a decade, we've themed this Christmas Christmas to GO (picture a chinese to-go box as the image . Everyone in the Northland who has ever wnted to see The Singing Christmas Tree has come to PV to see it EXCEPT those who are homeless or in prison. So where are we taking the message of Christ? To the homeless and to prisons. I'm pretty ecixted about this I think this is one small way we see the Kingdom of God expanding in a real, and practical way.

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